Sunday, March 25


This is a rain kissed flower on our Ixora, or Prince of Orange. It is surviving in a pot, in spite of me! It must be loving this rain we are having today, & last night. The winds came up last night & blew like billy-o as my Grandfather used to say. I listened to it gusting & hoped it would do no harm around our area. And it was so nice to be able to lie in bed & hear the rain, & wind, & feel comfortable, after the hot unbearable day -weatherwise- behind us.

It has drizzled on & off all day, & it is nice & cool temperature wise, but there must still be humidity, as every now & then I get a hideous hot sweat attack, & that only happens when it is humid. But enough moans. At least the garden will be delirious with joy.

This next pic is of a little stitchery I did of a cat, thinking to frame it. I used damask as the background to work on, but it doesnt show in the photo. It is actually a nice cream damask & looks nice in real life!

The next pic is of a bag in progress. I have been working on this for some time now, & seem to have really gone off it. I think I was disappointed in it somehow, but one of these days I will finish it. Again the photo doesnt seem to have worked very well, it is much darker, with tea staining, & the colours are slightly different to the photo.

Even though it has been tempting to begin some knitting or stitchery, it seems I have lost my impetus & I have read & snoozed this afternoon! Shame on me. Or not.
The beaches are wet, hence no sandy strutting -or staggering.
I have had word of a health problem, afflicting a friend. We have been promising ourselves a face to face meeting, as we dont live all that far apart. We once went off to Sunday School together as little girls, & began our school days together. An awful lot of life has happened to both of us since those far off days.
I think we should meet, as she suggests, lest time run out on us.
We have just made new Wills, GOM & I, & of course it has brought thoughts of our mortality to the fore. We had very old, outdated Wills, which sounded quite comical to us in this day & age. Our children were not mentioned by name, as they were quite young when we made those old Wills.
I was discussing the new ones with our SB, & he shied away from the subject, much as I used to do when my Mother used to raise the subject. In the end though, our Mother had it all well covered with us, & I think that was all to the good.
Noone wants to think about their parents mortality, but by the time our Mother passed away, we had had many discussions with her about her funeral preferences, & details, & we had even managed to joke & laugh with her about certain aspects of it all.
And when the time came for her Funeral, we were so glad she had forced us to laugh with her about it all. Nothing could make her loss easy, but as time goes by, & the grief becomes scarred over, it is nice to have the memories & the thought that she would have approved of most of the proceedure.
And we knew the music she had loved, & knew her wishes about various things, to do, or NOT to do.
I tell my children of the music I love, & I know I should write it down, because if I go first, GOM will never remember my choices, & they probably wont either.
I have just recieved an invite to my Uncle's 90th birhtday Party. He is as proud as punch to be reaching that age, & he is so full of the joy of his life, he is wonderful to be around, & he tells such hilarious stories of his life, & readily tells the joke on himself whenever he thinks it appropriate, & sometimes when it is not. He is wonderfully irreverant, & has seen a lot of life. He still loves his wife as dearly as the day he married her, & they always seem so happy together. According to both of them, they have only ever had the one occasion when things were less than rosy.
Unless a miracle occurs I will be unable to attend the Party. Still, I can dream I might.

This is a little edit.
GOM has the football on- yes it is that hideious time of year again!
He cant just watch the footy though, he has to channel surf between, & I just heard the most absurd statement coming from some commentator on some race car thing...." O the car has just come down on it's haunches!"
Do cars have 'haunches'??
I never cease to marvel at some of the STUPID statements I hear on those sports commentations!
I should have had my music on!!
I need an ipod!


h&b said...

I like that little bird and cat !

The bag looks good too - I think you must be being hard on yourself.

I found our Wills yesterday too. They were made before our boy's birth, but provisions were made for any offspring, as advised by our lawyer ( we weren't planning any kids then ).

So now I have to call my sister tomorrow and ask if she remembers signing on for out then non-existant children if something happened to us !!!

Henri said...

Meggie -- A timely reminder on our wills also ! Although in our case it well be debt we leave behind haha
Mary did indeed 'groom ' us as to her wishes and very sensible of her too . Very wise to have your wishes written down I agree .
As to our esteemed Uncle and his 90th Birthday I wouldn't miss it for Quids as the old saying went --- He is as sharp as a tack with the memory of an elephant and still wonderfully witty as we know
--- What happened to us ? haha

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie i like your bag and it will be really lovely when finished a 1 of. We had hand written wills signed and sealed very legal. but since my Hubby passed away suddenly 2 years ago I have gone to solicitors and had mine drawn up legally for peace of mind.we are a very close family and Iwanted to take any pressure of decisions of them.

Cynthia said...

i love the stitcheries you've done.

We had quite a bit of rain down here in Victoria on Friday night. It was wonderful just hearing and seeing it. I hope we'll get a lot more over Winter as we sure need it.

joyce said...

My dad just had his 93rd birthday and he often talks about what he wants at his funeral. He's debating about cremation or not. It's not my favorite topic but I guess it's good to know what he wants. As for music, we all know he loves old time fiddle music.
It's a good thing to have an up to date will or else the government and lawyers take a bigger chunk. Anything to keep it out of their hands.

paula said...

I like your embroidery, I've gotten away from embroidering and have been thinking I want to pick it up again.

Finn said...

Hi Meggie, so lovely that you have had the rain storm...after such heat, I'm sure the garden and everything else felt blessed. I love listening to rain, and only the worst storms frighten me, as they do most people. The window rattling kind.
I think both pieces of your embroidery are just adorable. So very sweet and have a innocent kind of charm that we don't see enough of these days. I'd buy either piece in a heartbeat. They buttons add a lovely touch to the little cottage...*VBS* Hugs, Finn

Isabelle said...

Oh dear, sorry to have claimed that you didn't like green. Must have been thinking of someone else. Will change the post once I discover who it was!

Love your flower picture.

Liz said...

Oh your Uncle sounds lovely. I will pray for your miracle so you can attend his party. My grandparents are almost as old, but don't handle it quite as well, I'm afraid. MB just bought me an ipod - he has yet to share it with me though as he's been setting it up for me.