Tuesday, September 26

On the Five things meme

Who are these Clowns??

This lovely Dahlia photo was sent to me by best friend J. My brown thumb doesnt allow pretty flowers like this. Thankyou J, I love it.

I give in. I will attempt the Five things meme

Five things I wish I had in my freezer.
1.More space

2.My homemade Pumpkin Soup

3.Bread rolls.

4.My Aunt's favourite fruit cake.

5.Precooked meals for a week.

Five things that shouldnt be in my wardrobe.

1.Clothes that used to fit.

2.Dog chewed shoes- keeping them wont repair them!

3.My undressed Repro Antique Jumeau doll.

4.Hideous old Trackies- even I wont wear them again.

5.A box of photographs waiting to be sorted.

Five things I hate about my car.

1.That it is not actually MY car.

2.It was meant to be white, not crystal green/blue

3.I dont really like driving any more.

4.The sand in the carpet, that wont come out.

5.I have lied. I dont really hate the car at all. It is very reliable, & comfortable.

Five things that shouldnt be in my handbag.

1.A dog chewed doll shoe.

2.A letter of referral for a Specialist.

3.Useless pens.

4.Reciepts - they are NEVER the ones you NEED!

5.Something now so old, it is not recognisable as anything!

Five things that I wish were not in my bathroom.

1.Out-of-date bathsalts... what the hell are they still in there for??

2.Denture tablets.

3.A now defunct hairdryer- why havent I thrown it out!

4.Almost Adult Granddaughter's various hair accessories- mostly broken.

5.The raided-out First Aid kit, now almost empty of every item, thanks to my lovely family. "That's what Nanna's are for."


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Well done on the five things: so glad you did this version!

I do love dahlias too - they remind me of my mum who was willing to put up with their leggy stick-y-ness for months and months waiting for those beautiful blooms!

But that top photo? Hmmm, what a mystery!!

jellyhead said...

I like this five things meme -except, now you have ME craving homemade fruit cake, too!

Thanks Meggie for visiting my blog. Good to hear from another Aussie blogger :)