Tuesday, September 5

Life's Free Treats: Stumbling in the dark...

Life's Free Treats: Stumbling in the dark...

Holy Moly! This might be too much for me. I seem to be getting seriously lost here. Not sure what the heck I am doing.
Have advised erudite & witty brother to start a blog??? am I the blind leading the blind!?
Hope I get better at this!


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

HI Meggie, I know how you feel when starting a blog: it's a learning curve for sure!

Welcome, anyway, and don't ever be afraid to ask questions by email (usually you'll see an email link on the blogger's profile page) or by leaving a question in someone's comments. Bloggers love comments and questions and answers keep things moving.

Finally, don't feel like you're alone: most of us have not the faintest idea of how the technology works and we just muddle along trying new things out and hopefully remembering what works!

Welcome again,
Bec from the Ladies Lounge (and also from Glamorouse with Kim)

Suse said...

Hi Meggie, welcome to the big bad blogosphere. (Don't be frightened ...)

Don't worry, I have no understanding of the technology either. As you can tell from my template which I crash every time I try to add a link or dare to change a colour.

Happy blogging!

meggie said...

Thankyou! bec & suse!
I am heartened to have actually found your comments.
er.. I didnt exactly expect Stumbling in the dark to remain as part of the title??

Lazy cow said...

Hi, came here via your comments to Suse.
Blogging is such good fun, enjoy the ride!