Friday, March 2

Busy Busy.

Look at what I have been doing! I am getting so much fun out of making these, Joyce. I decided to go with your measurements, & I am glad that I did, as the blocks are quite big.
I just took these photos on the floor, - I had to edit out my toes!

The colours are looking rather hectic, or dare I say garish, in real life, but I do like bright colours.

I will have to try to photograph them together after I get a few more done.
I am pleased with the white fabric, I have had for a while, & thought I may never find a project to suit it, but think it goes here rather well.
I got fed up with the high humidity, & put the airconditioner on early so that I could sew in some comfort. We try not to use it too much, apart from the cost, I dont suppose it does the atmosphere a lot of good. It has kept me sane today, anyway.


joyce said...

Yours look fantastic,Meggie. Maybe you will solve the sashing problem before I do. I'll be watching to see how you put yours together.

Angie said...

Lovely blocks, Meggie! What size pieces are you cutting? What size do they finish at? Love the colors that you are using! :) I just read your last post too about nursing. Wow, you've definitely led an interesting life, dear friend! :) And I would have been 'running for my life' past that morgue too!!! LOL

Fiona said...

I like bright and I'd have said cheerful, not garish!

jellyhead said...

I love vivid colour, too - the quilt blocks look great!

And congratulations on your new grandchild, Joshua!!

jellyhead said...

Whoops, sorry, Meggie, to mistake Joshua as your grandson - just read the comments on the post about Joshua and saw that someone else made my mistake, too. But he's sure a cutie, and I bet you think he's gorgeous, grandson or not!

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie
I just love the colours in your Quilts especially the top one.

Molly said...

Love those bright , cheerful colours!

Karen said...

bright colors are just what is needed to get us through the winter months! these blocks are fabulous, looking forward to seeing them all put together in a quilt!