Friday, September 29

Happy Snaps

Small Grandson Loves camping!
They saw these boxing kangaroos fighting below their cabin!
Come on in! The water was lovely!
This 'bum' shot taken at the beach!

These 2 pics are of BF J's 2 Gorgeous Granddaughters!
GG no.2.(Alias Captain Underpants) A girl of equality, no sissy name for her!!
GG no.1.
Lovely Sunny Days- both sides of the Tasman!


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Lovely pics! Captain Underpants is way cool. Are they here or in NZ? I noticed the 'both sides of the Tasman' and that beach looks just a bit Kiwi (although I'm guessing at the very least the kangaroo pics are taken here!!)

meggie said...

Bec, The girls are in NZ, but the pics of small Granson are over here. He is a dinky di Ozzie kid!