Monday, September 18

Showing my Ignorance.

OK, It is cards on the table time. Didnt want to let my lack of knowledge hang out! Being new to this game, -& not having a mobile phone, or knowledge of texting- exactly what does lol, or LOL mean? I get WTF, & BTW, but confess to remaining puzzled by the lol. Have seen it used as Little Old Lady- which I am not exactly! haha. Also used for 'laughed out loud', & so I ask someone to enlighten me, please!please!

It is a gorgeous day here, with just a light breeze, & there seems to be plenty of perfume out the air. Ok for some, but a bit 'sneezy' for the hayfever sufferers.

Since I have a 'dicky knee' I need an xray of same. Thought it would be such a small task. Haha, no such luck, staff shortages would have meant a 2 hour + wait! Decided to come home & rest the wretched thing instead, & fell asleep reading. I love bloody murder mysteries, & shocked my children once, when I did a short story writing course. I wrote a story in which one of the main characters got murdered, & as they were quite young, their eyes widened with surprise when they read the story, & I suspect they looked at LOM- Little old Mum- with new regard.

Currently listening to Slava Grigoryan- I LOVE his guitar playing!


joyce said...

I use Lol as Laugh on Line but it could also be Laugh out Loud. I had trouble with VBG until I figured out that it meant Very Big Grin. There is a site somewhere that lists all the acronyms that are used on the computer. THere are hundreds of them.

Angie said...

Hi Meggie, I use LOL as "laughing out loud". LOL Just had to post a comment to you as I am a sister Pisces who LOVES reading those "murder and mayhem" (as my DH calls them LOL) books, listening to music and quilting. I just started blogging, hmmm, a couple of weeks ago(?). AND I also have 2 wienie dogs!! LOL

Isabelle said...

Hello from Scotland,

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I'm intrigued by your having a nearly-grown-up granddaughter and yet a 40-year-old husband - or maybe you mean you've been married for 40 years? I'm very envious, anyway (of the grandchildren - I have my own husband) since I'm desperate to be a granny but see no imminent prospect. Anyway, happy blogging. My Daughter 1, by the way, says that LOL means laughing out loud, and she knows that sort of stuff.

meggie said...

Hi Isabelle,
My husband is one of 40 years, not aged 40! That milestone passed ages ago- 30 years to be exact.

Hi Angie,
Lovely to hear from you! I checked out your blogsite- couldnt get over how alike we sound! I was born on Feb 19th, & am told by most astrologers I am actually Aquarius, but feel I have a bit of both. I used to do a bit of astrology as a hobby, hmmmm, what about that there is no more Pluto!??
I have added you to my favs, will keep ckecking you out. Love the dogs. We currently dont have a cat, & dont intend getting one, but we have had them in the past, & dearly loved them. Keep well!

meggie said...

Hi Joyce, didnt mean to miss you out! Tks for tips for lol! then there is OMG but I do know that one!