Friday, September 15


This highly descriptive word is one of Almost-Adult Granddaughter's favourites. You can learn some interesting language from the young- apart from the general swearing which has almost brought the eff word into common usage.
And how funny it can be, & how relieving to use! And how appropriate at times.

Small grandson does very well in the non-swearing stakes, in spite of his parents dropping the odd 'highly colourful' word or so... & his grandfather trying to teach him to say 'Bugger'. Small grandson has a passion for Vaccuum cleaners & his pronunciation for them is quite clearly "Fuckem cleaner" -- how very appropriate the name is! It does give rise to some startled looks in shops, on occasion, & some delighted sparks of recongnition from folk who hate them as much as me!

Best friend & I have been planning some sort of a Rage Facility- the name for same is not chosen as yet. It would contain room/s for the complete loss of control, padded walls & possible effigies of people who could be punched/kicked/beaten into oblivion. We feel it would be well patronised, & ordinary decent folk could use it to shed their rising levels of rage, instead of inflicting their bouts of it onto unsuspecting Other People. Or even inflicting it upon unsuspecting loved ones!
Will keep you posted on our plans for this, should anyone be interested.

Teenage Hoodlum dog has been sneaking son's forgotten sunglasses, -luckily I rescued them before total destruction took place.

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