Thursday, March 8

In the wee still hours of the night....

In the wee hours of the night, when sleep eluded me, last night, I wrote a complete post for today.
Alas, when I finally difted off to dream weird dreams, they flushed away my post.
So this is just a Hotchpotchery post!
This is a pic of a small leather case, with a pokerwork picture on the front. I think it must have been my mother's because it has her initials, MD faintly visible on the front.
Can you guess what it was for? It was an SOS for ladders! I would think perhaps in silk stockings, or lisle?
The writing on the thread holder says "Soft & Silky 8 latest season shades"
I just love it, although it is completely useless now. It even has some rather tangled silk left on the card.
And these are some wooden Sylko reels of cotton. I have kept the wooden reels, in case SG wants a caterpillar tractor some time. The silky thread can be quite nice for embroidery on dolls clothes too.
The buttons on the right in the pic are called Dorset Buttons, & they even have a spare thread to secure them to the garment. Aren't they lovely. And the old Hooks & Eyes. In this day of velcro, I dont suppose they are used much.
And this is a photo of some patterns for knitting - the teacosies are wonderful, they have woollen flowers as decoration. There is a crochet poodle, & other toys, plus hats & bedsocks. My mother had saved these & I see one is from 1953.

And this is a bag I made last winter- well I think I completed it last winter. It is an Ann Dimmer pattern- I think. I like to give credit, so hope I have it correct. I altered the little stitchery a bit to suit myself.


And last of all, this is in the "what the hell-came-over-me" category.
They really are so not me.
I dont know what I was thinking, but perhaps I was desperately hoping for cold weather & even snow! However, they are quite comforatable, so bring on the cold!
GOM eyed them with somewhat jaundiced eye. Said "Humph, they will make an interesting snack for Leo."
I will be watching them carefully, because they do look just like something Leo would LOVE.
I had this post all done this morning. I was being urged to get a move on, as we had to go out. I lost the whole thing! I was so pissed off! To think I had lost the nights post then the 'real' one.
We have a lot on our mental plates at present, & it is telling on both of us.
I hope you enjoy the hotchpotch.


daysgoby said...

Your post is like picking around in your work-room (and getting to hear stories about everything, which is a lot of the fun!) but what is pokerwork?
I love that you have your Mom's things.

meggie said...

DGB, Poker work was usually done on wood, with a hot little 'poker' which I think was electric. they made little singe, burn marks for the outline, & then usually coloured the picture in, but I am not sure what they used for colour. I am sure someone will enlighten us!
I am just sad my Mother has gone now, & I cant ask her all the questions I SHOULD have!! I imagine the hot poker was used on the leather the same way as it was on the wood. It would be fascinating to see it now.

Ribbonwiz said...

seeing these things from the past is lovely and to think I actually have some still.
I have the stocking repair threads on a card with six colours on it., called 'Hose mending kit' 36 yards, made in England, they were my Mum's
Love reading your stories of life's treats..

h&b said...

I didn't sleep well last night either.

As for hooks & eyes - I love them -so much more secure on skirts and pants, and as popular as ever ( as far as I can tell ).

I did both leatherwork and woodwork at school, and in after-school crafts .. but I still can't remember much of it. I did like the poker instument though, I remember that. And hot enamel work ...

velcro said...

when you said it was an sos for ladders i thought for a second you meant the tall things you climb up and wasn't sure if the sos was for the climbee or for the ladder itself and how the ladder would use it.!

Lazy cow said...

I'm wearing the daggiest, ugliest short ugg boots tonight, so your funky little slippers are looking pretty good to me!
The bag is lovely.

Stomper Girl said...

I think Surfing Free was looking for a knitting pattern for a tea-cosy!

I'm like H&B - I like hook-and-eye fittings. Velcro is scratchy.

Angie said...

You have wonderful treasures, Meggie! And I adore that bag!!!! Oh my, those slippers would be right at home here, and well-worn in our cold winters. :D (You know you can't trust GOMen to know haute couture! LOL

Aunty Evil said...

Those slippers look luxuriously comfy, can I have them? I wear my slippers to death each season, cannot bear my toes to be cold.

I love your bits and pieces, and Stomper is right, Surfing Free is looking for a tea cosy pattern.

teodo said...

All these old memories are a treasure.

Your bag is very nice. ciao ciao

Finn said...

hi Meggie, what a lovely post. We are all at the mercy of what blogger decides to do...LOL, might as well relax and go with the flow. All that resistance gives one a headache.
I love the stocking mending case, it's so lovely with it personalize for you dear Mom. I rememeber when the women wore silk or rayon(or cotton for everyday)hoisery. It was before nylons became available, and even afterwards. Nylons(or silk for that matter) were pricey, and definitely NOT for the average gal.
The other sewing treasures are just that...treasures..*VBS* Thanks for sharing. Hugs, FInn

The Calico Cat said...

Neat, I love old sewing ephemera...