Friday, September 8


Have been castigated by brother... who has been unable to post a comment. I have now discovered how to rectify this, so hopefully he can send his Bleeerrttt comment directly!
Wild & woolly winds & storms have receded.... not leaving enough rainfall, but better than none.
Teenage hoodlum dog has been on raiding parties to the sewing room, sneaking teddies & fabric for his chewing pleasure. grrrrr.
Little lady continues to warm the butt...nice in the return to wintry weather!
I may return to this later.
I seem to have also discovered how to set the time/date correctly!


Anonymous said...

Bleeeerrrt . Greetings , grittings grattings what ever However \ whenever , and quim !

meggie said...

i see you anon! I say unto you, WTF, but nevertheless I got your message! bs