Saturday, March 10

Dream Trails.

This was last evening's sky. It was debating with itself... Will I??

Yoo Hoo!! What about me? See me over the back here, all bright & silvery?

Perhaps I wont tonight...

We have been getting thunderstorms in the evenings lately. With some welcome falls of rain. But last evening it just did a tease, & didnt amount to anything in particular.


Still dealing with craptacular things we would rather not, so not much concentration available to think straight.

While waiting in the Dr's waiting rooms for a script, the Receptionist & another patient, plus the Dr, & I, were exchanging our various 'rodent' stories. This may seem a very peculiar subject for a Doctor's waiting room, but said Dr's rooms are situated on the bank of a large creek. Water rats have been spotted from time to time. Not in the surgery I hasten to add, but once, in the garden, scurrying up a tree. Dr D & I both spotted it at the same time, & were quite amused- more so, than shocked really. Who knew rats climbed trees??

The Receptionist, C, told us that she had once found a burned Oppossum in her garden. She saw the poor creature's tail, all burnt bald. It was during bush fires in the area, & she felt so sorry for the poor little thing, with the fur all burnt off it's tail. Since she had a large Alsatian dog, she grabbed a wooden crate & threw it over the Possum, & weighted it with 2 bricks. She rang WIRES, which is the body which deals with distressed wildlife, -injured or burnt native animals, -in times of crisis. They promised to collect the Possum as soon as possible.

Now this will seem strange to New Zealanders, because Possums are a menace over there, & are freely shot for their pelts, & regarded as a danger to New Zealand native fauna. In NZ a dead Possum is a good Possum! But here, in Australia Possums are protected, & so, worthy of saving.

C said the man from WIRES duly arrived, & on lifting the crate, the man grabbed the two bricks, & clapped them together on the hapless animal! C was horrified! But it turned out the "Possum" was really a very large rat! The 'bald' tail had been rodent, not singed Possum.


Now to the dreams. I often have dreams of such clarity, upon waking I could swear they are real.

In this past week, I have dreamt so vividly of Monks in saffron robes, & I have heard them chanting, & the bells they strike, so clearly, I just could not believe I was in my own bed, when I woke.

I have met with people I have never seen before, we have had much in common, & spent happy hours together.

Sometimes the dreams are too nebulous to recall, & they hover, just out of reach at the corners of my mind, taunting me all day, or for several days, after the actual dreaming.

At other times the dream's details will remain with me all day, & call to me, to return, somehow. I will keep feeling I am being swept back into the 'dream'. I can feel textures, or see the colours so clearly. And hear the voices.

Perhaps I am going mad? I dont really think so. It seems I have had vivid dreams all my life, & have terrible nightmares at times, which will haunt me for weeks.

GOM always claims he cant remember his dreams. He knows he has them, but the details are lost upon waking.
AS I hve previously mentioned, we are having some personal turmoil in our lives at present, & I suppose all this is playing tricks with my mind. I am not sleeping well, & perhaps the dreams are acting as "stress relievers". Who knows......
This last pic is of today's Church Fete find... isnt it bright...some might say ugly, but something about it appealed to me, & 2 metres for $3 seemed a good buy. The small piece was the princely sum of 10 cents!!
I hope you have all been enjoying great weekends with your heart's desires being granted!


Tracey Petersen said...

I am a vivid dreamer too. Sometimes I wake feeling so calm after problems are resolved in my sleep. Other times I wake with a start and try to forget immediatley.

I loved your mother's sewing kit. I have a very old puch embroidery set which my mother found while cleaning out my great-aunt's homw. I'll post a photo for you soon.

Hope that all is resolved soon for you.

Tracey Petersen said...

great aunt's home - sorry

joyce said...

I usually can't remember my dreams but I did dream about India the other night so maybe we were in the same place! Lol. I hope your strees situation gets solved and that your future dreams are happy ones.

The Calico Cat said...

We have possums over here, but I have never seen one... I missed them on my trip to Australia, too... (I'm glad that I missed the rats!)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm never disappointed when I stop here for reading material; as you, dear Meggie, never fail to supply! I fear I may dream of singed possum tonight...or worse, tree-climbing rats. Oh, my!

Sheila said...

Rodents are not my favourite, and one year they got into our garage, and into the house wall & ate the wiring. The electrician told us that if they had chewed through anything other than the wires they did we would have had a fire. As it was, the circuit breaker shut off and all was okay. Apart from the bill for rewiring...!!
And one electrocuted mouse..!
As for the dreams..I think that is the brain trying to resolve your inner conflict..I'd like to dream about monks in saffron robes.
Hope everything will soon be okay with you...?

Quilting Kim said...

Meggie - I'm so glad that you didn't post any photos of the Ro-dents...see, I can't even bring myself to type the word (ewww). We do have opposums here, and the only good one is a dead one - especially with Bailey around. Yorkies are ratters by nature - so I guess it's part of the food chain. He has killed his fair share and is quite proud of himself, but then feels that I need a "gift" of the dead carcass (shudder).

I love the bright vivid colors in your new-found fabric. I'm anxious to see what you make with it.

Isabelle said...

Yes, your posts are always interesting and individual. Hope your problems get resolved. I don't even know what an oppossum is, though I know the name. It sounds very other-side-of-the-worldish. I shall Google it.

Love the cloud photos.

Keep smiling.

Angie said...

Awesome photos, Meggie! I'm so glad to hear that you are getting some rain, but I just saw on the Weather Channel that there are cyclones there now. I do hope you're not in line with those! We have a possum here that visits my compost bin almost nightly. Makes the wienie dogs crazy when they catch his scent on their last doggie guard patrol at night. :D Now, rats, well, dear Meg, that's a 'horse of a different color'---or would that be 'possum' of a different color ROFL

Stomper Girl said...

Did you know that in the Commonwealth Games Opening ceremony they needed traditional possum-skin cloaks for the Dreamtime Aboriginal section and had to outsource it to New Zealand because of that whole protected/menace scenario?

Now you do.

caramaena said...

omg, that must have been a big rat!

btw - I'm like GOM. I know I dream but it's very rare if I remember them.