Saturday, September 30

A Secret, Whispered, Rant.

When GOM & I got married, 40 years ago, it was said it 'wouldnt last'. I was a girl 'from out of Town', not from the 'City', a 'country girl' from 'another Island'. There were 'cultural differences'. Our families were sooo different. He was used to going to Hotels, I had only lately discovered such 'delights'. He was 'older'- though not THAT much,- what is 7 years? He had been 'married before', he was 'divorced', he had a 6 year old daughter.... The list seemingly went on & on. Yes, they said it would never last, we were chalk & cheese, sport & non-sport, music & tone deaf. Even our accents were different!

But... Fools rush in, where Angels fear to tread.
We didnt want a 'wedding' in the usual sense, we just wanted to get quietly married,& that was frowned upon. We just had a 'civil ceremony'- read Registry Office! It suited us, & I have never, ever, regretted not having a 'REAL WEDDING.'

GOM's mother came up to 'my Island'. Startling my mother, who had never met a person quite like her. Startling me- I had never met anyone like her either. I had met her in 'his Island'- & didnt really feel any 'connection'.

We were married in 'my Island' -he was unhappy, so we moved to 'his Island'', as wives tend to be much more adapable- as all we 'girls' know!
My mother said, 'It won't last. Dont have any children. I wont want to see them. They will only look like him.'
My cousin, who overheard my mother, cried for me. But I knew my mother spoke from hurt. She didnt want me moving to the other Island, to be so far away. She didnt want to 'lose' me again.
But we went.

We had our children, we made our lives together, & eventually we worked together.
I think it took me 8 years to really feel I 'belonged' in the other Island. I used to think, when times got bad, as they are bound to do, from time to time, 'It doesnt matter, I can always go 'home'. Now, I think I miss that 'other Island more than I miss 'my Island'. We had wonderful times & made wonderful friends, & worked hard.

In the intervening years, my mother had fallen in love with our children, been to stay with us- often. She had love flying over the Alps, had loved the Southern city, where we lived, & had grown to like & respect the GOM. Who of course was Happy Young Publican Husband, in those days.

We also had very dark times. His eldest daughter, who lived with her mother, was killed in an accident, aged 16. It was the first time I met her mother. She had remarried, but had no other children. To be so devastated was unbearable for could she stand it.

24 years ago, we moved over to live in Australia, another Island home, with our children. They had a hard time settling into school, felt very 'different'. But made friends met partners, & throughout the years my mother came to stay, & I went to stay with her on an average of once a year. We had trips back to 'his Island' his parents came over here to stay with us. My father died, I went back for his funeral- 'my' Island. His father died, we went back for the funeral-'his' Island. My mother died- 'my' Island. His mother, 'his' Island.

Our fortunes have had many highs & lows- we have weathered the storms, as well as the brights. We bought businesses here, some successful, some not. I had some very interesting jobs, & finally GOM became a publican again. More Hotel life, (shudder).

Then we moved, I retired. That was fine. We were happy.

BUT- he retired last year.

They said it wouldnt last. They might be right!

Friday, September 29

Happy Snaps

Small Grandson Loves camping!
They saw these boxing kangaroos fighting below their cabin!
Come on in! The water was lovely!
This 'bum' shot taken at the beach!

These 2 pics are of BF J's 2 Gorgeous Granddaughters!
GG no.2.(Alias Captain Underpants) A girl of equality, no sissy name for her!!
GG no.1.
Lovely Sunny Days- both sides of the Tasman!

Thursday, September 28

Warning! This is a Rant.

I have to get a haircut today. I HATE getting haircuts, & this is why I usually resemble one of those shaggy sheep you see in old pictures of Scottish countryside. I cant stand hair hanging in my eyes, nor do I like 'wispy bits' hanging OUT sides of my neck. My hair just doesnt grow in an orderly fashion, but most hairdressers dont seem to care how the hair grows. They smile their vacuous smiles, as they admire their many-hued, current haystack or helmet in the mirror & ask how you would like your hair cut? As soon as you start to speak, their eyes glaze over, & the little flaps on the front of their ears close- tight!As you stop speaking they rouse a little from their selfabsorbed trance, & grab the spray bottle, & procede to drown your very head. As you sit dripping they begin the 'CUT'. Ye gods, you can see immediately this is not going well. As you feebly try to remind them, you didnt want it TOO short, off it comes. In huge lunging swipes your hair flies off, to land upon the floor. Then out come the 'thinning' shears! If you say you dont really want 'thin hair', they glare at you in disbelief, & use them anyway. You know this is another utter disaster, you cringe as they flash the mirror on the munted ruins of the back of your head, trying to console yourself YOU wont have to look at it. As they brush hair- seemingly miles of it- off your frozen face, & bald ears, & naked neck, you curse yourself for lack of courage to roar at them, or have a full blown Tourettes attack! You imagine them lying in the hair on the floor as you stand over them & hack off their very tortured hair. But me, I subside, defeated, mutter something about it being 'very short, at least I wont need to come back haha, for a very long time.' Translate NEVER. This is a cowardly protest, I realise that, & the rational side of me says I deserve a bad cut if I wont protest, but, lets face it, once the damn hair is off your head, you cant do a bloody thing about it. You can hardly glue it all back! Basically all you can do is suffer the family's hysterical mirth as you hide indoors for the next week.

I once stormed back to protest a particularly bad haircut, which had cost a small ransom. All my friends agreed it was the most disgusting haircut they had ever seen. The back looked as if some FAT RAT had gnawed it - & in fact that is exactly what had happened. He was very fat, & he had been demonstrating to a small, nervous, scared apprentice. When I raged back in he called me 'old' ???? What??? WTF??? there is no crime in being 'older' - besides I wasnt that old then! So, I totally lost it, & had a full scale Tourettes. 'Dont you swear at me' said he, 'It is obscene'. So- & I am not ashamed of this- I called him a "BIG, FAT, OBSCENE, HEAP!!!". The poor little apprentice almost fainted, because she started to laugh. I was given a refund by his shellshocked wife, & swept out feeling I still lost out.

I have not always suffered at the hands of hairdressers. The best one I ever had was an Irishman, who always begged me to have an affair with him, -when his wife was out of earshot, of course. I routinely refused, but always returned, - after all he was good for my ego, as well as working magic for my hair!I lived a public life, & needed to have decent looking hair.
Where ever you are now Simon, Thankyou!

Wednesday, September 27

Odds- & an Orange Spider

This is the view from my kitchen window. Neighbour azaleas, with a rotten privet growing in the midst! It is self sown, & neighbours are beyond gardening now. I enjoy the Azaleas... what else can I do.
I have managed to get this Port Wine Magnolia to grow! It smells divine.

This is our Lemon tree. It is loaded with the most gorgeous smelling flowers. I hope we get more lemons this time- last time Small Grandson picked them as 'presents' for Nanna!

This bright orange spider was happily spinning a web in the agave!

These bright humble nasturtiums are almost the only flowers our garden has. They grow wild amongst the weeds. Meggie to GOM,"I would rather look at green of weeds, than bare earth!" GOM snorts in disbelief!

I am not a very good photographer, but digital cameras help, & of course the various things to tidy them up, using the computer!

Daughter & family safely home from camping/cabin holiday. Small grandson flung himself onto his bed, & declared, "I dont want to be here, this is not our house, we dont live here REALLY" He had loved the trip, & Granddog had also. Swam in the dam, rolled in roo poo, & other poo, & really enjoyed himself. Glad I didnt have to greet him then!

Tuesday, September 26

On the Five things meme

Who are these Clowns??

This lovely Dahlia photo was sent to me by best friend J. My brown thumb doesnt allow pretty flowers like this. Thankyou J, I love it.

I give in. I will attempt the Five things meme

Five things I wish I had in my freezer.
1.More space

2.My homemade Pumpkin Soup

3.Bread rolls.

4.My Aunt's favourite fruit cake.

5.Precooked meals for a week.

Five things that shouldnt be in my wardrobe.

1.Clothes that used to fit.

2.Dog chewed shoes- keeping them wont repair them!

3.My undressed Repro Antique Jumeau doll.

4.Hideous old Trackies- even I wont wear them again.

5.A box of photographs waiting to be sorted.

Five things I hate about my car.

1.That it is not actually MY car.

2.It was meant to be white, not crystal green/blue

3.I dont really like driving any more.

4.The sand in the carpet, that wont come out.

5.I have lied. I dont really hate the car at all. It is very reliable, & comfortable.

Five things that shouldnt be in my handbag.

1.A dog chewed doll shoe.

2.A letter of referral for a Specialist.

3.Useless pens.

4.Reciepts - they are NEVER the ones you NEED!

5.Something now so old, it is not recognisable as anything!

Five things that I wish were not in my bathroom.

1.Out-of-date bathsalts... what the hell are they still in there for??

2.Denture tablets.

3.A now defunct hairdryer- why havent I thrown it out!

4.Almost Adult Granddaughter's various hair accessories- mostly broken.

5.The raided-out First Aid kit, now almost empty of every item, thanks to my lovely family. "That's what Nanna's are for."

Monday, September 25

Treats?? Pah!

Life has seen fit to freely deal me treats -in the form of body blows.

While this may be good for the soul, in the long term....

it is presently causing explosive outbursts of a Tourettes like nature.

Please feel free to fill in the blanks with your personal favourites

...... .... .... ..... ... etc etc.

Sunday, September 24

Another List!

Have been going through a lot of 'old stuff', found photos from childhood, floods of memories.

To carry on with my list:

26.I am too senitmental.

27.Could it be that I am a 'hoarder'? (Can hear GOM laughing under the heaps of 'stuff'!!

28.I am left handed- & proud of it!

29.I severely dislike sport- participation, viewing or hearing!

30.I bought myself a Teddy bear, at 18, when I went nursing- to replace my childhood one, that some dog ate! I still have the bear.

31.I am one of 9 -but only have one full brother.

32.I love babies & small children.

33.I wish my sons had children, & better luck with life partners.

34.I love fresh herbs to use in salads.

35.I love fish!

36.As a child I loved Cod Liver oil- my mother couldnt believe it!

37.I have mourned growing up without my father in my life- most of my life. I knew him, but he was a stranger.

38.I used to be a smoker- gave up 18 years ago- best thing I ever did!

39.Swimming was my favourite form of exercise.

40.I regret not finishing my nursing training.

41.I am a nervous driver- & worse passenger.

42.I have a quick temper, but it has slowed with age.

43.I am too impatient, though that has improved with age too!

44.I am usually a non-joiner.

45.I dont eat any red meat.

46.I have always loved vegetables.-freak child!

47.I was very close to my maternal grandmother.

48.My mother's brother married my father's sister. I have been so lucky to be close to both families, as a result.

49.I always loved dolls- I still do!

50.I love flying. Both in my dreams & in airplanes.

Well I made it to 50. I guess I will think of other things I will wish I had included. But that is it for now.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! It is to be 33C here today- gulp!

Saturday, September 23

Not generally a list maker, but...

I have been reading some very interesting blogs lately, & been intrigued by the personal lists.
Decided I might give it a try. Sometimes it can be very surprising to do one of these, as you find often, your ideas have changed from when you were younger!
Memo to me: Dont take this too seriously!
These are not necessarily listed in the order of importance, but more in the order of my Saturday- disordered mindset!

1. I am inclined to be a hostesses worst nightmare- I almost always arrive too early!

2. I like really gory, bloody, murder mysteries- so unlike the REAL me. I hesitate to kill an insect.

3. I love dogs- luckily they seem to reciprocate.

4. I like, but am slightly frightened by, horses.

5. I LOVE my family- some say too much!

6. The older I get, the less I care about 'what people will think'.

7. I need really comfortable shoes- my knees are clapped out- & my feet ache!

8. I do regret item no 7. I used to love shoes!!

9. I love music of almost all types- I said MUSIC, not rap crap!

10.I love reading, & not only the murder mysteries, I love true stories & Biographies.

11.I dont like that my GOM, since retiring, has turned into a 'neat freak'!

12.I hate housework! Such a waste of energy. An astrologer once made me crack up laughing as he solemnly declared, "It seems you dont like housework, you think somone else should do that" How true.

13.I like to spend time alone.

14.I have too many hobbies!

15.I cant STAND rude or inconsiderate people of any age.

16.I still miss my beloved Mum, 9 years since her death.

17.I am still sorry for being such a bitch-minded teenager to said lovely mother.

18.I am still in contact with, & friends with, girls I started school with.

19.I still have a Best Friend, who knows me warts & all- & still seems to like me- of 45 years endurance. Hi J.

20.I love off-the -wall humour.

21.I still love the GOM after 40 years of marriage. Sometimes it is through gritted teeth!

22.I feel that my 30th decade was my best- had the most laughs, fun, worked hard, & loved my kids to bits, was ok looking, nice & slim, all the things you can look back on with pleasure, were ours.

23. I enjoy a glass or 3 of wine!

24. I love to cook, when I am in the mood.

25.I love Chinese food!

I may think of another 25, as time goes by.

Friday, September 22

Almost forgot..

Just going through some old 'stuff'. Happened upon this 1953 knitting pattern insert, that my mother had saved, from a magazine. It says the socks are knitted on 2 needles, which is unusual. I dont know that my mother ever knitted anything from the patterns, -perhaps the matinee jacket for a baby.
I just wondered if any one would like it, as I am sure I will never use it.

A post script to my previous post;
No way could I have concieved another child after the near rape from the caravan!

It was a tractor tyre inner tube, not the actual tyre, in case you wondered!

Certain Cure for Camping & Caravanning

Drat! I just lost a whole page!
No, that is not the Cure.
One summer school holidays I managed to convince GOM- who was then Happy Young Publican Husband- into hiring a caravan off a friend of a friend for 2 weeks. Plan was to go to a gorgeous river camping site, in a Gorge. We had spent several happy picnic days there, & it was ideal for the children to swim, & generally have fun.
I should have known the OMENS were not good when we found, on delivery, the fitting on the 'van did not fit the tow-bar ball on our car, so there was a frantic search of nearby businesses to finally find one to fit. Then of course the drama of actually fitting it! We had been given conflicting advice on how to pack the caravan, & chose the weight at the back option. Things were somewhat fraught, & departure time delayed- not being helped by the celebration of a staff member's imminent marriage, the previous evening.
Summer could bring powerful high winds, & if they came from the Nor West they wer hot, from roaring over the plains. Yes, you guessed it, there was a rip roaring Nor Wester blowing- resulting fishtail spin was quite terrifying,-very early in our trip!- so we stopped to completely repack our van, & ventured onto the road again. The howling Nor Wester made the travel over an extremely wide bridge a terrifying affair, to nervous me! At last we safely arrived at the campsite, & the wind had obligeingly dropped.
Then came the part where we had to set up. Oh what fun! As I was straddling the towbar of the van, -as instructed by HYPH, -he accidentally let the weight go, so the result was the 'almost-rape, &/or breakage' of my pubic bone. Bloodcurdling scream brought a neighbouring caravan's occupants out to see who had been murdered. After finally managing to stand & then actually speak, we asked for some help in the setup of the awning. Fellow assured us we had done it all correctly. When it poured with rain that night, we realised it was inside out! so of course the rain poured into our 'doorway'.
Next morning, -me limping severely- we reerected the awning, right side out. As the ablution block was some distance from our van, we had got a bucket for the children to use for emergency piddles in the night. Imagine our horror when daughter got diarrhoea, & could be seen silhouetted crouching over the bucket, when she put the outside light on. As if that was not enough, she then got a severe allergic reaction to the sandfly bites, & swelled up like a balloon. Mind you, the sandflies by that river were the size of helicopters, & raised welts on everyone.
With the rains came unseasonably cold weather, so bushwalking was deemed out, & as a friend had lent us a small TV, we holed up, with a heater on. HYPH plugged the TV into the wrong port- or something, & the fuse box blew! Sheepish HYPH sneaked out of the awning, only to meet neighbour caravanner who claimed he had done it- using too many heaters. So HYPH never said a word about buggered TV.
The weather warmed a little, so everyone ventured out next day to the river. Son had been given a tractor inner tube to use as a 'raft'. He had made friends with other boys, & they all clambered onto huge tractor Tyre-however, river was a lot faster flowing than usual, so off they swept! Screaming hysterical father of other boy makes us all aware of what is happening, so GOM -who cant really swim, is the only one with the brains to rush out to rescue them! Tractor tyre is deflated, & forbidden for the remaining stay.
But wait, our fun adventure is not over yet! During the night a fierce mini Tornado comes sweeping down the Gorge, & upends whole tents, rips our awning to shreds, & twists all the struts, so we are unable to get out! After wrestling with it for what seemed like hours, we finally emerge to find the caravan next to us untouched! But others were less lucky, whole tents had been shredded around the poor occupants, & another caravan had been 'matchsticked'- empty luckily.
We had made friends with other campers, as you do, & tried to hold it together to enjoy the time remaining. It was a lousy summer, & we did leave early, in the end, vowing NEVER to go camping again.
We kept in touch with a couple we had met there, & she amazed us when she told us she had concieved another child there! They also regarded it as the holiday from hell- not because of the baby though!. Strangely enough our daughter is still mad on camping, & must admit she usually ejoys the experience.
Wont find us off Vanning about the place spending the kids inheritance!

Thursday, September 21

Gorgeous Granddog!

This is Oscar our gorgeous granddog. He is actually Leo's full brother, & reflects their black poodle mother!
He has been in the wars, re a hip & is facing the possibility of further surgery. He is soooo loved, & is a 'sanity anchor' in daughter's hectic life.

Off to the Vet's

Yesterday was a very hot day- 30 degrees! eek, hope it is not an early taste of a 'Summer from Hell'! I find Spring to be the most fickle of seasons, am sure it will revert to winterlike conditions next week!
GOM & I took Leo (the teenage hoodlum) to the vet yesterday. He had been having lame attacks- alternate front legs, so I thought perhaps he needed to see the chiropractor Vet at our local Vet's. If he had been a child, I would have thought he was doing it for attention, & forgetting which leg was supposed to be 'sore'- but the Vet agreed with me, though he is a smarty, dogs dont have that much thought process cunning! It turned out we had made a correct diagnosis, & after an adjustment, he seems fine, -is to return for another in a week. He is such an energetic, lively, happy, strong, little dog, it was awful to see him miserable, but Vet suggested he has probably run headlong into something.. which I have seen him do, several times, in his total joy of living.

Small Grandson discovered that tissues have 2 plys, & as he pulled them apart, said, "Look at that Nanna! That is very tricky!" His excitement level for the camping trip is almost unbearable. I can remember that feeling!
Sadly, he may learn that sometimes the anticipation is the best part of some things.

I have just attempted to upload a photo, but no luck again today.
I managed to get the xray of the knee- was informed they dont print out the films now, they just send your GP a 'report'. Bit if a pity, have always liked to check these things out for myself!

Wednesday, September 20

Evening Blues

View from our balcony last evening.
I need to reset the date on my camera- it is still in 2005!

Tuesday, September 19


Did these photos upload or not??
It seems this time they have uploaded!~ Yay!
Just thought I would try to post something I have actually MADE. Honey's quilt is getting rather worn after 6 years.

This Day is Gorgeous!

Have Small Grandson for a few hours again today. He has his best appetite on again! He asked me for a glass of milk, & after drinking it all down, said "Thank you Nanna! My tummy is smiling!" Which really made me smile, too. He has another cold- seems to have had endless coughs & colds since starting pre-school, (& I am told this is par for the course, once they start school.) When I blew his nose, he told me "It is snot & it turns my brain off Nan" Gently suggesting it is mucous, didnt have much effect, & well, .. I guess it IS snot!
After his lunch he told me it has all gone to his 'love heart & my kidneys'. I dont know where he gets his anatomy ideas from. He is very interested in Xrays at present, & also the skeletons in general, so we have quite a few discussions about those matters. His word of the moment is 'absolutely' & he always uses it in the right context. He is going to be 4 next month & is looking forward to having his birthday, & wanted to know when all the dogs birthdays were too, as he felt they should have parties!

I have not been for the Xray yet, still short staffed, & thought it best to wait until we dont have to take small Granson with us. He is inclined to be impatient to get home... he is a REAL male!

This is a forerunner of summer, & quite frankly is about has hot as I like it to be!
About 30 deg Celsius today. I am not looking forward to summer- it is always very humid here, because we are so close to the coast. Not condusive to sewing of any type. I have promised to machine quilt a lovely quilt for a friend of my daughter. Have not started it yet, so must get a wriggle on, or it will be time for me to be winging off.

Monday, September 18

Showing my Ignorance.

OK, It is cards on the table time. Didnt want to let my lack of knowledge hang out! Being new to this game, -& not having a mobile phone, or knowledge of texting- exactly what does lol, or LOL mean? I get WTF, & BTW, but confess to remaining puzzled by the lol. Have seen it used as Little Old Lady- which I am not exactly! haha. Also used for 'laughed out loud', & so I ask someone to enlighten me, please!please!

It is a gorgeous day here, with just a light breeze, & there seems to be plenty of perfume out the air. Ok for some, but a bit 'sneezy' for the hayfever sufferers.

Since I have a 'dicky knee' I need an xray of same. Thought it would be such a small task. Haha, no such luck, staff shortages would have meant a 2 hour + wait! Decided to come home & rest the wretched thing instead, & fell asleep reading. I love bloody murder mysteries, & shocked my children once, when I did a short story writing course. I wrote a story in which one of the main characters got murdered, & as they were quite young, their eyes widened with surprise when they read the story, & I suspect they looked at LOM- Little old Mum- with new regard.

Currently listening to Slava Grigoryan- I LOVE his guitar playing!

Sunday, September 17

Sunny Sunday

Have been having a fun time with AlmostAdult Gdaughter. She came to stay for a night, as she does now & then, & I showed her my blog site, & she was very intrigued, has set up her own! How good was it to share something with her, & also give her a few pointers- from my limited knowledge.
She has promised to show me how to upload pics- she did it first try on her blog!
She has gone off to church- is very unsure of whether she really wants to be there. I can offer her no advice really, having tried several varieties, & found them all massivley wanting. But each to their own.

It is a goreous sunny day here, & so nice to sit out doors, reading, & listening to some nice music.
Visited smalll grandson yesterday, but he was in a grumpy mood,- told us I AM VERY GRUMPY! & treated us to a few versions of grumpy faces. They are now planning a camping weekend away, & he is so excited, he cant keep still!

Saturday, September 16

A Small Tribute to Rose

Delighted to find a lovely pot plant today, at a garage sale. Hopefully it will live, & even flourish!
For some reason, I was reminded of Rose who came into my life-of-the-time in the Country Hotel. Rose was a little whitehaired woman who had a bedriddden husband, a live-in-lover, a boyfriend who was her dancing partner, & a fabulous generous wonderful spirit. She had an extraordinary capacity for gin, but it never seemed to stop her from being a tireless worker, with almost limitless good cheer. Rose was introduced to me as a 'useful extra hand about the hotel, if you need one.' I think if I hadnt had Rose to help me out, I would have gone insane or just simply left! Rose was a small neat woman, in her 60's, & she always wore makeup, & high heels, & lovely clothes, no matter if she was waiting tables for me, washing dishes or helping me scrub the godforsaken grease pit that my kitchen used to be every Sunday morning. I think I wept every Sunday we had the place! We had a nice old fashioned style of dining room, & every Saturday evening a 'cook' -who was a 'real' Chef, moonlighting from a large city Hotel- would come & do bistro style meals. The horror of the kicthen on Sundays was a nightmare. The Chef was very popular with the locals, so we kept him employed. He liked to do special treat dishes for the locals in the duck season, & would cook their bags quite happily for afterhours eating. Rose would offer to come & help me, offer a warm hug & a sympathetic ear, & always helped me cope with things. If we had guests & I had to be away, she would come & feed them -never failing to provide wonderful meals. As it was a country village, I also cooked for our staff, as well as any guests we had, & it was wonderful to have Rose to rely on. She still managed to remain on deck no matter how many gins she may have consumed!
Rose 'did' my flowers for me in the Dining room, & if the florists didnt have anything suitable, she would bring sheaves of flowers from her wonderful garden, & use those. Her husband died, & she got rid of the live-in, but she kept the dance partner, who was a very nice man. Rose was a true blessing in my life, & possibly a lifesaver. Rose never missed a chance to flirt with a man, & perhaps that is what kept her 'forever young'! Where ever you are now, Rose, I hope you are happy!

Friday, September 15


I have just tried to upload some photos- goodness knows where in the blogoshpere they have gone! I did manag to upload some previously, so what the expletive expletive have I done wrong!???
Must be getting LESS clued - I thought I was making good progress too.
Bugger Indeed!!


This highly descriptive word is one of Almost-Adult Granddaughter's favourites. You can learn some interesting language from the young- apart from the general swearing which has almost brought the eff word into common usage.
And how funny it can be, & how relieving to use! And how appropriate at times.

Small grandson does very well in the non-swearing stakes, in spite of his parents dropping the odd 'highly colourful' word or so... & his grandfather trying to teach him to say 'Bugger'. Small grandson has a passion for Vaccuum cleaners & his pronunciation for them is quite clearly "Fuckem cleaner" -- how very appropriate the name is! It does give rise to some startled looks in shops, on occasion, & some delighted sparks of recongnition from folk who hate them as much as me!

Best friend & I have been planning some sort of a Rage Facility- the name for same is not chosen as yet. It would contain room/s for the complete loss of control, padded walls & possible effigies of people who could be punched/kicked/beaten into oblivion. We feel it would be well patronised, & ordinary decent folk could use it to shed their rising levels of rage, instead of inflicting their bouts of it onto unsuspecting Other People. Or even inflicting it upon unsuspecting loved ones!
Will keep you posted on our plans for this, should anyone be interested.

Teenage Hoodlum dog has been sneaking son's forgotten sunglasses, -luckily I rescued them before total destruction took place.

Thursday, September 14

I have a Brown Thumb!

A lovely looking day here today, & should be a good chance to get out into the sad looking garden. I know the GOM would love to rip out everything in the small backyard garden, & start again. It would probably be a good idea, now we have got rid of neighbour Privet- grrrrrrrr!- which has caused us probelms with drainage. GOM spent a gleeful few days hacking branches off it, after nice neighbour had poisoned it, & he had to leave it when the rains came, but is planning an assault on the trunk now. Neighbour is quite happy to have it removed, & had no idea it had caused problems, until we approached him. We are very lucky with our neighbours, all are lovely folk.

Back to my Brown Thumb... I just dont seem to have luck with my plantings, living here. I cant even grow things in pots- which is a pity because in one of our lives as Hoteliers, I had indoor plants that were spectacular, & the envy of all who saw them. Different climate? Who knows. Even when we lived in Sydney I had many lovely plants in pots... life's treats they were! Now I seem to be able to produce lots of brown curly things!? I do have a very healthy beautiful Daphne which seems to thrive in spite of me- alas I planted it on a side of the house, where I cant really get the joy of it. I would not dare to transplant it- it would surely die.
Perhaps my energy has all been diverted into the patchwork & quilting I now so love to do.

A blessing I DO have is rellies which I not only love, but really like! I will soon be winging my way to NZ for Beloved Brother's 60th birthday, & am really looking forward to seeing all my lovely family. It is 8 years since my mother died, & I have not been back to my North Island 'home' since then. We have twice been back to GOM's South Island 'home' in the years between.

BB & I had a wonderful holiday, about 9 years ago, driving about NSW checking out our grandfather's birthplace at Eden, on NSW Sth coast. Beatiful country side, & a visit to Canberra completed a lovely trip. We loved the place, it was March, & still very warm, & so pretty with the trees just starting to turn golden.

Wednesday, September 13

I Need to Have a See!

At last I think the rain has gone, so perhaps the sodden washing on the line will get dry today! Wearing last available undergarments that are ready for the discard bin, is not much fun- of course they are not on public view, so who would know.

Small grandson says 'I need to have a see' for everything, from recipes to instructions on how to tune in the new replacement DVD player. He then pretends to read them all, tells me, 'You could make this Nanna! You've got the 'gredients!' His mother is a very good cook, (& his father is not bad either, when the mood takes him) & he is always taking great interest in the current cooking project/meal/food gift. Spent a good deal of time yesterday making 'Cubby houses' out of quilts, all over the lounge, the GOM & chairs, stairrails etc, which is one of his favourite play activities. Today he is at pre School, which he really enjoys.

Hopefully this new DVD unit will last longer than the previous 2. At least this brand, LG, had the decency to give us a replacement. We will NEVER buy any TEAC product ever again!! Rotters, kept insisting we get the bloody defective LEMON of theirs repaired-- 5 times!!!, & it never worked properly anyway. To say nothing of the rude! rude! blue haired, bitchfaced, hag at the repair shop!! Grrrrr. She needed the platoon of Joke's rutting buffaloes to readjust her attitude! Wow, glad I got that rant off my chest!

On to lighter matters.
In a previous incarnation GOM & I were the 'lucky' owners of a Country Hotel. There was an Agricultural College close to the village, & monied farmers with as-yet, useless, teenage sons, - & daughters, -used to send their immature offspring to the college to acquire some sense, or grow up a little. They seemed to give said offspring tons of money to keep away from home & the farm, so there was limitless cash to spend on alcohol & various other 'substances'- though we never saw so much of 'substances' in those days.
The previous owner of the hotel had let the students run riot, terrorising the locals, & causing unbelievable vandalism in the hotel & around the village. GOM vowed to stop that behaviour, so there were a few closures of the bars in our time. We were very fortunate to have a wonderful 'barmaid'- I know that title is politically incorrect now, but she was happy to be called such, & she ruled the bar with an iron fist- literally! She was blessed with arms like HAMS, & it was a rare & foolish student who had the temerity to take her on in an argument.
All in all, things did run smoothly, apart from the new intake each year, until students 'learnt the ropes'. There were of course still pranks & mischief, & our cleaner got a shock one morning, when she went to clean the 'gents'- the whole toilet bowl was ripped from the floor & gone! It was never found, & the local policeman was stunned at the news, initially thought it was just the cistern, or the seat that had gone missing.
It was a very hard life, & very hard work, but we did make a lot of good friends, who remain friends to this day. After hours trading was a 'given' in those days, & the local cop was happy to turn a blind eye as long as things were quiet & orderly. The students were not invited to afterhours- it was strictly for the locals.
Do I miss it??? Not on your life!

Tuesday, September 12

It is still wet.

The trip is booked! GOM went into overdrive & sorted the whole thing over the phone. Most unlike him.. it is usually me who does the organizey type things. Perhaps he is eager to get rid of me??

Piles of sewing projects goading me .. ideal weather for it, but the lack of inclination is a bit of a worry.
I have been wishing I had some knitting projects, but this year, I just didnt start any! Some years are knitting years... some are not. Cannot ever knit in summer here, it is far too hot for my hands!

Entertaining small granson today. He gets very hungry, tells me his tummy is very empty, all the food has gone into his 'love heart'..... even after consuming seemingly large amounts of food.

Leo has to be stopped from 'overkiss'- he loves small grandson to bits- much like me!

Monday, September 11

Do you ever dream you gave a party... & noone came?
I suppose it is a common dream.

We are having more rain...
An excuse for stay-at-home activities- not that we need excuses.

I need to plan for an overseas trip- why am I procrastinating?

At the risk of being told to wash my mind out with soap, SOD the rain! I know we need it so badly, so hope it is falling where it is really needed. I would just like to get my washing dry- hate dryers, & anyway, ours has carked it! Bugger!

Sunday, September 10

This is Honey & Leo. Honey is 6 & Leo is just 1.
Leo adores Honey, but honey doesnt really trust Leo. He really is still a 'teenage hoodlum'. Love him though!

Gumpy, grumpy

My turn to be grumpy. It is wet, & quite chill for us. Not many free treats about today. Cant even bury my nose into the fresh washing treat, as it is too wet to hang it out!

A trip to Sydney on the vile wet freeway, yesterday, was quite a driver's ordeal, with ' sheet' rainfall, blinding. It was nice to be home again at day's end.
Thankfully the 'teenage hoodlum' had not done any mischief, while we were absent, & all was intact.
Another small glitch in the day- apparently injured a knee. It is now twice the normal size, & almost completely useless! Luckily I dont need to run marathons, or even chase runaway kinder!
A treat, in that is a good excuse not to dust, cook or do any domestic sort of activities at all.

Friday, September 8


Have been castigated by brother... who has been unable to post a comment. I have now discovered how to rectify this, so hopefully he can send his Bleeerrttt comment directly!
Wild & woolly winds & storms have receded.... not leaving enough rainfall, but better than none.
Teenage hoodlum dog has been on raiding parties to the sewing room, sneaking teddies & fabric for his chewing pleasure. grrrrr.
Little lady continues to warm the butt...nice in the return to wintry weather!
I may return to this later.
I seem to have also discovered how to set the time/date correctly!

Thursday, September 7

Thursdays thunderstorm!

Small grandson told me, "My brain is turned off Nan" whilst feeling unwell. I know the feeling! & dont even feel unwell. (he is recovered now).
Happily tells all & sundry that his dog, 'has had his leg bone cut out, - & he has had his balls cut off too!' Granddog has been in wars, but is recovering now-not the balls of course!
It is raining like '40 bastards', as a friend used to say. Roaring gales, & a day at the races cancelled--- much to meggie's relief. Not my loathe to gamble, & could buy tons of luscious fabric with money which might get wasted on sad horses! GOM cant see my point about that though.
Teenage hoodlum dog went happily out to paddle in the pool of rainwater under the pergola. Then expected unconditoinal cuddles, ... which he got, I might add. Love him to bits, but he is a worry! Little lady just curls up behind my XOS bum, & is quite content NOT to explore the wet or TH's happy excited being.
I must thank Lazy Cow for her encouraging comments! Perfect strangers so treatish! & perfect.
Did take advice to read about truly crap sauce- couldnt add the comment as me, but the salty bit is my tale of woe!

Wednesday, September 6

Still running a bit headless!
Is there anyone out there?? haha
I take that back, have just worked out how to get in here for further comments. Also found the kind comments from bec, & suse. I guess the learning curve is perpendicular at this stage!
Brother is very encouraging, whilst confessing to knowing nothing about it either!
Teenage loony dog has just consumed another of my shoes! A 'free treat'? ..for him, I guess it was!

Tuesday, September 5

Life's Free Treats: Stumbling in the dark...

Life's Free Treats: Stumbling in the dark...

Holy Moly! This might be too much for me. I seem to be getting seriously lost here. Not sure what the heck I am doing.
Have advised erudite & witty brother to start a blog??? am I the blind leading the blind!?
Hope I get better at this!

Stumbling in the dark...

hi, this is meggie trying out a new idea.
Not game to try anything too extreme.

Spring is sneaking in.. fickle & shy.
Free treats in the shape of flowers, blossom, blue skies, warm breezes.