Friday, March 9

The Birthday Party.

For some reason, when I was a child, I didn't really like going to other children's birthday parties. I am not sure why, but I know I just never enjoyed them.

I have never wanted to have a party for myself, & would be horrified if anyone gave me one. Though I quite like to have a gathering of friends & family to share with. And GOM, being a Leo, loves to have a party thrown for him.

And when my children were little I let them have a party or two.

The party I most detested, as a child, was one I did my best to avoid. A new girl had come to our school, & she was a very tall girl, & was very popular, & soon made friends with everyone. Her name was Penelope which seemed quite an exotic name to us. We had never met a Penelope before. I think we would have all been about 10 or 11.

So Penelope was having a party for her birthday, & she brought along the invitations to school, for all the girls in her class. And there was great excitement about this coming party.

Which I didnt want to go to. So I said nothing to my Mother or Grandmother, and went off to school, & told everyone I wasn't allowed to go. I told them my mother would be working, & I couldnt get up to the party. I should have thought more carefully about this reason, because the farm Penelope lived on, was up the same road we lived on.

The other girls were all symapthetic, & I was overjoyed. I wouldnt have to go!

Imagine my horror the next day when I got home from school. My Grandmother asked me why I had told Penelope's mother I was not allowed to go to the party.
Whatever had made me say my mother would be working that day? Penelope's mother had offered to come & collect me, or other mothers could collect me when they passed. I was horrified.

I said I didnt know why I had lied, & I didnt want to go. A great fuss was made about it, & a present duly purchased, & I was delivered to the party.

Which I totally hated. Every minute of it. And I still dont know why. Perhaps it was because I had told a lie about it. Or because Mrs S knew I had lied. It did teach me lying never pays.

The house was a lovely huge old house, with a big verandah which went around all sides, & it had huge rooms, with really high ceilings. And there was a lovely orchard out the back with apple & peach trees, & I remember the beautiful frothy apple blossom, so it must have been spring. I remember daffodils & snowdrops & grape hyacinths in the gardens, & I remember the lovely green lawns, & beautiful neat shrubbery.

I would have loved to spend the afternoon just enjoying the lawns & gardens. But we had to play 'games' & do stupid things. And there was a lot of sickly cake, & sweet things. And two girls had a fight! An actual physical fight, pulling hair, & scratching. I dont remember what about, I was probably so shocked I kept well away. I have always loathed physical fighting.

Although, on reflection it probably does a lot less harm than some of the verbal 'fights' do. The scars from those can wound for life.

We are still in the midst of our turmoil, & I think we need a little stress reliever of some sort. After two hours of listening to legalese, I just feel all tense & tied up in knots.
Not sure what I would like, ...a nice dinner out?, but GOM is not one to dine out, if he can help it. He used to love going out to dinner, - not sure what has changed.
Or I would love to walk along the beach, but again, he is not so keen.
Trouble is, we are chalk & cheese.
I have got a headache fit to burst, so perhaps a rest with a book- or maybe I will try to get a video Molly recommended, 'Ladies in Lavender'.


joyce said...

It's funny but I never liked parties either and still don't. I'd rather host one than go to one though. I don't like small talk with strangers. Another video that is fantastic is Little Miss Sunshine. We loved it. I'm not sure if it is available over there yet though. Hope you are feeling more relaxed and your headache is gone by the time you read this.

Liz said...

You have such clear memories. I can't remember yesterday! Hope you got the de-stress you needed. Maybe GOM would like a walk on the beach but just doesn't realize it yet -- that's often the case with my man -- have to drag him along and then it turns out it was just what he needed.

paula said...

I was never much for parties myself when I was younger, I don't mind then at all now.

It helps get them to go if they think it's their idea in the first place!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Chalk and cheese, that's a new one to me; I'll remember it though. Hope you're feeling better. Yes, I remember all the excitement and hubbub of childhood birthday parties from my youth... I really must have enjoyed them because I don't recall ever not wanting to attend. In those days the parties were always held in the home (unheard of now in the US, they are always held today in a public venue with a clever theme) and the mother of the birthday child always delivered the guests back to their own homes when the party was over... or when the Mom decided it was over. ha!

Finn said...

Hi Meggie, just popping in to say Hi and see how you are doing. I love your expression "chalk and cheese", haven't heard that one before...*VBS*
It's hard being a kid, and especially if you feel the least bit different from other kids. Luckily, we grow up. I'm not much of a party person either, I really dislike crowds. Hugs, Finn

Angie said...

Wonder why it is that some parts of childhood, for some of us, was such a nightmare? There were things that to this day I don't want to think about from my childhood. I hated parties, and I would still rather take a beating than go to one. Didn't like playing games, and I still don't. I was an awkward child, and never felt like I fit in with the other kids. I do have some really fun memories of riding ponies with my two nephews. Those will be for a memory lane post of mine one day. :) I've never heard the 'chalk and cheese' expression either, but I like it! :)

smilnsigh said...

"We are still in the midst of our turmoil,"

Mmm, what did I miss? Since you also said "Legalese" it must be something of that sort. But I don't remember seeing what. Sorrrry.

And sorry that it had you all tied up in knots.


telfair said...

I love your stories. We are kindred spirits. I detested going to parties, too, and if I'd been clever enough, probably would have lied to escape them, too!

Aunty Evil said...

Wow, all these people who hated going to parties. I have to confess, I just loved them, and quite often reminisce about how I used to love being dressed up in a party dress, with my knee length socks with lace around the top, and my good patent leather shoes. The gift always consisted of socks and undies, a colouring book and some pencils. It was expected. And loved.

Like Mrs Goodneedle said, they were always held in the home, never in McDonalds or similar places like today. Party frankfurts, sausage rolls, fairy bread. Yumm!!

Oh, and a bag of lollies as you leave.

meggie said...

Nice to see I am not so odd, about disliking parties!
As you say, parties in those days were always in the home, & there was no theme or such.
As Publicans, we had to go to many 'party like' gatherings, but it was amazing what a glass or two of alchohol could do to unlock the frozen modes of folk.
And GOM was guaranteed to be the life & soul of any party, so I could shrink off into the background.

I havent actually mentioned our turmoil much, or exactly what it is but it will all be resolved one way or another soon, so hopefully we can settle down again.

As to the chalk & cheese, it is a really old one, so perhaps it is an English thing? Not sure, but it is commonly used in NZ & Australia.

Stomper Girl said...

I hope if my kids ever have this sort of aversion to parties I will be sympathetic and listen to them, rather than forcing them to go. I just wanted to comfort your 11 year old self.