Thursday, March 22

Hectic Pace.

I have nothing sweet to share, nothing sweet to show.

I am still waiting for my longed for walk upon the beach. Maybe tomorrow.

I will need a hat, I dont own a big hat, I only have what I refer to as 'dickhead' hats. Those awful caps that make your head so hot, & leave your neck to burn.

Yesterday afternoon was a hectic time.
The campers arrived home a little earlier than expected.
Tired a little sore from sleeping on flat mattresses & a little burned from the sun, though they slathered themselves in sunblock.

Our son stayed here so Mum went all out last night on a special dinner- his favourite Roast Pork, with homemade gravy. No there are no photos, by the time it was ready to eat we were starving, & I had almost melted from the humidity.

What was I thinking?? Things we do for our kids!

Today was hectic too. I had got Broadband for the Internet, so had connected that up yesterday, & now we can get phone calls while connected to the Net.

I am not sure whether it is such a good plan! The phone never seemed to stop ringing all day. I have just had my last call- I hope.

We had people coming & going all day, it seemed, & a lot of laughs. It has just been so humid, I dont like sitting outside, but it is a pleasant area, & it is nice to sit out there. There have been a lot of butterflies this year, & they seem to know we are happy & there have been several visit us every time we are sitting out there. And there are some birds who have claimed the Grevillea as their own & they sit there quite boldly as we sit & chat, & seem to be quite comfortable we are so close.

And we had a nice little visit from our AAGranddaughter, so it was lovely to see her. Last time I saw her, she had the bottom of her hair blonde! Awful, but I didnt tell her that. Anyway she has got it brown again, so it looks much better, & she has had quite a lot cut off it. She has the nicest hair of anyone in the family. She tends to always wear it up, so we dont get to see her curls very often.

I had a wonderful surprise call from a loved Niece, in NZ, this afternoon, & it was so nice to hear her news. And her stories of her lovely daughters.

And finally those pesky 'papers' are all done, & posted away. Thank Goodness!

And finally our Son left to go home, so our day was nearly done. We had our tea outside in the slightly cooler air, & wished this dratted humid patch would GO AWAY!! Even GOM has felt hot, so it must be bad.


velcro said...

Meggie if we could trade a little of our weather I would definately take some of your sun in return for a little of our cold. It has been snowing again today.

joyce said...

It sounds like you had a busy day! Visitors can be hectic even when they are all people you love.

Lois R. said...

I was just reading your Non Garden Blog post and chuckling to myself. I remember my mother complaining about my dad doing the same thing, and I frequently curse my husband's name when he wrecks a little plant I have been nursing along... Its not just your GOM. I think it is all GOM!

Hope you get that walk on the beach and the humidity eases up.