Sunday, March 18

Distant Drums

I remember a song by Roy Orbison, called Distant Drums. It haunted me in a shattered, broken hearted, phase of my life, when I felt I could never recover, or ever live some kind of 'normal' life again.

Most of Roy Orbison's music did that to me, with his haunting voice, & pretty melodies. And though his is the voice of the darkest hours of my life, he is also still a favourite. Perhaps a reminder to me, I am stronger than I ever knew, & I survived, in spite of that being the last thing I wanted. ***

I saw an interview with Bob Geldof- it was before he was Sir- & he described how he felt that his heart had literally been broken in two inside his body, when Paula left him, and how great that pain felt. I know that feeling, & I have felt the pain of it. It is a real, physical pain, crippling, clouding, & more painful than mere physicality. Perhaps it could be described as a trial by fire, I dont know how to describe it with words.


This lovely rock. I noticed it in the garden some months ago, & have been meaning to take a pic of it ever since. I love the different colours in the lichens.

And here is a picture which suggests a serenity to me. The person is a keen fisherman, & unlike his brother, who also loves to fish, this brother also loves to eat his catches. It was taken in a beautiful part of the world, north of where we live.

And this gorgeous little boy. He had just been for a dip, & looks for all the world like he is thinking "I will just have a nap here, I seem to be sooo tired"
Another lovely part of the world, again north of us. A beautiful place to vacation, right on the water, & great for fishing.

This could be paradise! I love the colours in this shot taken at dusk. Mr Nice Neighbour enjoying the wonderful serenity.

It is raining lightly here today. People I love have left to go camping.
I hope they find happier weather for their 'tenting'.
The rain is so welcome for the gardens & everywhere, but of course it is not really what you need when camping.

I just wanted to add, if it hadn't been for the wonderful support & friendship of Best Friend J, I dont think I ever would have made it. I love you dearly as my friend BFJ!!


Linds said...

I loved the serenity in these photos! It looks so tranquil, and very beautiful. Thanks for your comments!

smilnsigh said...

"This could be paradise! I love the colours in this shot taken at dusk."

Yes, this most certainly could be paradise. As much as those pics of tropical isles are.


My float said...

Wow, your hints are so intriguing. I remember feeling the raw grief and complete heartbreak as young adult during my first, very tumultuous relationship. And those people who help you through it? Priceless.

I love those photos, they're so peaceful and calming.

caramaena said...

I hope the rain holds off just long enough for the camping :)

Lovely photos meggie.