Wednesday, March 21

Jogging about the blogging world

On going through some papers, I discovered these 'art works'.
The first is my granddaughter's little poem. She did this for me when she was abut 6, & I have always loved it.

This next was an art assigment our son had to do, at school when he was about 15.
He got 5/5 for it, so they must have liked his work. He loved art, was good at it, but he hated the classes at school, & hated to be confined to do as he was ordered.
I think he was right, art should be spontaneous, but I suppose if it is going to be taught as a school subject, some instruction is necessary.
He doesnt really use his skills in art now, although I suppose his work is called an art. Computers have taken the place of much of the skill that used to be required, & though he has to operate the computer, it takes away from the skill factor.

On Jogging about the Blogosphere, I am fascinated with the huge variety of styles of blogging. I shouldnt be surprised I suppose, as we are all very different.

A lot of bloggers are seemingly open & happy to be 'themselves'.

Others appear to have just simply appeared on the planet by magic. A result of such immaculate conception, indeed, they had no need even of a womb, to effect arrival. They blog not of ancestry or family. It becomes obvious upon reading their blogs, that they are the centre of the universe! Their charm is exceeded only by their arrogance, it would appear.

But usually I dont bother to linger for long. I like reality. I was never a teenager to moon over some actor or singer whom I had no likelihood of meeting. Not for me the posters on the walls, or dreams of some distant star.

I enjoy fantasy -the sort that allows inanimate objects to have thoughts & feelings & conversations. I am not so taken with science fiction. I do love fiction, but intersperse it with autobiographies or stories based on fact.
And I love funny- as in humour. I dont even mind funny- as in odd!

I am sure in the scheme of things there is a blog to suit everyone! And variety is the spice of life, & other old platitudes.
My favourite platitudes tend to be the ones that are altered a little.
Such as 'Absence makes the heart grow absent'. Which is more likely to be true, than the usual version.

I love movies too. I used to quite enjoy TV, but these days the screen is filled with such tripe, I would rather read or or or... do anything but watch laboured sitcoms, with tired lines, & waspish characters whose main claim to humour seems to be sarcasm, & insult. I dont think I need to fill my life with crap like that.

And the "NEWS" is just more of the same crap. With politicians as the 'stars.'

Perhaps I am just feeling disgruntled by our ongoing 'legals'. Should all be over soon. Just detest the process.

My B Brother has a much worse dilemma on his hands, so who am I to moan.


Molly said...

Meggie! I'm back! Figured out how to coax the combox over to mid screen.... agree about T.V. We moan about cursing and violence, then we turn on the telly and allow that stuff into our living rooms. Most of the time I just turn it off....I've plenty of reading and sewing to do!

meggie said...

Molly welcome back!! So good to see you.
Yes, I turn it off or get DVD's but GOM watches soaps.. one thing I will never watch!

nutmeg said...

I had a little giggle about your "blogging world" observations! I've settled into my little blogging community and don't "travel" that widely these days!

And I loved your letter C pictorial from the other day :-) My aunty collects owls too!

jellyhead said...

Hi Meggie!

I loved your blogging world thoughts. I'm like Nutmeg - I have my favourite blogs now, and tend to stick just to them. Occasionally I 'blogsurf' a little, and I know what you mean about some of the blogs.

Whinge as much as you want or need. We all need a good 'vent' now and then!

Tracey Petersen said...

I am so glad to see that you legal matters are nearly ended. I have been so sorry that you have been upset and hurt. In our house I think that computer is taking over from tv. Both of my children chat and interact with friends all evening. They don't phone any more either.

I, too, have a group of beloved bloggers. People who are interesting.

The Calico Cat said...

Their charm is exceeded only by their arrogance, it would appear.

Well said!

A good whinge here and there is good for you!

h&b said...

I'm confused.

I blog of family, yet make no mistake - my blog is ME, ME, ME ;)

I've obviously missed the subtle subtext...

joyce said...

I'm sure everyone has their own blog type. My son's blog is so technical that I can't understand one word in ten but he has lots of fans. I go for quilting or food blogs. The hard part is to keep them down to a manageable number and not spend my whole day reading them.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You never cease to amuse me, Meggie. I agree about the arrogance and self-centeredness of some blogs/people. That's life, I suppose. I run around my own blog-circle and don't venture far from that path most of the time.

meggie said...

Hi all, Please note. I was not having a shot at any of you!

I sometimes wonder about etiquette in the blog world. I have sometimes left a comment or 3 on blogs only to be met with walls of silence, so conclude I am not welcome. I do become 'frightened away' by the blogs with 64 comments. Hardly seems worth the effort of commenting, & you do wonder if they all get read.
It is all fun though, I guess.

Henri said...

Meggie ,
I have indeed been stuck on the horns of a dilemma & and an ugly beast it is too , but I am certain it will be dealt to , or with ,soon , one way or another . Good luck with your " legals "
I still have quite a few ' artwork treasures ' Mary had kept of our 3 sons work and also some of my own favourites of their efforts over the years .

Aunty Evil said...

Hi Meggie, that is the glory of the internet, there is something to suit everyone. The sites you don't like, you can move on, and nobody gets their feelings hurt.

It's nice to be anonymous sometimes, other times, good to be "out there".

caramaena said...

Hi Meggie - glad to hear the legals are near being sorted. I hope you're feeling much more 'gruntled' soon!

Lazy cow said...

But then there are other BIG bloggers who get over 200-400 comments and REPLY to one's comment which might be number 195! That is always a wonderful feeling. I don't tend to travel around much either anymore. Sometimes I get itchy fingers and walk around, just for a change :-)