Tuesday, September 19


Did these photos upload or not??
It seems this time they have uploaded!~ Yay!
Just thought I would try to post something I have actually MADE. Honey's quilt is getting rather worn after 6 years.


nutmeg said...

Hi Meggie. You can check if your photos have uploaded OK by hitting the "preview" button while your composing your post. Hitting "hide preview" then returns you to your posting area. Also, I find when I upload photos (which blogger sometimes just doesn't want to do) it pastes the code for them at the start of my post. You can then just cut and paste this code anywhere in your posting box after that. Hope this is helpful :-)

joyce said...

THat is a cute quilt. Is the dog a photo or did you find fabric like that?

meggie said...

Thanks for the tip- i hadnt realised I had posted Leo twice!

Joyce, I found fabric with the pics of dogs- had it before I ever met Leo! It also had a dog that looked very like my Granddog, so I made him a quilt too!