Thursday, March 15

The Great,.the Sad, and the Sometimes Breathtakingly Beautiful!

The great news is, my BB- Beloved Brother, - is now the very proud Grandfather of a little girl.
Welcome to the world Sofia, and Welcome to our Family!

Here she is with her Mum and Dad, just after her arrival.
I am told Sofia has thick black hair, unlike her older brother, who arrived with very blond hair. As  Grandpa Arpi said, it may all rub off- or not!

I know everyone in the family is so happy at this little girl's safe arrival. I wish I could be there to give them all a huge hug.

Sofia will be a very lucky little girl, with her diverse heritage. I hope her life is long an happy, and filled with love, and happiness.

This is a free treat, from the week past.
A lovely young Magpie, who seemed to regard our balcony railing as a safe landing.
It was, indeed.

He/she turned to look, at who might be taking pictures of it's royal self.

It was raining, and we decided the feather fluff, was to combat the wet!


This was a recent evening sky scape.
 A little threatening, perhaps. It proved to be all threat, and no action, thank goodness.

Another evening pic, with, to me, the worry lines of the day, written in the clouds.

I missed the following evening's pics, with the soft pink blush of the cloud-cheeks of the evening. The gentle promise, in the soft hue, of the lovely day to follow.

We have had no Summer, as we know it, but I have enjoyed the lack of heat, and mostly, the lack of humidity. It is a strange 'Summer', in that we have had so much hard rain, and cloudy outlook, it has hardly seemed to be a 'Summer season', in many ways.

I am not a believer of "Global Warmimg" as  positedf by some. I am a beliiever of climate change, which is a natural reccuring event in the evolution of the Planet Earth. It has happened mamy times before, and will happen many times again, in the history of this planet.

I know man's  impress with Carbon emissions are damaging, but I also feel, it is like a gnat's f*rt in the evolution of the Earth.  I could go on, boringly, but I will not.

***Please avert your eyes, if you are squeamish or can't stand ugly!!***

In other hideous events, I have possibly, broken a toe. An empty glass bottle landed on the top of my big toe, and the resultant pain, agony, and bruising have been quite spectacular! Haha!

However, the good news is, the pool visits, whilst being beneficial to the dratted knee,   also seem to have been remedial/curative for the toe, so it is all win win!

Eddie Vedder Rise.