Wednesday, March 28

Singer Sewing Machine

This is a pic of my Grandmother's Singer Sewing machine. I learnt to sew on this when I was young. It was made in 1915, & my Grandmother bought it new. It had to sit on a dirt floor for some time, in a tent, as my Grandparents were living in a very small house, & their children had tents, as there was not enough space in the house, for them to sleep.
I learnt to sew on this old Treadle, & my mother used to sew all my clothes for me when I was little with this machine. My Mother used it right up until just before she died, & it still works very well. I love it, & could never part with it. My Mother was surprised when I told her I would keep it, & treasure it.
I would love to restore the surface of the machine, but feel I might spoil it, with all the accumulated patina, of the years. There is damage on one of the drawers that has happened somewhere along the way. It has been there as long as I can remember.
This is Whitney, who sits on top of the machine, which is down in our entryway.
I made her about 12 years ago, & made her clothes, & decorated her hat. The pic is not a great one, you cant see her elaborate dress. It is calico, but has a lot of pintucking on the bodice.
I dislike the brick wall of the entryway, so like to think Whitney takes some of the baldness off the ugly bricks.
This is a set of drawers belonging to my Nice Neighbours. They found them dumped on the side of the road, when they stopped for a comfort break for their little dog. What treasure! Mr Nice Neighbour has done them up, & put a handle on the top. Isnt it just a lovely little set of drawers? Obviously it has come from a Singer Treadle, & it is sad to think it ended dumped on the side of the road, in a ditch. But it now has a new life, & is beautiful again.

There is treasure to be found in the strangest of places!
And this pic is of Mrs Nice Neighbour's wonderful Beach Theme garden. I think it is fantastic. She is so talented at these little gardens. And the plants all live!

It is one of those beautiful days here today. Clear, crisp & there seems to be NO humidity.
A Magic day. Perhaps a miracle will happen, always seems possible on a day like today.
Or perhaps the miracle is here - GOM is vaccuuming for me! He is such a treasure.


quiltpixie said...

the beach themed garden is a hoot!

My mom has a treadle very simlar to yors, but the knobs of the drawers (at least as I recall them) are smaller. I'm rather looking forward to inheiriting it some day, as they do work "forever" and have such a charm to them :-)

Fiona said...

Love that treadle machine - it's a work of art in itself.

Lois R. said...

What a treasure, the Singer! How beautiful. And Whitney is gorgeous. When I saw the first pic, I thought you were going to tease us and only show the doll's ankles. Yes, I wish I could see her dress better, but it looks beautiful from here. Do you buy the dolls, or do you put them together too?

What a clever idea to put a handle on top of the drawers to make the unit portable.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I have my grandmother's treadle, too! The beach theme cactus garden is so cute... but Meggie~ Whitney is absolutely beautiful! You are so immensely talented.

Tanya Brown said...

Hello; thanks for stopping by my blog! What a treat it is getting to visit yours and catch up on older entries. (I'm nothing if not nosy.)

I'm glad the drawers were rescued by the Nice Neighbors. I cringe when I see beautiful wood and workmanship like that tossed in the trash. Judging by the beach theme garden, they have many talents.

The workmanship of Whitney and her dress is amazing. The pintucking is visible in the closeup version of the picture; what patience you must have!

Dawn said...

WOW! How exciting to have those little drawers all fixed up like that! I've seen them for sale at shows and always wanted some but they sell that for an enormous price!

teodo said...

Your three old treasures are fantastic.
I have a old sewing machine that was of my mother
that is so precious for me....
ciao ciao

jellyhead said...

I love the old sewing machine, and the drawers are just lovely too.

Your neighbours beach garden is cute!

I am thrilled to hear that your GOM vacuums - you have your greatest treasure right there!

My float said...

I have one of those Singer machines. It was my grandmother's and is absolutely beautiful. I have to clean it up though, it's a bit dusty sitting in my parents' garage!!

GOM is vaccuuming and you want ANOTHER MIRACLE?? Feel free to send him over here.

Peggy said...

I have a old peddle machine but I got mine at a yardsale so doesn't have the history like yours. Love seeing all the photographs and reading your post.

Conni Lu said...

I found your blog from someone else's blog list. I enjoyed reading your post so much. What an interesting family history. And that machine and those found drawers are amazing...simply wonderful. :)

stompergirl said...

The best thing about your old sewing machine (apart from it being a beautiful collectable in its own right) is that it was your mother's, and the one you learnt to sew on. Doubly precious with that personal history.