Thursday, March 1

Circle of LIfe

Welcome to the world little perfect boy, Joshua.
Isnt he a beautiful baby, & he was soooo welcome!

I find myself longing for another baby in our family, but I dont think there will be any more grandchildren. My daughter offered to have another on condition I bring it up. Not that clucky!!

It is odd how many times in families, when an old member dies there is a new life added to the family. When my FIL died, unexpectedly, it so happened that our DJ had just become pregnant, so our Granddaughter was the next born.

I have been hearing of a lot of people having a death in the family just recently, & do know how hard that can be. And to get to be almost the oldest generation is quite frightening.

I am very lucky to still have an Uncle of almost 90 & an Aunt of almost 85, both with all the marbles intact, & many interesting tales to tell. And they both have really good memories too, so we have been trying to get them talking about their younger lives, so that we keep the 'family lore' alive. Their Grandfather was fiercly proud of his Scottish heritage, & he had all sorts of wonderful books which my Aunt has kept, all these years. There is a lovely one all about Tartans of the Clans.

GOM's elderly relatives have all passed away, & were not particularly forthcoming with old family tales, when they were alive. It is a shame, as I would have loved to know more about them. My MIL used to talk about her parents a bit, & her father sounded a terrible man. A bully & a Seaman, who was tattooed all over, but never let the children see the tattoos. He apparently used to come home from sea, tattoo his wife, & leave her pregnant again, when he sailed off to sea. My MIL said he had a very bad temper, & thought nothing of hitting her mother, or any of the children. She once told me that when she was 19 she threatened to kill him if he ever touched her mother again.

***** ***** ****** ******

I bought myself a new top recently, & had worn it twice, & really liked it. The first time I washed it, I noticed a brown mark in amongst the beads on the front, & supposed I must have spilt something on it.
However, the second washing was too much for the dyed wooden beads, & the dye leaked out all over the front, & left hideous stains. So off to have it replaced this morning. Hate it when that happens, as I wouldnt have bought it in the first place, if I didnt like it, & of course there was nothing similar to be found.

The sales people were wonderful though, & very happy about refunding or replacing, whichever suited me better. In the end I chose 2 new tops, they were marked down, so I got a bargain.

We took DJ & SG with us, & looked at some toys while his Mum looked at clothes for herself. SG was quite fascinated with several things, & tried out several of the 'Try me' type toys. He is quite good about not asking to be bought things, but he really did want to 'buy an umbrella'. We are not sure where the fascination with umbrellas came from, but he has had a 'thing' about them for a while now.

We stopped to look at the puppies & felt very sorry for them. SG wanted to look at the Goldfish.They had a goldfish who died just recently, & I think he thought it would be nice to have another, but DJ says no. I rather fancy the rabbits, they look such dear little things, but I know we cant have one, I am sure Leo would scare it to death.

Another thwarted sewing day. Sigh!
We had an appliance repaired & returned, & I nearly exploded when it wouldnt work. However after phoning technical support, they have assured us it is the DVD/Video that is the problem, so now I am left hot & bothered & no better off.
It is just toooo bloody humid to muck about with such frustrating things!


quiltpixie said...

too bad about the top, but it helps if the sales people were good about it. Enjoy the grandson!

Sooziii said...

Congratulations on your new grandson!

Well done with the top swap - 2 for the price of one sounds a real bargain.

meggie said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts, but he is not my Grandson. Wish that he was, but he is my Nice Neighbour's Grand Nephew, & I swear he is as gorgeous as my son was- & still is!

Alice said...

Oh, he is such a beautiful little baby. So perfect, yet so tiny.

Re your MIL's parents - not many people would put up with that sort of treatment these days, although I know it does happen. But back then there wasn't much alternative to staying within the marriage despite the violence.

velcro said...

Aww so cute! What a beautiful little boy.
The whole thing with one generation replacing another happened in my family. My grandmother died on the FB's due date and he was born 6 days later. When I am feeling particularly doleful about it I like to think that they met eachother in a cosmic waiting room at some point during those 6 days.
I'm sorry to hear about the top. It's so annoying whent that happens to a piece of clothing you like, and why does it never happen to one you buy, take home and then are not sure about?

Aunty Evil said...

A gorgeous child Meggie, congrats to the proud parents!

Don't be too sure about the rabbit being scared by Leo, they know how to take care of themselves.

My sister had one for a number of years, and the neighbour's cat decided to take it on for the territory of her backyard. The rabbit beat the crap out of the cat, the cat was never seen in that backyard again!

And the rabbit was one of those butter not melting in the mouth snow white ones, so don't be fooled by their appearance!

joyce said...

Joshua is a beautiful little baby. I want one in my family too but it doesn't seem to be my decision.
My Dad is 93 in a couple of weeks and spends hours telling stories of the good old days. The grandchildren love that. We should get it on tape but he tells better stories when it's not on.

Tracey Petersen said...

Babies photos just melt my heart. I want to take a deep breath of him.

I don't think that wooden beads and washing machines mix. My daughter has a top with brown timber stains too.

I like Velcro's idea of a cosmic waiting room.

Lois R. said...

What a beautiful baby! Such sweetness and innocence on his face. May he have a long, healthy, happy life. Congrats to the Nice Neighbors.

DubiQuilts - Quilts and Fiber Arts said...

Congratulations! Joshua is very cute!

My Mom passed away July 11, 2006 and two weeks ago my cousin passed away. My Mom was 70 and Gail was 55, both way to young.

We are going to have a new baby in the family in June. My nephew (sister's son) is going to be a daddy.

So the cycle of death and life goes on for us.

MargaretR said...

A beautiful baby. I have been lucky enough to have had a new GS yesterday morning and he is just as lovley as Joshua.

Ribbonwiz said...

What a gorgeous little fella Joshua is, congratulations to the parents...

good to hear you had no trouble returning your top, so annoying when you love a top and this happens...

smilnsigh said...

Just precious.