Monday, March 12

Tricks of the eye..

Sometimes the eye is deceived, & sometimes everyday objects can seem puzzling when viewed from an odd perspective.

I guess this explains why, if six people witness an event, there will be six 'true' accounts of what happened.

This pic is deceptive, in that it appears to be of a distant fire. It was a nice bright sunset, but the tree in the distance is obscuring the 'flames' created by the sun on the clouds. The wisps of cloud look for all the world like smoke drifting up from the seat of the fire.


Yesterday was a beautiful day, up to a point.

The morning was glorious, no humidity, a light breeze, bluer than blue sky.

Seemed the perfect Autumn day.

So we took our Sunday papers outside & sat at the table reading.

Meggie is sitting at one end of the table, GOM at the other.

Suddenly GOM,

"What are those 2 stainless steel balls on your chest?"

Meggie, stunned, "What?"

G, "Those two balls on your chest!"

M, suddenly remembering what she is wearing,

"Oh! That is the decoration on my T shirt".
GOM thought I had been off buying some new jewelry, unknown to him!


And this is my little travel iron. It was the first time I had got it out to actually see if it worked.
I couldn't figure out the assembly, yesterday, & yet the day before I had it all together.
After fiddling about with it for a while, I put it aside. Then some good friends called around, & we all had a play with it. By then the weather had turned very very humid, & we sat about sweating outside, & playing with the dinky iron. As L said, "Party games for adults"
B solved the mystery of how to get the water into the tank, & it does work! but it leaks a bit & doesnt hold much water, so we decided to leave the spray off.
I test 'drove' it, it is fine, & I will just use spray bottle like Joyce.
I think I will remove the tank holder from the handle to use it.
The blocks on my machine are the bright ones, which I still havent decided how to sash. Several different ideas have occurred to me, but I havent had time to get to sew..... I suppose if I spent less time blogging, I could spend more time sewing. Haha!


Finn said...

Hi Meggie, you have me falling off my chair here in WI on this late Sunday afternoon...LOL, steel balls on your chest??? I would love to have been a mouse in the corner right about them....*G*

Your travel iron is so cute...I'll be back to see if it works as well.
Hugs, Finn

joyce said...

Steel balls don't belong on anyone's chest! Lol.
I hope you solve the sashing problem with you quilt so I will know what to do with mine. I got some new gray but haven't had time to audition it yet.

Angie said...

Oh Meggie, you are such a hoot! I just loove you and GOM!! LOL And I KNOW I would get a LOT more sewing done if I didn't spend ALL DAY on the blasted computer!! ROFL

Aunty Evil said...

Hey Meggie, I've known a few people with balls of steel, and they weren't men either! :)

Good luck figuring out the iron, just as well you are doing that now, imagine trying to work it out while you were on holidays, the whole time would be spent doing that!

meggie said...

I would never actually take a travel iron with me on holiday. I figure noone knows me so it doesnt matter if I look rumpled! I bought it for dolls clothes, & my patchwork! It does work, but I havent used it yet for patchwork.