Sunday, December 16

People you love.

It seems difficult to comprehend the tragedies of the world.
The tragedies in Conneticut make us aware it is very important to love our family, each and every day.
No matter if they peeve you, don't let that lie.

My Grandmother, bless her lovely, kind,  heart said "Never let the sun go down on your anger"
What wise advise that is.
If we should not make amends, who knows what may happen to a loved one, on a following day, or, indeed in the hours to come.

If we had not made our peace, and expressed our love, how would we feel, should a tragedy occur?

I look at this photo on my wall, of myself as a young, (ingnorant) innocent child, with trusting smile, and no knowledge of what direction my life would take.

My early flaxen blond hair, belied the mid brown it became on adulthood.
I was not fixated on hair colour, so did not care about such things.

In the Summer I had natural sun-induced blond streaks, which were not fashionable in those long ago days. I still did not care. I might add, those streaks are grey today, and I still do not care.

Once I married, and had my children, I was content to be 'haus brown'. After all, what did it matter?
In this photo of myself and son, he was about to have his first cold, and he was not feeling well- hence no smile, but he was usually a very smiley baby.

I love this particualr photo of Brett and Jo. It was as though a secret was being shared. I know the photographer was intrigued with my children and endeavoured to take many photos, mostly for his own use.

This is another very doubtful photo taken of myself as a young child. Wearing the same little georgette dress, as in the first photo. Apparently I did not eat very much, and remained very small for my age for quite some time.
Not true today!

In this photograph, I had almost had my third ring finger, left hand, severed by a car door, hence the apprehensive expression. The photo shoot had been booked prior to the finger incident! If you look  closely, the 'dressing' can be seen on my finger.
I think somehow, I was the idiot who 'let' this happen to me!

This next pic of Brett with 'Santa' is not a happy memory, and I swear, put Brett off bloody Santas forever!
.What a crass and insensitive 'Santa' he was, and I felt so sorry for my son.
Do your see the lecherous look on this 'Santa's face?' . The result was, we never went to any further 'Santa' meetings, and I love the movie Bad Santa!

Our life seems to have continuing bad news and prognosis for a short life, as opposed to a longr one, for my precious son.

I have no idea how I can deal with this process or this loss, but I know I will support my son, whatever his decision is,regarding treatment
-ie futile chemo- or not. His prognosis is dismal. My heart breaks, as every mother's would.
I will, however, support his decision what ever it may be. I hope to be by his side, as a loving supporting person in his journey.

So, I leave with Roger Waters and Eddie Vedder, 'Comfortably Numb'

Thank goodness for all the musicians, who say it all for us!

Tuesday, December 4

Marking time.

My beautiful Gardenia. I am very fond of this, as I grew it myself, from a branch off another plant, which grew in a garden of a house we rented.

 Sadly, the extreme heat and then heavy rains we have had, have browned off all the blooms, and it is all but spent. It was briefly, very beautiful, and the air was so sweet from it's perfume.

 I have no idea what this little tree is called, since I have long ago lost the label that was on it when I bought and planted it. It has quite pretty flower clusters that hang down. I have blogged about it before I think, long ago.

This is just a another sky pic. Not sure when it was taken, but I love the colours. I have not taken any new pics for a few days, it has been so grey and dismal, nothing to see, but grey, and rain.

This is my dear little Honey, with the shortest clip she has EVER had! She seems to like it, though, and has been very frisky since she had all her wool off!

She looks so tiny, and everyone who has seen her has been really shocked at how small she appears without her woolly bits.

Another flower pic. I treated myself to this, because it is so pretty and I have been so blue. I once had a lovely pink Hydrangea, that I had rescued as it sat dying in the cheapie bin. It grew to be very luxurious and then, I made the mistake of planting it in the garden. Another plant... gone to Gom.

This was taken yesterday, a heavily laden web- the raindops looked like pearls.

I am very heavy of heart today. Morty has had to find a new home, and of course, I cried bitterly when I said goodbye. I will miss his arrogance and his talking loudly, demanding food. He was never a cuddly cat, but I loved him dearly, all the same. He has gone to a good home, and I am sure he will be very happy.

Personal crap is heavy and dark, so I won't dwell on any of that.
For those of you who follow Up on Facebook, I have repeated many of these pics that I shared on that site. Sorry, but after all, they are not so ugly, really.

Chris Isaak. "Life will go on".