Wednesday, January 12

The View from the Visitor's Chair.

This post, about the View,  has been composed and written, but alas, it will not be posted now.

I will post about the View from the Visitor's Chair, and the Smell from the Visitor's Chair, but not this evening.

Suffice to say, Gom is home, safe and reasonably 'Sound'.

His life was saved on Christmas Night.

Thanks are due to the wonderful care he recieved, and the dedication of Doctors and Nurses in our local Public Hospital.

I would also add, the Specialist Doctor who cared for Gom, was dedicated to his job. Every day, from 23rd of December, until Gom's discharge on 5th January, that Doctor visited Gom, to keep a check on his progress.
It seemed to be dedication over and above his calling, especially during the Christmas and New Year period.

Gom is much happier to be home, if not stronger, at least more comfortable, in familiar surroundings.

Now, we watch with horror, the unfolding events in Queensland, where our fellow country folk suffer untold grief and misery, enduring the hideous floods, and resulting devastation.

We remain far too warm, and dry. We have had much more rain than is usual for this time of year. But we have no floods, and no danger of floods.

Slim Dusty, When the Rain Tumbles Down In July. (Not strictly the correct time of year.)