Tuesday, March 20

Non Garden Blog.

I have been out in the garden. Briefly. The Garden Vandal, aka, GOM has been out there also.
He tends to lay waste to all the lies before him.
Tender ferns I tried to nourish.
Autumn Crocuses.
It all falls to his 'flat earth' policy.
Much of the stuff of his clearance are weeds, and need to be gone.
But he doesnt discriminate.
Off with their heads!!
"That wasn't even growing!"
"Well, what are those healthy roots doing there, on the bottom of the plant?"
"It was dying"
"Where is my parsley?"
" I wasnt even over there, on that side of the path!"
And the sun pours down like liquid treacle, on the heads of the hatted GOM, & the hatless Meggie.
And the sweat falls like tears of rage, down into Meggie's eyes.
In the steaming garden, Meggie debates with herself, silently.
"Is this worth making an issue about?" "Doest it really matter?" "Will it matter in a 100 years?" "GOM has never, in 41 years, recognized a 'plant' vs a 'weed'. Is he ever likely to change now?"
"Let's face it Meggie. The answer is NO."
"O.K., forget it. Go inside, turn on the fan, & the computer, read a little. Cool down. Think happy thoughts. Retreat to the blog. GOM doesnt go in there, doesnt wreak havoc on everything he touches in there. Have some pretty garden type things on that."

So. From my childhood. A favourite book. Little Miss Pink.
Miss Pink smells the roses.

Miss Pink Meets Grandpa Puff.

Miss Pink dances while Grandpa Puff plays some music.

Miss Pink meets a wonderful butterfly.
The book is by Rodney Bennett, the illustrations are by Astrid Walford.
And I still love this book.
Even though I know rodents are nasty creatures, & not to be loved.

Sod Blogger!! All my spacing & paragraphing in the composition are gone, on viewing the published article. WTF!!


h&b said...

NEW blogger does that to paragraphing. You need to edit it in the 'edit HTML' bit.

It's a pain, I know ...

My DH has no mind to the garden,a nd is happy inside reading the sports pages in peace. it's very harmonious that way ...

And the book illustrations reminded me of " A frog went a'wooing on a Summer's Day"

( a-hum, a-hum .. he met Miss Mousey on the way, a-hum, a-hum. )

Remember that ?

Ali Honey said...

Lovely illustrations.

Er can't you supervise the gardening.......make him ask for permission before he pulls each plant ? Or give him his own patch tp play in?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

This post reminds me of the time my son cut the yard and mowed straight over all the Irises, just emerging, and later tried to explain it all away (and save himself punishment) by explaining that he: "thought they were weeds"! Miss Pink is precious.

meggie said...

H & B, I had forgotten that song until you reminded me! It is only since GOM retired that he has bothered with the garden. Now I am 'ageing' I cant so what I once could, so need some strength sometimes.
Ali,I have tried that, but he gets impatient, or he waits till I am busy sewing, & I dont see what he up to! And, 'his own patch' lies empty & bare! He digs it over every now & then...
Mrs G, With a son, you could understand. His father was such a good gardener too..sigh.

herhimnbryn said...

Oh, this rings so many bells! But you are right....an ingrained 40 year old habit will be hard to change!

Thankyou for visiting Secret Hill and leaving a kind comment.

Helen said...

Rodents aren't always pests. and some of them are adorable! Those pictures looked very familiar, I'm sure I read it as a child, orsomething like it!