Sunday, March 4

Free Treats.

Look at my little mate Leo. He comes to the door to check out the computer or the sewing. His front leg looks broken, but it is just the angle, & the amount of wool, which needs clipping.

I guess his personality is one of our free treats. He is such a lively little boy, & seems so full of the joy of his life, even though he usually looks mournful in his photos.


I was pondering on some of my life's Free Treats this morning, as I showered, & realised that showers are one of my favourite treats. I love the feel of the water flowing over my skin, & in the winter I love the feeling of the hot water easing aches & pains.

We never had showers in the houses we lived in, when I was growing up, & I have always loved them ever since I first discovered them. Of course the sad things is, we have to curtail our time spent in the shower these days because of the water restrictions.

I am not one for camping- too fond of my mod cons, & would be lost without a good shower & a comfy bed at night. My DJ tells me a lot of the camping grounds now have very nice showers, & they are not the primitive concrete & cold water affairs from our disastrous camping trip when she was young.


Another of my Free Treats has to be SG. He is such an unexpected little boy, & has such quirky little ways. Last Thursday at the Mall, we were sitting on some nice cushy seats provided for the weary to rest a while, waiting for his mother & GOM, & he was bouncing around on the seat. He discovered the backs & the seats were removable, so decided he could take them out, to make a cubby!

Another woman was seated across from us, & seemed to be also waiting I had to restrain him from that, telling him he needed to leave them in place, in case someone else wanted to sit down too.

So then he leaned over & said to me, very confidentially, & with a big grin, "Did you see my fart?"

Startled & a bit horrified I replied "No. And dont say things like that!"

So he leaned over again, & said, with his cheeky grin still in place, "Well, did you smell my fart?"

Stifling an urge to laugh, I told him, in a curt voice, "NO!"

He retreated to the other end of the seat, & was quiet for a bit.

It seems he & his little mates are going through the fascination with such things at PreSchool, & he is forever saying loudly, "Have you got a big butt?" or "I can see your big butt!" With many references to f**ts or f**ting. Perhaps it is a boy thing.

I dont remember our Granddaughter saying similar things, but she had her moments- once at the Doctors she leaned over & said "Dr M is bald! Baldy Baldy!" I was absolutely stricken, & our lovely Dr M did not seem a bit amused. I wished I could sink through the floor, & wondered why it had to be me who was with her when she said such a thing. Not a treat that time!

Nor the time she sat enraged in her car seat, with my mother, & my sister & shrieked at us, "Stop laughing you... you... Scungy Bagheads!"

There was a stunned silence & then we burst out laughing. We have no idea where she got that from, had never heard it before, & never since, but we use if from time to time! A free treat in the form of a family-shared laugh.

Well, it is Autumn, supposedly. That is a season that is one of my life's free treats. I love it. But when it gets crisp & cool. Not yet, because it is still hot & thunderstormy, & there is more heat to come for a while yet.

Hope you have had some treats during your weekend.

Now to sew, which is one more of my treats!


Blue Moon Girl said...

Your list of free treats is absolutely fantastic! I love it! It's easy to get caught up in life and forget the good things sometimes.

I think that your SG is a fairly typical preschool boy. When I taught preschool, all the boys went through a stage where bodily functions were all they could talk about! It passes. Eventually... :)

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Leo is so cute! Does Leo come over by his self?

My boys who are almost 21 and 16 ask me about thier farts all the time. When do boys grow up?

Love your list of life's free treats!

Molly said...

In my experience it takes a LONG time for males of the species to outgrow their fascination with bodily functions....

caramaena said...

My 4.5 year old thinks farts are the funniest thing in the world - unfortunately...

It's definitely a boy thing.

Tracey Petersen said...

You learn that there is nothing as funny as a fart when you have sons. I grew up one of three sisters and was blissfully unaware of just how hilarious they were until my son entered my life. I DID NOT teach him any of this. It must be chromosonal.

Stomper Girl said...

Scungy Bagheads is a fantastic insult. I'm stealing it.

Ribbonwiz said...

This is so cute,
Boys will be boys, no matter how old the are.
F@#$%, see I can't bring myself to say it, It would not be as funny if I said it, but with little ones, it's ok.