Thursday, July 26

It will soon be Spring.

I know, we are still in Winter's grip.
But, I keep thinking of Spring, with the influx of flowers and the beautiful perfumes, of the Spring flowers.

My Daphne is currently flowering, and providing me with joyful memories of my mother, who loved Daphne so much, and it was always in bloom for her birthday, on July 17th. The perfume is a Free Treat.

I have other 'Free Treats' in the form of wonderful neighbours, such as Mrs N N. She is always there for me, no matter what. I really appreciate that lovely friendship. I always know, that whatever comes, Mrs N N will be there for me.

And another Free Treat has arrived from another lovely friend, in the form of 'Game of Thrones'. I now have the first 3 books, in paperback, and also the whole five books on my phone. I love the free treat of being able to read, in bed, at 4am, or whatever unseemly hour, on the phone. It truly is, a Free Treat, to have these books loaded for my reading pleasure.

I often think of my Grandmother, and know she would have loved this new technology. She would have relished reading her bible, in her bed, on frosty mornings. She was a very forward thinking person, and would have loved the advances that technology have made.

Some days are diamonds, and some days are stones, but somehow the spirit? lifeforce? keeps me going on.

We have found beaurocracy to be mindless and cruel, beyond anyone's belief. No treats there, free or otherwise!

Late I know, but I have always loved this song. And, after all, Aussie is good!

Thursday, July 19

Ebb and Flow.

It seems that life is an endless flow, of ebbs and tides, that engulf me unexpectedly. I know they are there, and I know they will happen, but I never seem to see them coming.

The huge tidal waves wash over me, with their seemingly random swells.
I am always surprised, when I wash up upon the shore, and,  filled with sand, and grit, and seaweed, I realise I am still alive.

I have noticed how some people, at first encounters, seem  to be friends, and then they become... well, not so friendly, even though you had previously thought they liked you. And, indeed, you had regarded them as a 'friend'.
There enters a 'tone' or an 'air' to their responses to you.
At first, you think it is your imagination.
Then you slowly realise, they mean the slightly muted barbs, and thinly disguised, small insults.
You wonder what you have done, to bring on this apparent dislike.
You agonise over what small slight, or insult you may have unknowingly given.

Finally you know, it is not you, or your problem. It is their choice, and their problem, for whatever reason they choose.

It is quite liberating to choose, to disregard their choices, and move on with your life.

After all, a friend is someone who likes you.

There have been some wonderful Support/Care Workers my Son has had in past weeks. One lady in particular, was very intrigued by Son's juicing of fresh vegetables. She was amazed at how lovely the celery/carrot/beetroot/ginger juice smelled. She did decline to taste, but it may be because it is rather expensive. Vegetables just dont get cheaper!

We wish we could grow our own, but our land does not lend itself to gardening. Not that Son can do it now, and neither can I. If we had flat land, we could have no-dig garden beds, but alas, that is not to be, as it is all downhill! In more ways than one!

At last, for me, a friendly GP, who agrees with me not wanting to take drugs to keep some mythical 'quality' of life. I am so glad to have met him, and found him sympathetic to my views, and beliefs.

Drug companies seem to have menacing influence on the beliefs of all of us, that we need these drugs to survive. Well, NO we dont. I feel they may prolong life, but at what cost to quality of life?
Of course the Drug companies don't care about quality- they are all about profit.

"My Goodness. Let us keep this corpse 'alive and breathing', so we can continue to reap our profit from their medications."

Ok rant over.

I see the Rolling Stones are planning another Tour.
Good Luck to them. Love most of their music, so choose for yourself which song you like the best.