Sunday, March 4

Quilty matters

This pic is of the quilt blocks I have done so far. I took this pic on our bed, so it is not really a good shot, but short of standing on the bed, it was a bit hard to get a good one.
Damn, I forgot to alter the size of the pic for this post, so it is rather small. I prefer the layout I used on the floor, it is better than the bed one, but nothing is set in concrete! haha.

Here they are just placed on the floor, which is my 'design wall'. LOL. Leo thinks they are for his personal romping pleasure & even Honey has had a prowl over them. I am having fun doing these, & think I will do at least 3 more.
I still havent decided about sashing either, so I will wait to see how it all looks once I get more blocks done.
It is so hot & humid today, & I have been busy getting a fridge organized for my daughter. A real bargain from a garage sale in our street, & we got ourselves a clothes dryer, so poor GOM has been struggling to get that fitted onto our wall.
DJ is really happy with her new larger fridge, & it is also a frost free, so she is really pleased with it. I walked up the hill home from the garage sale, & by the time I got halfway, I thought I would faint. I had no breath at all, & had to use my inhaler to get home. I had gone back to let them know our DJ wanted the fridge, & GOM drove home.
It has been so hot I am secretly amazed I have got any sewing done, but I guess if you are keen enough, anything is possible!


joyce said...

I am impressed with your blocks. Maybe you will find a shashing before I do. Mine are on the back burner due to the chickens.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Beautiful, colorful blocks. Great job. Take it easy, dear Meggie...

nutmeg said...

Sorry, I've been a bit AWOL Meggie! Life is catching up with me at the moment!

I'm soooo glad the summer is over but this humidity is just hanging around like a bad smell - literally! Glad to see you've been able to get some of your wonderful quilting done despite it :-)

nutmeg said...
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Diana said...

I love those colorful blocks! Color is what we need around here when it seems like winter is holding on for all it's worth.

Your SG sounds like a treat. He sounds so uninhibited and playful.