Tuesday, March 6

Entertaining SG

Today has been quite busy. We had SG to look after, & he was again, a very good boy.

My favourite story from today was the part when he was kidding about with GOM, insisting he hadnt had any breakfast.

GOM told him he thought he was fibbing, & he could see SG's nose growing. SG giggled, & said "Yes it is getting longer! And soon it will be really long, & I can use it to go 'cut cut'. I will be able to do Nans vegetables for her!"

I was quite amused to think he would like to do my vegetables, - even if he doesnt eat them himself, as he tells me.

Then he said he could use his long nose to put holes in things, & poke things. We had a whole series of his imagined doings with his new long sharp nose!

And when lunchtime came around he wanted cheese, because it makes his 'Super Powers' really strong. And he had a Nutella sandwich, which is his favourite at the moment. Sometimes it is honey.

We took him over to a large Hardware store, to get some refills for our pest spray, & then GOM went off to study saw blades.

SG saw that as an ideal opportunity to go & see all the plants. I was taken back to my children when they were young. They were just the same & we loved going to local Nurseries to look at all the wonderful plants & I often bought them pot plants. SB loved unusual 'Ice plants' as we called them in those days. Succulents they seem to be nowadays.

I wanted to buy some herbs today, but SG told me I didnt need to buy them today. He wanted to buy some onions to plant! I dont think he even likes onions. He did get a huge thrill out of the tomatoes & flowers his mother grew in her garden. He particularly liked the Snapdragon flowers, & would urge me to see his "Dragons in the garden" every time I visited.

He had another fun day here, & was a bit reluctant to go home. It is nice to think he enjoys being with us. And soon he wont be little any more, & we will miss that little boy.

And sitting beside me looking up, "Nan why do you have hairs in your nose?"
Haha, a less than flattering view of Nan! I explained everybody has hairs in their nose, & he felt his little button nose & declared he didnt have any!

Thank goodness it is a lot cooler today, even if a little humid.


joyce said...

You are right to enjoy him while you can. OUr oldest grandchild is 19 and working in the city so we seldom see her. THe others are teens and while still fun, I miss the funny things a little one says. The three year old is over there in Oz so we never get to see him. I feel we are missing a lot there.

smilnsigh said...

Oh yes, the simple straightforwardness of babes. ,-)


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Oh, what a happy story of the day spent with your precious little grandson! I hope my daughter doesn't make me wait forever and a day to be a 'granny'!

jellyhead said...

SG sounds like a lovely little fellow! And yes, these are the golden days, for soon he will be grown and gruff and busy with friends, work, study or the like. No doubt he will always adore his Nan, though!

velcro said...

He does sound lovely. I wish I could get my son to eat cheese sandwiches, and like your grandson he has no problem helping with the preparing of veggies he just won't eat them

Liz said...

How wonderful for both of you to get this time together! I wish we had both Grans closer for days like this.

Aunty Evil said...

Memories of time with your grandparents never fade. The only grandparent I remember is my father's mother, and today, 30 years after her death, I can still remember times as a kid spent at her place.

Enjoy the times you have Meggie, but remember, he will remember them as much as you do, even if he is too busy or far away to see you when he is older.