Saturday, March 17

My Letter From Suse, is "C"

Cuddle, cap, cuteCockatoo on our balcony

Cosy cushions...come on winter!

Seeing clouds are almost my signature pics, I had to have some.

Contrast in a crevice, chips of mulch

Crystal in the window

Clinging creeper

Crust & crumbs

Cucumber, celery, & capsicum.

Chomped leaves, crimson flowers.

Colourful cottons



Fun to do, but not as wonderful as Suse's .
But thankyou Suse for the letter, & the enjoyable time I had deciding what to post about.


caramaena said...

I love that pink cushion!

meggie said...

oh Caramaena! I thought no-one was reading! the male chromosomes are off watching some hideouls football ritual.. no doubt wishing the Aoteoroa team to win- unless the both hail from the Land of the Long White Cloud!

Jeanette said...

oh there all so nice but i think cocky and the collection wins tonight

h&b said...

My favourite of all your posts ( you know I love a pictoral ;).

I think you did jolly well.

Muppinstuff allocated me a letter long ago, and I made some notes on it while I was away, but I never thought of a PICTORAL response - so much much more me ...

I will have to give it some new thought :)

Henri said...

Meggie ,
Very clever & some stunning pictures amongst them -- Start a new career . I too love the owls .

jellyhead said...

I love this kind of post - it's like a sneaky peek into your house and garden (and aren't we all sticky-beaks at heart?!)

Tracey Petersen said...

Clever collection of 'c' classifications! I love the chomped leaves and crimson flowers.

BTW I am more than willing to quilt your quilt for you, I left my email address on my blog if you want to get in touch!

MargaretR said...

hi Meggie, I do love reading your interesting blog. You bring back such wonderful memories and we seem to like a lot of the same things. my father was very keen fisherman and became champion fisherman for Wales. Then there's the lichen. We went with my DH's choir to The USA and Canada, the other memebrs thought I was mad, because I took so many photos of strange things. One thing in particular. lichens.

Suse said...

I think my favourite is the cockatoo. The other day we were all in the car and spotted four cockatoos hanging from a telephone wire across the road. Literally, hanging upside down like bats.

Bizarre creatures.

Thanks for playing!

smilnsigh said...

Lovely entry. Thank you.


audrey said...

Fantastic owl collection! What a beautiful assortment :)