Monday, March 5

New Blocks

This is, perhaps, the complete block set.... but now, like Joyce, I am at an impasse over sashings.
Any suggestions??

I have wondered about the black with intersecting white squares, but would have to purchase more of the black fabric to do that.

To be honest I have just finished the blocks, after a day of almost unbearable humidity. I have not had time to audition any fabrics for sashing, but have wondered about using the white, as I have quite a bit left, & think there would be enough.
Leo would not stop leaping all over the 'design wall' floor, & the blocks & he couldn't understand why I kept telling him to get away!

Mr & Mrs Nice Neighbour came over to visit this afternoon, & they are just as fed up with the weather! They have been away, so we havent spent much time together recently, & it was SO nice to see them!

GOM has re-organised/designed the storage of various items of furniture downstairs in our garage, today, along with making space for our chest freezer. The furniture is not ours- it belongs to our son, who is currently sharing accommodation, so hasnt space to have it where he is living.

I still have my kiln, which is quite large, but I am intending to sell it, as I can no longer lift heavy things, & the plates are very heavy. I felt a real pang today, & wished I could be doing some firing again. I have some small dolls that require painting, but it is not worth getting the large kiln connected just for paint firings. They are very small dolls & would probably only require 2 firings. They would be very lonely in my rather large kiln!


Henri said...

Meggie , Stunning looking Quilt as usual , Good luck with your sashings .
Can you not find some local person or people with an interest in dolls & kilns who could share the load as it were & help in the operation of your kiln ? You obviously are still very interested in it and it seems a shame to waste such a wonderful piece of equipment by having it sit idle for want of some person to help with it

Alice said...

As soon as I read your question as to the colour of the sashings, I thought "Black", which seems to be the logical one. Or perhaps you could have white borders with black binding.

I hope the weather breaks for you soon. Although our temperatures aren't all that high, I find that I can't cope with the direct sunlight as well as I used to.

joyce said...

My DH, who is an artist says gray would be the best since it is a neutral but it would have to be the right gray. The one I bought looked horrible. The white with black cornerstones might look good. I'll be watching yours to get hints for mine!

Beck said...

What a beautiful quilt!

The Calico Cat said...

I would do scrappy sashings with scrappy cornerstones - echoing the mock sashing and cornerstones in the blocks...