Monday, November 30

Encounters outside the Professional Arena


Alas! No pics to illustrate the post,

I saw lots of lovely bark trunks to take pics of, but I was not allowed to stop!!

We had some reason in the recent past, to engage the services of a ‘financial person’. A very pleasant male, who came to counsel, & seemingly, give wise advise.

Today, whilst out shopping in some ghastly crowded Mall, we chanced upon this person. He was extremely embarrassed upon being recognized, so therefore pretended non recognition, & skipped off to other areas, where we would not encounter him again. Why??

The fact that he was in casual garb, should not be cause for shame, surely?

The fact that he normally met us in white shirt, collar & tie is not cause for embarrassment?/ We had liked this person as he appeared- a nice genuine human, who had a life outside his ‘office persona’.

Is this an indication that he gave us sh!thouse advice? Is he ashamed of himself? I found it rather disquieting, to watch him dodge us with such lack of grace.

Had I been able to locate him, I would have forced a greeting. (could it be, that I am a b!tch??)


In other news, we have learned our Male GP has suffered an aggressive form of Prostate cancer. He is hopeful it is under control, & his wife, also a GP we see, tells us the news is all good.

I have recently lost a relative to this hideous disease, & so we are hoping all is going well.



I am grappling other personal demons at present.

You know what they say… Life is a bitch… & then you either marry one… or your turn into one!!

Apologies to my friends who neither like nor wish to read, of profanities!

Long time gone. Past encounters.

Wednesday, November 25

I do not like this conversation..


I am tired of this conversation I am lately having with myself.

I am trying to change things around in my life, to somehow restart the sewing  spark. Or even the writing spark would be nice. Indeed, any spark at all !

Apparently I am not a very ‘Motivational Speaker’ judging by the results!



Gom has had his annual checkup for his hearing aids. I did not accompany him this time.  I did not tell, of his latest trick, which is to remove his aids, remove his spectacles, and sit, with his ears & eyes closed. As though to shut out his world.

Which includes me, of course.

This fact comes around in my self talks.

Somehow, when we were young, the thought of retirement was attractive. It would give us time to pursue things we had no time for, when we were busy earning our crusts and crumbs.

Travel was one of my dreams. It is lucky we did do some travelling, when there were funds available, and the body was able.

The likelihood of travel now, is about zero. It is not Gom’s fault, that he is losing his sight, so why do I feel cheated?

I need to change the way I look at things, myself.


That damn tree again

As I sat,in our car,  waiting for the test to be completed, I read my trusty book, and contemplated the passing parade of various types. Most of which were perfectly normal and nice looking people.

Then, I heard the raucous screaming, screeching foul language. A couple, who appeared to be drug affected came screaming, and swearing,  up the street. It was just after 3 pm. Parents were collecting their small children from the nearby Primary School.

This hideous couple, stopped to screech at each other, right where children were crossing the street. The woman’s shrilly voice berated the male for his F…ing this & F…ing that. Pointing her finger, waving her arms about, while the dopey male whined '”But Babes… But Babes”…

Then they turned & did it all in  reverse, going down the street again. They seem to lose all sense of decency, of dignity.

I felt tempted to leap out of the car, & give them each a good slapping!! Though I am sure their drug fuelled fury would have seen me beaten to the pavement! That is not really what I have in mind, when thinking of changes!

Recently, one of my Nephew’s had an ‘80s Party to mark his 30th Birthday.

Today is my Beloved Brother’s birthday- sadly it it not his 30th!

In honour of his birthday here he is as he appeared at the Party, AKA Willie Nelson!

BB aka Willie Nelson

Happy Birthday Bro!


Wednesday, November 18

Have you seen this person??


You must have seen this person. Mostly a female, but sometimes a male. They have dyed their hair in clumps & stripes. So when one is sitting dreamily contemplating the Passing Parade, one is fooled into thinking one has just seen a high cat passing by one’s vision!

Some of these ladiesA very Elevated Tortoiseshell cat, in fact! One sneaks a second look, sniggers ~almost~ as one realizes it is just another middle aged Breakout Artist, wishing to assert His/Her freedom of choice!


I used to look upon such things with jaundiced eye. I used to think to myself, “What the hell was s/he thinking?”

Now, while I could never do such a thing myself, I secretly admire her/his guts. Not so much on the young set. On the older set~ definitely!!

Why should the young have all the fun, after all?


Now I see, on older persons ‘Cankles’  ankle tattoos. I also used to think, a little sneeringly, “What the Hell was this person thinking??” Surely, when the ankles are really no more recognizable as such, why would you draw attention to these swollen body parts?

tattooNow, I judge no more, & think to myself, if it makes them happy, so be it.

Life is, after all, rather short.


In light of recent personal events, here is a Passionflower. I have been told this is a Passionfruit vine, but I am unconvinced. The leaves are not the same as previous Passionfruit  we have grown.


Yesterday, whilst engaged in conversation, with a half sister, we discussed how much be both detest cartoons.We reminisced about how we had loathed the cartoons at the movies, when we were young. We both disliked- intensely- Charlie Chaplin, Keystone Cops, all those pie-in-he-face Slapstick ‘comedies’.

We never thought them funny, in most senses of the word. Certainly, never humorous!!

I love this sister, my full brother & I both love her. We wish we had known her growing up. We were raised separately, and grew to adult-hood not knowing each other, until we we met, at almost, middle age.

We have so many points of similarity. So many habits are recognizable. We have such fun, discovering how much we have in common, in spite of our different upbringing. Nature or Nurture??

We have other siblings, not familiar to us. Raised in another life, perhaps with completely different expectations. It is nice to know we love them too. We do feel a kinship with these brothers & sisters. We mourn the one who died. The sister we have never met is missed.

This is a source of some of my joy.

Engagement ringSuch a pretty ring. So hard to photograph.

When I say, Do you Know this Person? I think I mean me. The greying, slowing person who composes this blog…



I cant find the labels option on this post format? I am trying out Windows live Writer…

Labels are: Do you know this person. Life is short-yes?

Friday, November 13


I am finding the uploading of photos, in the order I choose to be very difficult, with the new formatting of Blogger.
Am I alone in this? Or is it more complicated  confusing, than it used to be?

I am so lucky to have friends. Look what I got this week! A wonderful gift, from a friend, who knows just how to make me happy! I LOVE this book! I has some brilliant quilt patterns. The Instructions are marvellous, & I am sure I will be making more than one quilt from this great book.

There was the added bonus of these magazines... which I did not have already! There is a quilt in one, which I am about to cut for.
Several other brilliant ideas, which never go amiss, as we Quilters know!

We have had SG -Small Grandson- staying for a few nights.
He was a model guest & an absolute delight to have.
Here he is showing Nanna his Nintendo DS. He spent some time assisting his Grandfather to play Mario, and though Gom's eyesight is failing, he made a great effort to get the hang of it all!

Now, this is where it gets a little strange in the posting 'compose' mode.
On my screen, I see the Christamas stocking first.
However on the preview I see the Reality pic of the back yard garden is the next.
See the giant Phallic Symbol tree, belonging to our Neighbour?
It houses Indian Myna bird nests, & we hope he has trimmed them so that they are frightened away... somehow I doubt it.

According to the Preview, the next pic is my lovely Cousin's jump start on Christmas!
Lovely Bright Red Stockings. I think my other lovely Cousin, her sister, is going to have them on her stall. Good luck!

Preview indicates the next pic is the beautiful quilt my Beloved Cousin J made, to gift to the Hospice, which I understand, is where here SIL passed away. It is called Promise of Peace. The Hospice intend to hang it in the "Quiet Room", which I feel is very appropriate. I love the soft colours.

Last but not least, how sweet is this!
What sweet little bundles of love, complete with labels!!

If you are lonely, or bereft, please consider adopting a pet. They all deserve a chance at life, & can often save lives, just by being so loving & giving, to owners who may have been in despair.
The plainest looking pet, can give love & devotion that can far outweigh the 'face'value!!

Wednesday, November 11

Do You Think???

Do you think, there are times when you miss someone, who has died, and passed out of your life, ... you miss them soooo much you dream them back into your life??

I think this must be true. Because I keep dreaming of my friend, who is gone.
I keep holding his living body in my dreams.
I keep feeling his living body, the warmth, the joy, the life force.
His vital, living being, ... I feel it still, in my dreams.
I enfold his physical body. I crush him to my warmth with love and affection.

We were never physical lovers, yet I feel his presence. I feel his body, his being.
Which goes against all I believe of how we are.

His favourite song for us...

Mary Hopkin, Those Were The Days My Friend.

So what have they been doing on Blogger??

So, while I wasn't paying attention, they have changed blogger all around, & now I can't tell WTH I am doing! Grrrrr.

I find it very disconcerting to have the cursor in the center of the page before I begin to type.
I have also been having   fun tedious trouble getting the photos in the preferred order for posting.

Today this gorgeous girl, light of our lives, is 40 years old.

As I have previously stated, she has been both our Rainbow, & our Pot of Gold.

I am quite dismayed to see the old photos are becoming damaged.
I used to take our children for regular photographs at an excellent outlet called "While-U-Wait" and in about an hour you could collect as many prints as you chose.

Since we lived in the South Island, & my relatives all lived in the North Island, I found this service affordable, & an easy way to keep the rellies updated with growth progress.

My photographic skills were seriously lacking in those days, with many a missing head or legs.
Bless the advent of Digital Cameras!

This happy shot was taken when our baby returned to the nest after a year of 'Overseas Experience'.

Natally speaking this is another busy month for our family.

This gorgeous boy, my nephew,  turned 30 on Monday. I think he was about 4 when this was taken.

Here he is today, all grown up, and still a gorgeous man!

It was also Honey's 9th Birthday, and next is my sister, then Gom's sister -not that they are on friendly terms, but I still think of her. Then it is my Beloved Brother's birthday.

I was looking forward to having a real rant today. The subject matter was to be "UGLY PEOPLE".
By ugly I don't necessarily mean the ugliness of the physical kind, though that can be a factor, however, that is often a unfortunate side effect.

Random observations,
Whilst waiting at the Bus stop with SG, a large vision resembling a sack of pumpkins, accompanied by a rather unfortunate cringing child. I immediately nicknamed the pumpkin vision Mrs Oxenslat.
It proved an apt name. She stopped close behind me, & proceeded to bellow out in unintelligable screeches, what sounded like "Looka this bitch! Muz beadyejob, whaddya reckon? Same as moin-same colour"
I am sure that is not what she actually said, but her shrill twisted tones were beyond interpretation... to me anyway.

SG & I froze on the spot. I may have even cowered a little, expecting a gigantic thump, from a pumpkin limb.

The people she was apparently addressing, Mr & Mrs Limp & Shrimp, were waiting across the road at the opposite bus stop.

Mr & Mrs Limp & Shrimp froze too, looked aghast, then attempted nods, mutters & grunts. I am sure they had no more idea than I did, what Mrs Oxenslat had actually said.

Yesterday, we took SG to the local Village to get bread.
Mr Seedy was striding about, accompanied by a nice looking lad, I took to be his son. Out in the carpark, Son of Seedy was stainding waiting patiently with a trolley containing some goods.
Next thing Mr Seedy barrells up to the boy, snarling "For F***'s sake get a bloody move on!"
The poor boy. I noted he didn't flinch, so I guess that is a normal way to be addressed.

What are these monsters doing to these innocent children?

We have SG staying for a couple of days, while his parents are away together. This morning we took him down to catch his regular bus to school.
The bus almost zoomed right on by, but he stopped in front of our car, & SG got on board. Imagine our consternation, when the bus paused, then did a U turn, & roared off with SG, going in the wrong direction!

We remained, anxiously waiting to see if the bus would return. I walked to the corner to see if it was at the other stop. Just as I was panicking, it came around the corner, the bus driver waved, & SG waved & off it went, to collect other little passengers along the normal route!
I wonder what that was all about!

Tuesday, November 3

Now it is November..

How relaxed should we be?
I would say this is Nirvana, in Relaxation!!

I love the way the tail is just laid there, to designate total trust!!
"I will just lie here, & you will just admire, & adore me!!"

I won't go into the horrible threats that have been made against this gentle Girl. An old, sicko, whose idea of animals is to torture them..
Please send positive vibes for Sweet Mindy!!

Edited to add, Mindy is not my cat~ wish she was!~ she lives in New Zealand and belongs to my cousin J.

We have been having some threatning looking skies. I must say, they are tame compared to last year's skies.
I have been revisiting last year's posts, & am dismayed to realise how many no longer comment.
Am I boring? Am I repetitive?

The tree, once referred to as the Coffee Table Tree, still remains.The site of it's home is now for sale for $900,000. It is scary to think it is to be sold to the highest bidder.

Even if I could afford it, I would never bid for it. It is Heritage listed. Therefore, can never be re~created, or effectively remodelled. Is that why there is no photograph of the kitchen??

The bedrooms have individual fireplaces. Not a modern advantage?
Nor even a modern option?
It is sad, to think that it may not be sold, nor respected, as local lore would expect.
I suspect most folks herabouts, could not care less, nor would they bid on such a deadend proposition.
The skies above it all, give nothing away.
Why would they?
Time stands still for no man.
I show my age here, with this really old Jukebox song from my youth.
Russ Hamilton, Rainbow.