Monday, November 29

It is all in the Details.

I think, most of our lives are contained, right there, in the details.

You know the ones. They are never evident upon first inspection.

Then they seem to seep into consciousness, and finally become the significant items, or aspects, that they acutally ARE.

At first, we may notice them, in a secondary way. They are part of the Wallpaper, or the Background Buzz. The misty glimpse, off to the side... the Ghostly Peripheral.

As they pass, we are suddenly aware of how truly signicifant they were/are.

Our Daughter has recieved her "Official" wedding Album.

I would say, for the most part, it is lovely and all that they had hoped for.

However the "Ghosts" are somewhat disturbing, or unsettling.
We can clearly 'see' the apparitions.
Since our Son is an expert in the field of Retouching, we are acutely aware that these pics have been faked.

It begs the question, Why would somone do that to Wedding Photos?
Why would they play such cheap tricks?

Morty is Officially "Naughty Morty". He has become a Neighbourhood Busybody.

He can be seen lolling about the street, on the heat of the tarmac, pretending he is on the Riviera, (or some Kitty Equivalent!)
Newly added Son In Law, was to be seen flapping his arms and shouting, all to no/little avail, to get Haughty Morty off the very road he, SIL,  was about to motor upon!
Morty just rolled over, then dashed off to hide under a wheel of vehicle parked on the side of the street.

SIL drove off, hoping the silly little feline did not choose to leap under his wheels!

Morty is now exploring the delights of the Newly Moved Neighbour's Three Story Boat!! This mighty edifice is parked on the newly owned front lawn, in place of much lovely, but now deceased,  vegetation. Sad to see lovely plants cut down in the prime. But Newly Moved Owners can do as they see fit!
The Three Story Boat, has an ostentatious name. It sits there, almost dwarfing the modest house, in which it's new owners dwell. It rather takes one's breath away, this Three Story Boat.

However, Morty will not be intimidated. I am assuming he chooses his moments, when he knows the owner-dogs will not be present. On the other hand he seems to be cat, who does not give a sh!t!! He is bold beyond belief! He visits our Catless neighbour, and boldly Meows from his terrace, as if he owns the place! Luckily our Catless neighbour does not mind at all.

The Owners of the Three Story Boat would seem to be lovely people. His dogs are certainly impeccably behaved! They are obedient, and wonderfully well mannered... (as opposed to our little demons, who are apt to bark inappropriately.)The man mows  Mr & Mrs NN's lawn, since learning of Mr N N's illness. We really do have the nicest Neighbours anyone could desire.

Our Lovely Son fears he may have broken a bone in his foot, or worse, done tendon damage, after a leap into water, too shallow. The Xrays have proved inconclusive, but his pain is very real. The swelling is an evident detail. He awaits a 'higher' opinion. An expert reader of the 'details'. Two days before he learns the outcome of the Expert Reading. After we spent 4 hours waiting for some results...
I suppose 4 hours was short, compared to the 7 year wait for a knee replacement in the UK, a Podiatrist told me about!! And I have been told to expect 10 months! I feel very lucky!! (Or Not)

They do say , "The Devil is in the Detail".

Bread, Diary

Wednesday, November 17

No, Really!, I live in a Parallel Universe..and it is all GOOD!

You know the one... it has no arthritis, no ugly bits, and all is much the same, but without the pain. There are no dental dramas. No news of possible 'freaky diseases' with no known cause, and no known cure.
Or the fuzzy bits where the brain forgets the correct spelling for words.
HALP!! I ased to be such a good speller!!

These are some pics of my most loved beings on the Planet. I am sure they exist in my Parallel Universe, just the way they appear, here in this Universe!.

This Girl loves her Dad, who came through for her Wedding Day.
This is some random crap I came up with, while we sat in our Parallel Universe, waiting for the Thunderstorms to arrive. They did arrive, but my photographic record was NIL!
Of course, in the Parallel Universe they were all recorded in complete clarity, and somewhere out there, in Cyber Space, they glow!

Here is a loved Sister in Law, in a garden. SIL is a wonderful gardener, and her fingers and thumbs are so green, they are dazzling!! And luckily, she carries this talent into the Parallel Universe!! (Or from here-on, it shall be known as PU!)

Here, below,  are all people I love. Most of them are rellies, and some are Honorary Rellies. One is my Step Granddaughter, on the right. A Gorgeous, Sweet, Loving, Girl..
The Gorgeous Girl on the left in the pics is an Honorary Granddaughter. A part of our loved family. Hi Jas!!XX
And next to her, is my Gorgeous Granddauther, who has been so kind, and so caring for me ove the past few weeks. Love You Gorgeous Girl!!
These people are loved dearly and they are the NN"s,  and Family.
OMG! I forgot how to spell Tuesday?? This is a real worry. This does NOT happen in the Parallel Universe I really live in. In that Unieverse, I can still spell.

In that Universe, I have not gone quietly crazy, trying to deal with all the dross and crap that life hands us all, in due time.

My teeth are still perfect, and I have no issues with strange oral diseases. or denture fittings. I am still able to walk freely, with no broken rib, and no fecked knee, or foot.
The folks- read Specialists!-  I have to see, to sort out these 'wrinkles' are not nasty, nor do they have 'guard dogss' on their phones, who are even nastier!!.
In this Universe, the problems all have solutions.
In this Universe, I am singing and dancing.   With no 'flat notes' and no 'faltered steps'. Mrs NN and I are dancing up & down the street "Naked"!! in this PU.! We love it!!

Trust me, we have discused this scenario, & all it's gaudy minfestations. I think we have decided to wait another five years before we actully do it!!
One might be thinner, but heaven forbid the other is thinner!! We trust she might 'fatten up'!!
All good for laughs in the Parallel Universe!

Wasn't It Good. Tina Arena

Thursday, November 11


I really do believe in Angels.
On this day My Angel was born, so Happy Birthday Sweet Daughter J.

On Saturday 6th of November 2010, our Angel got married to her Sweetheart, of 10 years.
They celebrated in a Park in a simple ceremony tailored to their wishes and their circumstances.

Though Gom is ill, he was able to walk his daughter down the path to be married.

There was a photographer for the ceremony, but we had forgotten about 'Leaving Home'.

Our Angel Neighbours, Mr & Mrs NN came to the rescue, with a video, and also photos.

Here is the Bride leaving in her brother's rather special car.

Such a proud Groom. He had the biggest smile I have ever seen and it lasted all day.

 Here they are with their proud Son our SG. He looked so nice in his suit and he was so proud to read a poem with the Celebrant.
 Nerves were apparent, for our Daughter J.

It was a very unseasonably cool day. It had poured with rain for the preceding hours, but fined up in time to dry most of the worst wetness off the grass.

The "Mums" bore Witness, in front of their offspring.

A Sand Ceremony was performed, for the blending of the two families.

Their happiness warmed the cool Park.

And Meggie and Gom managed to stay quite late.

We left the party just after this photo was taken. The rain had returned and Gom was very chilled.

Angels had ensured that the rain stayed away for the Park Ceremony, and the serving of the Buffet Meal. It later rained, but there was a Marquee, and a Jukebox and much fun was had by all.

I would like to thank my wonderful Angel Neighbours, Mr & Mrs NN and my Beloved Brother for these photos. The official ones wont be ready for some time, but I think these have captured the happiness very nicely.

Woo Hoo. We are having SG for a few days while the Newlyweds go off to Honeymoon in seclusion at a Resort. Our wedding gift to the Happy Couple.

This song was played before the wedding.
Nick Cave Breathless