Thursday, December 30

An Angel's Golden Feather,

I am not sure if I really believe in Angels, but I think I do.

On Christmas Night, Gom was at death's door.

As I sat vigil, so fearful he would die, I looked out the window of his hospital room and say a golden curled feather, floating on the breeze? the updraft? the pull of the building?

I have no idea what kept the golden feather aloft, as it bobbed and floated before the window.

Up it came, and danced and floated, and slowly disappeared and reappeared.

It vanished for moments, and I thought of an Angel;s wing.

It was a feather from somewhere, that looked like no feather I had ever seen on any bird.

Suddenly, when I thought it had vanished, it reappeared, to dance it's little ritual dance all over again.

I felt curiously comforted.

I finally decided to leave the Hospital, and trust in the Staff, and, perhaps, a Golden Winged Angel,  to save Gom's life.

He was being tended by an Angel of a Nurse, who was the most gentle and caring person I have ever met. I hope I see her again.

He was saved, by whatever miracle, and forces,  and the hard work,  of wonderful Staff for the whole of that hideous night, as he hovered so close to death.

He made it through that awful night. He is still here, and I keep thinking of that Golden Feather.

We hope he will be home soon after New Year.

He is improving now, after another proceedure today, which seemed to go very well.

As you may guess, our Christmas is one we never wish to repeat.

Cat Stevens Tuesday's Dead.

Monday, December 13

Ratbags, and Libertytakers... And some weighty Skies!!

When I add pics to my blog lately, I seem to have trouble aligning the type. I wish to begin in the left, but the script refuses to obey, and orients to the center... regardless of my instruction.

Does anyone have an answer to this dilemma? Comments welcome!

Our long serving, and no doubt suffering Washing machine, has finally decided to quit. As it is now over 13 years old, it is deemed to be past it's actual "Use By".

Time was, you bought an expensive appliance such as this, and it would last almost a lifetime- or the length of your marriage, depending on which was shorter!!

Do you think the sky was sending some message? This was a slightly threatening look, before the breakdown of the washing device!!

 Is this a picture of a "Glowering Sky"? I have often wondered at that particular term, for skies!

And, later, as it darkened. Wonderful patterns.
I was not the only one to be out capturing this sky display. More than one neighbour was watching, and photos were taken.

As it darkened deeply, there was the flash and flare of bright gold, upon the horizon, echoing over the cloud canopy.
Not really menacing, but not quite comforting.

At the "Marketplace" today, determined to be Tough, and,  'wheel and deal'  ~well, I can kid myself I am tough, and astute!
We first enquired of a Seconds Establishment, thinking perhaps we could score the deal of the decade, with a ding or a scratch.

We looked at the offered products, discussed the merits and demerits of various washers.
I know Front loaders are said to be most economic. But I am now old and arthritic of body, so stooping to load and unload a Front Loader... I dont think so!!

An older Brand, trusted, and successful in the past, is now advised to be a costly, and faulty,  trap. Trading on past reputation for reliability.  No longer manufactured by the same people and no longer trustworthy, so we decided not to look in their direction.

The New Kid on the Block is a "Sumting", obviously not their real name! and we are advised it is excellent in both performance and reliability, to say nothing of durability.

For little discount, we are offered a dented and also paint scraped model, with a horrendous 'delivery fee'. I am taken aback.
I declare, I will look about, & see what is available, at rival retailers.

"By all means" beams the salesman, who has suddenly decided he could 'deliver the washer for a fee, of $15 less,  than their 'regular delivery man'. Which still meant $40.

So, off we sped, to another retailer, reknowned for their 'deals'.

"Oh Yeah!" thinks jaundiced me!

We find the exact same washer on offer for the same price as the 'Seconds'.?? what?, I thought dings and dents reduced the price?

Upon enquiry, I find I can have the washer delivered free, and installed, along with removal of the old washer, and it will arrive tomorrow, and it will be $115 cheaper than the damaged washer!

Who is fooling who? I just do not get it. It does pay to shop around. But why am I left with the feeling someone has been fooling me.    Or, more probably, is still fooling me!

Still, I am just happy to think I can begin washing tomorrow! We are running out of clean clothes!
My son suggested going naked, but I know that is defininetly not a Good Look! Not this year, anyway!!

Mark Knopfler, Telegraph Road.

Wednesday, December 1

Life at the "Pointy End".

Or, should that be, 'Nose Cone'?

Whatever term you choose to use, I dare to state~ it is NO FUN, when you are 'Mature'!!.

I have recently had to resort to consulting a Podiatrist, to try to enable walking.
It seems my skeleton has much Arthritis, and my feet are afflicted.

Unlike my friend Ali, I have not had much success, with my podiatric treatment! (Is there such a word, as 'podiatric'?? I am too lazy to look it up on Google). I must add here, I have no idea if Ali's problems are arthritic.

I consulted with an Orthopeadic Surgeon, who gave me several options for surgery, and an option to consult with a Podiatrist.
Being a coward, I chose the lesser treatment.

The Podiatrist I was given the referral for, had a very unfortunate Rottweiller (to me)  manning the telephone. After being initially barked at, and told the exact amount of money I would need to front up with,  I timidly made an appointment, which I was subsequently unable to attend, due to other pressing health matters of Gom.
I hasten to add here, that I made sure to cancel the appointment in plenty of time. A holiday occurred in the meantime, also, so I did not have actual  vocal contact with the Rottie.

In the meantime, I needed to be shod to attend our Daughter's wedding. I chose soft, suede, flat, shoes. Almost slippers, I foolishly thought, on initially trying them on. Bliss! I foolishly thought.

What an idiot I was! they proved to be so crippling, I had to hobble to the car,  since I was the driver.  
These soft shoes, they look so innocuous! So comfy, so harmless! How could they cause such agony?! How could they cripple me, and almost reduce me to tears?

This is the offending foot. I would venture to say, it is a totally useless as a foot!! Never mind Footloose! How about Footless??

To cut to the chase, I chose another Podiatrist, after encountering the Rottie once more. This encounter led me to snarl, -in Rottie~like  manner, I might add- that I would "just Limp to Hell then!" I hung up.

I phoned another Podiatrist, - this being the 'Holding Paddock' one might say... you Kiwis will understand this... -there is no shortage of Podiatrists, here in our Local area.

The lovely receptionist was polite, pleasant, and most sympathetic. Soothing, in fact! A very quick appointment was arranged. A fee, half the Rottie's  Podiatrist, was quoted. ??
What is that about??

When I met the Podiatrist, he checked my Xrays, my gait, my pain levels. My ugly foot.
He fashioned this 'toe seperator'.
We have made many family jokes about the colour.. 'labia pink' being one. Another suggests folk might ask what my Bubblegum is doing, residing in between my toes?!! Haha, because I LOATHE bubblegum!! Or, indeed, any type of chewing gum there might be!

I am not sure the toe thingy is working. I have purchased some very expensive sandals, which are made for people with multiple problems, such as myself, . I will reserve judgement, but so far, the 'cures' have created other problems, with the fitted podiatrist insoles etc.
I do find all of this very discouraging~ as well as downright painful!

I would love to "Kick this Habit"!! haha.

However, there is always the Arrogant Morty to laugh at! Here he seems to be indignant at the fact I have dared to introduce a Sunhat into the house!!
And of course, here he is just letting us know, he Rules this house! And he will damn well lie where he chooses~ never mind if it is in the direct line of traffic to the toilet! Which, age would dictate, need not be hindered!!

And here is Honey, with her newly cropped Summer coat, courtesy of our Son~ & I. She is yet to be tidied, but I am sure she appreciates the cooler crop... raggedy though it might be!

And Leo, who tries so hard to be a 'good boy'. He has no idea, what being 'good' is! He is an indiscriminate piddler, and all our attempts to teach him about the niceties of polite society, seem to fall on deaf ears. 
It is sad, as he is a very intellingent dog, and a very loyal, affectionate,  and loving dog.

I guess, like our other family members, we have to accept him as he is. Warts- er, I mean pee- and all!

We had a 'street drama' a couple of nights ago.
I heard a dog screaming in  pain, & rushed out into the street to find a large vehicle had bowled a  neighbour's dog. A very small dog, who is non-road-savvy. I was upset, but the poor driver and his passenger were distraught. As it happened, I 'know' the little dog who was hit. She is 'road foolish'. She is a tiny black Poodle.
All is well, as she is alive, and almost recovered from the drama. I went to visit her this morning, and she is very well!
 Her owners are so glad she is alive and OK. They are normally so careful, but accidents happen.
It was nice to see, there were other neighbours, who were drawn by the cries, and all were concerned to see all was well.
We do have the most wonderful neighbours.

I will just limp off to bed now! haha. 

Chris Isaak, Somebody's Crying.