Friday, June 26

Happiness is Often a Dog..

As I have travelled through my varied, & strange life, I have noticed that Happiness, can often be defined as a dog.

So, here is a roundup of some "Happies" I have met!

Beau, who is a delight, & has brought such joy, to Mr & Mrs NN, after the loss of two loved cats.

Here is Ralph. A loyal & much loved dog & comapnion for my son.
RIP Ralph, who had a long, & very happy life.

This is Katie, who was much loved by our family, and her later, adoptive family.

OOPS! How did this get in here?? Obviously to frighten small children, & unsuspecting viewers.

Here is gorgeous Boof. He is a gentle Golden. He is a beautiful, huge, ball of love.

This wee chap I have borrowed from a friend. He is a much loved little Poodle Prince. He has brought much love & joy, to lives he touches.

This, I am told, is a source of happiness to it's owner. It is Gom's 'Red Square Dance' quilt that I made him. He told me this morning, how Happy it makes him feel.

Happiness to me, is having a sibling, a Beloved Brother. We have shared so much. We still do.

This flower, at an Aunt's garden in New Zealand, is a source of 'Happy' for me.

Of course, "Happy" is often a sister!

Another "Happiness", with dog!

Here, another gorgeous "Happiness" with dog!

My Sweet Happy Honey.

Gom's "Happiness", Leo.
This was taken before he was banished from the bed!

I risk strong criticism here, but Happiness today, for me, was hearing of the death of a deformed, deranged, tormented, creep who will no longer be available to corrupt or molest children.
It makes me feel ill, to hear people praising such a depraved, demented, creature.

Keb Mo. A true talent. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 24

In Another Life...

For some forgotten foolish reason, I began smoking cigarettes, in my teenage years.

It is said you only need one cigarette to become hooked. I don't know if that is true, but I began smoking only occasionally, when I first began to work, then, once I went nursing, I smoked a lot more, since many of my friends also smoked.

Ridiculous when you think about it.

When I was around 20 I began to get increasingly bad bouts of tonsillitis. An old affliction which I had duly 'grown out of', as the family Doctor of the day, had suggested I would.

When it began recurring, I was very ill ~ as indeed I had been, as a child. After a collapse at work one day, I was advised it would be best to have my tonsils removed. I duly went to have them removed at a private hospital. This was no picnic, & though I am sure it is not a picnic for children either, I am told it is much worse, the older you get.

Upon my recovery the GP who saw me began nagging me to give up cigarettes. He insisted they damaged the lungs- this was just beginning to be talked about, & of course the cigarette companies were just as adamant this was a lie.

I won't elaborate about the ludicrous lengths to which this GP was prepared to go to, to 'save' me. I wont dwell on his dingbat , Godbothering daughter that he tried to sool on me. I wont tell of the awful, ghastly night she finally nagged me into going out with her. Suffice to say, I changed Doctors, to avoid ever having to associate with this "Praise the Lord"-ing, "Hallelooya"-ing, giggling, tittering twit of a girl, ever ever again. With her hairy legs & armpits.

Here I am, digressing again....did you notice?

Back to the dreaded cigarettes.

I began to try to quit.

I found this a terrible long ordeal, involving years.

It really is a dreadful addiction. I would be determined to beat it, but time & again, I returned to smoke.

Gom never smoked a cigarette, seriously, in his life. He would occasionally smoke one at a party for a gag, & at times he would have a cigar. But he never caught addiction, & never had any desire to be a smoker. Extraordinary, when his parents both smoked, as did his one sibling.

During this long drawn out process of me trying various methods of kicking the demon habit, I resorted to many methods, all of which were purported & reported to be successful.

I have previously blogged about some of these methods. Acupuncture was a very interesting one, which I tried around four times, from four different acupuncturists. None of them proved lasting.

In desperation, I consulted some hypnotherapists. The first had some limited success, as I quit for 2 whole days.

The second suggested that I should try Past Lives Regression, to see if she could uncover the underlying reason. I was rather intrigued with this idea, & though somewhat sceptical, I agreed to try this method.
At the time I suffered from a severe pain in the side of my temple, the cause of which had never been found, on investigation by the medical profession.
So off I go to the first session of Regression.
It was the most curious sensation I have ever had. I seemed to be shot through the side of my temple, & the feeling was so sharp, & so real, I was really shaken. I think the hypnotist had a bit of alarm over that, & she quickly brought me out of hypnosis & told me we would try another day.
Of course, this did nothing to stop the smoking, but the mysterious pain in my temple disappeared. Coincidence? Maybe.
My next session was even more curious. It was much longer, & much more vivid. It seemed I was living in some very small old English Village. I was a young woman, & it had been decided, by the village elders, that I was to marry an aging priest of some description. I did not wish this union at all, & was determined to defy the command.
It seemed I healed, using herbs & medicinal potions I made myself, from local plants. I was considered to be somewhat of a witch, because of these healing powers.
Owls did not flee at my approach.

I kept a black cat for company in my small cottage.
The Villagers decided they could not tolerate this disobedience, & it was decreed I was to be put to death, using a stake to the base of my skull.

I was dressed in a rough coarse white linen kaftan like garment, & marched to the village green, I suppose it was. There a stake was driven into the base of my skull & I died.

It was a very real feeling experience, & strangely, though it was painful, I felt very glad I had kept my own counsel, & had refused the order of marriage to a priest figure I felt to be a fraud, & a dirty old man to boot.

You can decide for yourselves what to think. Even after all these years I still love owls & have a collection of them.

I am also fascinated with wolves, which are said to be allied to witchcraft.

As to the smoking, the hypnosis sessions did nothing to stop me. I 're lived' several very interesting lives & 're died' the deaths, in each case.

I am still sceptical, but all I can say is, the feelings were so intense & real it is hard to describe. The fact that I could recall them so vividly is interesting too.

And no, in case you are wondering, I was never Napoleon, Queen Elizabeth First, even anyone remotely famous, or important. I was various ages, & both male & female in different 'lives'.

I eventually stopped smoking 21 years ago, with the aid of gum & patches & sheer determination. I would never say it was easy, but I have never been tempted to begin again, & am always glad I stopped.

Seals & Crofts, We May Never Pass This Way Again

Monday, June 22

The Long Fangs of the Black Dog.

The Long Fangs sink deep into the jugular.

It seems easy, to toss the head, & say 'Be off, you dark mongrel!"

If your haha, 'Partner' husband, sits in his chair, daily, with his (literal) dog at his elbow, & his eyes closed against a world he no longer wishes to regard, what are you to do??

Run screaming, naked, from your dwelling?
(Believe me, it has crossed my mind more than once!)
Were it not for the fact that my body is no longer for public viewing, I might have carried it out, just for the sake of some shock value!

Or, do you, join the 'masked one' & close your eyes to life?

I think, there must be a part of me, that doesn't want to join the closed-eye perception.
A small spark, that wants to carry on, & be interested & follow trails, see new things. Enjoy paths, that lead to new discoveries.


A public opinion poll.
Does anyone else, besides me, see some resemblance here?
Or do I imagine it?

A pretty girl. I know, her mother was her father's favourite. For whatever reason.

This was her Grandfather. He had her blond hair, her bluer than blue, to grey eyes.
He had one sister, who looked so like him. I don't have the young photo of her, that shows that likeness, but they eyes were the same, & the sad expression.

Families are like chapters of a book.
The chapters all become links, to begin, to make the whole story, of the book.

But of course, the book is never ending, & the chapters keep being added. The joys, the sorrows, the paths of the destiny.
It all surges forward, to detail the lives of the families, with the branches, the side streams, the monumental flood tides.
The changing of the destinies, the links to the future, guided by the links from the past.

I can understand why adopted individuals wish to find their families. I can understand why they feel they never 'fit in', until they know their genuine kin. I know how they feel, & why they feel that.

I wish I could curse the parents, who walk away, or refuse to acknowledge the bonds of parentage.

I cannot curse them, for who knows their damaged reasons.

Tuesday, June 16

Ten things I am glad I DO know...

In no particular order, once again, to redress the balance...

One, is to have family, I know, who have loved me, & have spread the warmth of their love throughout my life.

The pleasure of a Grandfather. One I was lucky enough to know, though it was briefly, for only eight years.

The priviledge to learn to make porcelain dolls, & use a kiln to make my dolls become a reality.
The absolute pleasure of having long ago friends, who are still part of my life today. Not in huge ways, true. But we are still in touch, & still regard each other as friends.
This is two things I am glad to know!
The true joy of having pets to love. They provide a special dimension to a life.
Another item I was glad to know, was how to light, & maintain that Coal Range in the background of the pets' bed. My Gosh, it cooked a lovely Roast, & staved off many a freezing day & night!!

The wonder of having a Grandson. He is so Special & Gorgeous to me. I feel very lucky to have him in my life & family.

The absolute wonder of having a granddaughter. She has given us such pleasure in our lives. I am so lucky to know her.

The opportunity to realise my dream to become a Nurse. Too brief, but a dream become reality. I am on the left.

The opportunity to live in a place where I can regard the sky, & photograph it's many moods when I wish. A vast panorama, that can make me realise how insignificant, & trivial my moods & whims, really are.

Last, but not least the wonder of becoming a mother.
I dearly love my children,~ my babies, who are now adults~ & I love my grandchildren. I also loved my (deceased) step daughter, & my step granddaughter.
Our children are the true hope for our future.
As Mike has suggested ... only ten?
It applies to any list.
Any life...

Monday, June 15

Ten things I wish I never knew...

Anyone can probably list Ten Things, they wished they never knew, or, never had to know.

They are not listed in order of horror, or importance. They are totally random.

My Number One would probably be, that my parents got divorced. It had happened, before I was told, & when I found out, I wished I could die. It shattered me in small & large ways, that I am not sure I ever recovered from.

I think my discovery of that fact, was almost as destructive, & corrosive, as the actual fact.

Number Two was probably the fact that the Father of my eldest son did not love me, to the degree I loved him.

Number Three was the fact, that no matter how much you love someone, you can never make them love you back, to the same degree.

Number Four is the fact that no matter how shattered your heart or life may seem, you are going to have to keep on living.

Number Five is that you will love your children, no matter what, why or how. They will break your heart in a million ways & cause pain unlimited, that you have no power to stop, or alter.

Number Six is the fact that I will look a Dork, posing with my daughter, with a cigarette in my hand. this is deliberately cropped! I really wish I never knew that I smoked!

Number Seven will be asking myself what the hell my son was asking me, as we posed on the verandah of the Hotel where we lived? I guess this is a sort of no question, since I have no memory of the answer.

Number Eight, is, what the hell was I thinking wearing an almost red dress?? I loathe red.

Number Nine is how quickly Asthma can strike! The dog set the Asthma off in our son, & we had no medication. We had to resort to some warm brandy & sugar, to settle him for the night. It was a Motel, & the dog was a Resident. Our children love pets, & made him very welcome.

Number Ten is seeing sides of a man I have loved, & been married to, for 43 years, that I didn't know existed. I wish they had never surfaced. I wish the mask had never slipped.

Wednesday, June 10

Long Weekend.

Last weekend was our Queen's Birthday long weekend. We get a holiday Monday to salute the Queen's birthday. It is not her actual birthday, & I am unsure how it came to be celebrated on that particular day.

New Zealand celebrated it the weekend before. Perth also celebrated it a week sooner than we do. I am unsure of other States.

Canada also celebrates the occasion, but on a different date again.

I would suppose that Britain must surely celebrate their Monarch's Birthday too, but I have no idea. I am too lazy to Google it, this evening.

We had a busy weekend.
On Sunday, we had our daughter, SIL, & grandchildren to visit.

Gom excelled himself. He prepared all the snack foods, & he even made Prawn Toasts! From a recipe he found, & he did all the preparation & cooking thereof, by himself.

They were brilliant.

I gave him a deep fryer some years ago, & it was a bit of a one month wonder, for a while. Of course, neither of us really need deep fried food, & it is only fairly recently he got it out, & began using it for social occasions, to cook tasty morsels for finger foods.

Successful, but awkward to clean, & awkward to use. It was over 12 years old.

This past Christmas I bought him a new one, a swish 2 vat model, & he was delighted. He was like a man with 2 vats, one might say. as opposed to a man with 2 rats!haha

He has whipped out chips- french fries- to have on cold days. He has cooked up delightful Chinese delicacies. Fish, Chicken. No problems to the Gom. As BFJ says, he is a real Social Delight!

Monday afternoon evening, we had friends come to visit, & Gom did his magic with the fryer again. He has become the perfect host.

It used to fall to me to do all that, once upon a time. Gom enjoys doing it, it gives him an interest (besides his Garden Vandalism, & his Pantry Nazi-ism), so I just let him go for it now.

On Sunday night, as it got cold & dark, SG wanted to go off to sleep. He asked for a quilt, & I told him to help himself out of the box where they are kept, in the lounge.

I expected him to get the brightest, but it wasn't there.

Then he remembered it was at his place, on his bed.
He had fallen asleep here one other night, & had been scooped up in the quilt & taken home.

His mother told him he would have to bring the quilt back to Nanna's, because it was my quilt & it was made for 'The Family'.

He declared he had to have it on his bed, and he said, "Well, I am family!" Cant argue with that!

He has always loved that quilt since he was little. It is ideal for a child, because it is so bright, & has lots of lovely animal squares. I made it from a gift pack of charm squares, plus some brights I was given, to make a quilt for myself.

Edit added. I had some queries about the pattern for this quilt. It is called Tumbling Blocks, (I think) & I got the pattern from an early edition of Australian Patchwork & Stitching, around 2002. It is really great because it is all roller cut, machine stitched, & there are no insets. It went together super fast, & I just quilted it in the ditch, which means it is very soft & cuddly.
If anyone would like to make it, send me an email.

We had just found out that SG was on the way, but had not yet found out he was a he.

Here he is, with the 'Class Bear' " Stanley" last year, with said quilt, when it was his turn to have Stanley for the weekend. He uses the quilt for cubbies, & loves to snuggle up in the brightness.

Here is another pic of "Just for Fun", which is what I called the quilt, with Honey peeping out from under.
I have made him other bright quilts, but for some reason, he really loves this, & it is a good size for a single bed.

Gom & I were quite tired, after our busy weekend.
There has been a cold snap, with the weather being a chill 5 degrees Celsius, due to wind chill. That is almost unheard of around here!

Truly weather for comfort foods! Thick soup, casseroles, slowcooker food.

I was hoping not to have visitors today. I lumbered about with so many layers of clothing, I looked like a Yeti who had raided the Sallies Bin.
I really need to get out to the shops for some new shoes, that are not falling apart, & some new, extra capacious warm tops, for the new expanding me!
My excuse is I need multi layers of clothes to keep warm.

Keep Warm! Or Cool if you are in a hot climate.

Sheryl Crow, Every Day is a Winding Road

Sunday, June 7

Vital Statistics

Pauline at Writing Down the Words, has done this. She got it from someone else, & so the short meme goes on.

One of the requisites is an embarrassing photo from your past.
This is mine.

This was taken at a Dance- remember those? This was taken in 1962.
My hair was long, backcombed, to give it a bit of height, & done in a 'French Roll', which was the fashion back then.

On to the 'Vital Statistics'

I drive
A Toyota Camry, 4 cylinder sedan.

If I have time for myself
I read, spend time on the computer, sew, or watch bilge on TV for light mindless entertainment.

You wouldn’t know it but I’m very good at
Knitting, Crochet, cooking, & enjoying food prepared by others!
Laughing at myself, & with others.

I’m no good at
Mathematics. Numbers of the universe puzzle me, & will forever.
Working to a deadline. I hate to be rushed.
Taking orders, if they are given in a snarky manner.

Books that changed me
I love reading. All sorts of books from fiction to biographies, to non fiction.
I can't say I can think of a book that I would say 'changed' me.
The Dictionary would probably be the one I could say changed me, since it is so full of wonderful words to discover.

Movie heaven
Steel Magnolias. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Terms of Endearment. Pulp Fiction. Shawshank Redemption.
Too many to list really.

Comfort eating
Gravy, haha.
Mashed potatoes (preferably with gravy)
macaroni and cheese
Roast vegetables such as pumpkin, parsnip onions potatoes carrots, with gravy of course.
Pasta with vegetable & tomato sauce.

When I was a child I wanted to be
A nurse, a nurse & a nurse. I did want to write also.

All my money goes on
Staying alive. Any spare gets spent on books & fabric.

At night I dream of
Often my family or family who have passed away. I have very vivid dreams, which haunt me during the day, in fleeting glimpses.

My favorite buildings
My home. old Churches, which is curious because I dont hold with religion in any form. Sydney Opera House. Modern houses in New Zealand.

My biggest regret
Never really having the chance to know my father.

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be
A Cancer Researcher.

My favorite works of art
All sorts of art from paintings to simple projects from my children & grandchildren. Wonderful quilts made by others.

The current soundtracks to my life
The sound of cockatoos screeching over head. The Kookaburras laughing. Music of my choice when I can. Honey barking at passersby, Leo 'talking' to us.
Almost anything classical.

The best inventions ever
Showers. Sewing machines. Printing presses, for books. Music for all. Radio Television Computers to communicate.

Now, Who will be next to do this meme?

We had one nice day, yesterday. It was sunny & blue.

I bought my daughter a fabulous cookbook. I got some beautiful locally grown oranges, they are so sweet & delicious & are the size of Grapefruit! They have stains on their skin, & they beat any supermarket product hands down. They were 10 for one dollar!
I got two books for next to nothing - true stories.

I made a lovely salad for my tea, using watermelon, orange, radishes & mixed green leaves, with olives & a light dressing of fresh lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil! I got the recipe from Huey on TV. Well worth making.

On the down side of yesterday, I bought a lamp which is defective, & can't be fixed. Buyer Beware!
Today it is back to clouds & greys. Poo.

Augie March, The Hole in Your Roof

Thursday, June 4

Tracking the "Good Gravy".

When I was growing up, my Grandmother was the "Chief Cook".

My earliest memories, were of my mother, cooking over a coal range, but those memories were short lived, & soon blurred into our later, everyday life, of living with my Grandparents, where my Grandmother did most of the cooking.

My Grandmother was a very good cook, & had been sent out to 'Service' when she was a young girl, in England.

Her new employer, asked her name, & upon being told it was Christiana, declared they could not possibly have such a fancy name for a 'servant', & she renamed her "Tina".

Understandably, my grandmother was incensed, & resented, & loathed this name, for the duration of her employ.

As her granddaughter, I say, "How bloody dare she!!" But those were the times, & those were the lumps they dealt out to employees.

Upon emgiration to New Zealand, with her family, my Grandmother was able to

find employment with far nicer people.

In fact an Anglican Minister, & his family. She was cook, but also carer for their disabled son. This child loved her to the point where they were unsure if he would survive, once she married, & moved away. He became a part of her marriage ceremony. He was devastated at the thought that she was leaving.

I am not sure what became of that poor child, but my Grandmother & her new husband, my Grandfather moved away, to begin their new life together, which was far away from the city, where she had been employed.

However, I digress, in the story.

Which is, after all, about Gravy.

I was lucky enough to learn the art of gravy making from my Grandmother first, then my mother, whose skill, was equal to her mother's.

My MIL made a fair gravy, but on a scale of Great Gravies, it was just not comparable with my Grandmother's or my Mother's.

My Gravy, is something I am very proud of. I was once complimented by an Uncle- brother to my mother. He declared I was "As good a cook as your mother!"

I held that in high esteem.

I valued his judgement, as his wife was a fine cook, & took some beating.

Over the years, I have recieved compliments from all sorts of quarters. I still consider one of the finest, the fact that my Daughter in law felt so moved by my gravy, as to ask could she have a gravy sandwich for breakfast, the morning after we had had the meal with said gravy!

Of course the Gravy had required a special vessel to serve the 'nectar'.

One son gifted me the black gravy boat, with matching saucer.

I am happy to report it has done many years of service, with no damage. It has one drawback, it is not suitable for the microwave, to reheat the gravy.

The second Gravy Boat, is a design made by Crown Lynn, for export.

I am not sure how this came to be in my possession, but it had long been a favourite for gravy. It is quite large, therefore holds a substantial amount. It cam also be reheated in the microwave.

Somehow, sleek & sneaky~ featured on my 'hot cinnamon' bench top!


We have been having more of the RS weather.

It has been lightened by a gift of "Soup to Die For" from Mrs Nice Neighbour.

Bacon Hock & Barley.

So nice, & I know she could make a fortune on worksites, selling it!! We loved it, & it was so delicious!

The perfect food for nasty rainy days, with no sunlight & little warmth.

Warmed the cockles of the heart!

Here is to Delicious Soup & Great Gravy!!

Tuesday, June 2

Always take your specs...

"Always take your specs!", could almost be a 'grannie's' warning.

On the other hand never take your specs, if you want the slightly blurred vision, which reveals no imperfections!

We recently ate out at a Country Club, with delightful friends.
Standing in the queue to order our meals, one of our friends suddenly gasped.
"They must be joking!" she said. "What are 'Sh!tcakes'? !! That can't be right?!"

We all snapped around, & re read the menu items. There was an Asian dish listed, with 'Shitake' mushrooms.

Our friend had not brought her specs, & had misread the menu.
After we had all laughed 4 of us ordered the 'suspect mushroom' dish.

When the dish arrived, we were somewhat disappointed to see the mushrooms were not exotic in any way, & were in fact, ordinary, everyday, culitvated, mushrooms.

Thanks B, for the laughs.

No marks to the Country Club, for everyday mushrooms, but full marks for the laughs.

Today, I ventured forth to an unpopular store. Orifice Works
They advertise extensively, claiming to have excellent service, plus products.

I have been asked could I provide copies of my father's photograph for use in a display of local men who went to war, from his home town. World War 2. A memorial of sorts for 'hometown' boys who left, some never to return. Some who physically returned, but not as the person who left.

Last time I went to OW, I had very satisfactory service, a nice end result, & came away a happy customer.

What a very different story today's visit was to be!
The Poodle behind the counter, did not really want to bother with me. She reluctantly glared at me, over her papers on the counter, when she realized I was not going to go away.
She managed to grunt out, from under her newly permed load of haystack hair.

" I want to have some photos copied, please."

"Yeah, over there." with a vague wave of the hand in the direction of some machines.

"I will need these copied, as they are the actual original photos?"

"Yeah, over there, in the corner is a scanner."

I look around & see rows of screens.
"Oh. Thankyou."

Off goes Meggie. Completely ignorant of how or why or what, these machines do or operate. I find the scanner, which seems to need the photos to be fed into it, then spat out at the end. Fine.
One of my photos is on a hard cardboard stand, which is original.
So that is ruled out.
OK. I have a copy of another photo, which is on flexible paper, & can eventually, be fed into the fecking machine/scanner.
The air around the scanner is so blue, I can barely see the bloody machine.
I keep looking frantically at staff.
I see their eyes connect, then slide away, with some mirth.

I get the message. This is mind over matter.
They dont mind, & I, the Idiot Customer, absolutely Dont Matter!!

"You bastards," I mutter, very discretely.

After having managed to finally get a copy, sent through to where-ever, I go, to pay, & collect.
I am met with Short Haired read crew cut girl, who looks very young, & somehow innapropriately, cheerful.

"Oh NO!" says Poodle, shaking her shocking 80's (?) hair, as she listens to me requesting my forwarded order. "You can't collect it now! We are strictly a ONE HOUR service!"

I reel back, draw a breath, frantically look about the store, for signs advising such a delay. Finding none, I ask how much this will cost? For want of something better to say, ~ hell, I was shellshocked!

"Well" says Crew Cut girl, "This will be 89cents!"

I am suprised at the cheapness, but then, realise that is reflected in the 'service', haha.
To my utter horror, I then further realise I have NO CASH whatsoever in my wallet!

"Never mind," I say, "I will go to get some money."
I slink off, then hobble - & I mean Hobble! -over to the Club to the nearest ATM, to get some funds to pay for an 89cent photo!

Gom goes on little raiding parties for 'paper change'. That really sh!ts me.
Memo: Always check wallet, before leaving home!!

I decide to go to Fabric Store, which is next door to OW. I have a Gift Voucher from my daughter, burning a hole in my wallet.
Besides, I figure that fondling fabric with sooth my nerves, & calm my soul.

I am right, but I decide to exact revenge on the Poodle, & the slightly off centre Crew Cut.

I wanted "pretty for me" so these were what I bought. It is a shame that the dark green on the left of the photo does not show up.

This, in another order, but still not showing the lovely dark green.

I left the fabric store on a high.
BUT! I wanted to make my point, about poor service & exposure.
I marched into the 'Orifice'.... only to be met by the loveliest, most cheerful, helpful, young girl, anyone could wish to meet.
She was so obliging, & careful to acknowledge another, waiting customer, I should have taken her photo, & featured her, as a shining expample of how the staff should behave!
Gosh I am an old GOW!

Roy Orbison, In Dreams

Monday, June 1

On a Lighter Note...

The weather is still RS. Grey skies, rain showers, cold bones.

I did see, on someone else's blog, a little list of UNimportant things that make you happy.

I liked the idea of listing six small things that bring joy or pleasure, though they may seem utterly unimportant.

So. Here are my six, ~Edited to Seven!~which I decided to do photographically as well.

This photo of Gom dancing with a dog called Cassie. She was a gorgeous standard Poodle, who belonged to his sister. When this was taken Gom denied liking any dogs! He later shared an icecream with Cassie. It makes me smile every time I see the photo, or remember them dancing.

A Port Wine Magnolia, I bought & planted which gives me great pleasure.

The way Leo puts his paw on Gom, & pats him, when he wants a tickle or some attention. Spoilt boy!

I love my sky scapes. I never tire of seeing the magic of it all.

Small teddies. I am a sucker for them, they make me smile everytime I look at them.

Baskets. Dont ask me why. I just love them.

Okay. I cheated! I used seven! The sky on a better day!

Are there six- or seven -things which, though unimportant, make your world happy?

Don McLean