Sunday, September 10

Gumpy, grumpy

My turn to be grumpy. It is wet, & quite chill for us. Not many free treats about today. Cant even bury my nose into the fresh washing treat, as it is too wet to hang it out!

A trip to Sydney on the vile wet freeway, yesterday, was quite a driver's ordeal, with ' sheet' rainfall, blinding. It was nice to be home again at day's end.
Thankfully the 'teenage hoodlum' had not done any mischief, while we were absent, & all was intact.
Another small glitch in the day- apparently injured a knee. It is now twice the normal size, & almost completely useless! Luckily I dont need to run marathons, or even chase runaway kinder!
A treat, in that is a good excuse not to dust, cook or do any domestic sort of activities at all.

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