Thursday, September 14

I have a Brown Thumb!

A lovely looking day here today, & should be a good chance to get out into the sad looking garden. I know the GOM would love to rip out everything in the small backyard garden, & start again. It would probably be a good idea, now we have got rid of neighbour Privet- grrrrrrrr!- which has caused us probelms with drainage. GOM spent a gleeful few days hacking branches off it, after nice neighbour had poisoned it, & he had to leave it when the rains came, but is planning an assault on the trunk now. Neighbour is quite happy to have it removed, & had no idea it had caused problems, until we approached him. We are very lucky with our neighbours, all are lovely folk.

Back to my Brown Thumb... I just dont seem to have luck with my plantings, living here. I cant even grow things in pots- which is a pity because in one of our lives as Hoteliers, I had indoor plants that were spectacular, & the envy of all who saw them. Different climate? Who knows. Even when we lived in Sydney I had many lovely plants in pots... life's treats they were! Now I seem to be able to produce lots of brown curly things!? I do have a very healthy beautiful Daphne which seems to thrive in spite of me- alas I planted it on a side of the house, where I cant really get the joy of it. I would not dare to transplant it- it would surely die.
Perhaps my energy has all been diverted into the patchwork & quilting I now so love to do.

A blessing I DO have is rellies which I not only love, but really like! I will soon be winging my way to NZ for Beloved Brother's 60th birthday, & am really looking forward to seeing all my lovely family. It is 8 years since my mother died, & I have not been back to my North Island 'home' since then. We have twice been back to GOM's South Island 'home' in the years between.

BB & I had a wonderful holiday, about 9 years ago, driving about NSW checking out our grandfather's birthplace at Eden, on NSW Sth coast. Beatiful country side, & a visit to Canberra completed a lovely trip. We loved the place, it was March, & still very warm, & so pretty with the trees just starting to turn golden.


nutmeg said...

My post today deals with our "sad looking garden". The job is soooo big that I've called in the heavy artillery!

h&b said...

We just got rid of Privet too .. still more to go though .. I am wishing my life away here waiting for Friday ( it's only Monday at time of typing ) .. when my treelopping men come back again.

Stupid garden of weeds !

meggie said...

h & b, hope your garden lopping goes well! We had a huge Privet in our garden when we first bought this place, & GOM spent hours lopping it down, & disposing of it. We discovered a nice set of steps in the garden under all the 'weed trees' & now my beloved Daphne lives & thrives there.

Over the years we have rarely stayed anywhere long enough to establish a 'proper garden' - & if my knee doesnt get better, we dont be able to stay here either, as we have stairs, & .....imagine battling 2 dogs to greet people down at the front door! hobble hobble.