Thursday, September 7

Thursdays thunderstorm!

Small grandson told me, "My brain is turned off Nan" whilst feeling unwell. I know the feeling! & dont even feel unwell. (he is recovered now).
Happily tells all & sundry that his dog, 'has had his leg bone cut out, - & he has had his balls cut off too!' Granddog has been in wars, but is recovering now-not the balls of course!
It is raining like '40 bastards', as a friend used to say. Roaring gales, & a day at the races cancelled--- much to meggie's relief. Not my loathe to gamble, & could buy tons of luscious fabric with money which might get wasted on sad horses! GOM cant see my point about that though.
Teenage hoodlum dog went happily out to paddle in the pool of rainwater under the pergola. Then expected unconditoinal cuddles, ... which he got, I might add. Love him to bits, but he is a worry! Little lady just curls up behind my XOS bum, & is quite content NOT to explore the wet or TH's happy excited being.
I must thank Lazy Cow for her encouraging comments! Perfect strangers so treatish! & perfect.
Did take advice to read about truly crap sauce- couldnt add the comment as me, but the salty bit is my tale of woe!

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