Sunday, May 31

Losing Impetus

Perhaps it is the onset of winter. Or the wet weather, we have had almost continuously, for a week. Grey skies, damp feeling, gloomy news.

Gom & I have been 'sleeping in'. Not like me, at all. I am usually up early, whether I want to be, or not.

I have heard some very sad stories of people who are alone, so to speak. They have no family, & if they have a partner, & that partner dies, they have to go into a Home. It must be so hard to keep the will to live in those circumstances.

One poor woman had no clothes at all, to pack, when she had to go into a Home. Her partner had cared for her for years, with help from Community based Services to shower her. She lived in her nighty & slippers. It was all she owned.

I am not sure why her story affected me so deeply. She will be the tip of the iceberg I guess.

Another story affects friends. They are to be 'relocated' they know not where. They ~being the State Housing Service or whatever their name is this weekk~ are taking the house, bulldozing it, so the land can be used to erect 10 or so units. Small boxes of neurosis ridden people, would seem to be the indicated end result, if some of the recent, similar, projects are anything to go on.

It seems obscene to those of us who know how well loved that house has been for 30 years. They have improved it, at their own cost. They have kept it like a model showhome in a magazine.

We have been told the Retirement age is being increased, to 67, rather than 65, as it has been. The theory is less strain on Government coffers for Pensions.

Now they are trying to sell the idea that it will be better for everyone. "Use it or Lose it" 'they' say. A fit body houses a fit mind.

From my grim observations of my Mother in Law's horrible slow painful death from Alzheimers, all a fit body does, is prolong the death. She was one of the fittest women I ever knew. She rode her bicycle everywhere. She never suffered from high blood pressure or any other 'old age' related disease or illness. She smoked cigarettes, for as long as she could remember how to. She ate, probably far too much, chocolate, but it never seemed to have any ill affects on her health.

One might say, her body was a 'temple'.

A temple to a lost mind, which meant she was a long time dying, even though her mind had long since left.

It took years, for her body to die, because it was so fit, I would suspect.

Who are 'they' kidding, when they say fitness keeps the mind active. Bah!

Onto more morbid thoughts.

Those who have gone before.
A Great Grandmother's headstone.
Goodness knows where her husband is buried, but it is not with her last resting place.

Here, more Greats gone before. Including a son who died when young, & another, who was not so young.
My father, who died in the night. It seems sad, to think he had had 2 wives, & 8 children, yet he died alone.

My Mother's parents, with plaques for our mother & an Uncle, who were cremated.
Our mother died surrounded by all who meant the most to her. With her death I became an orphan. I was glad to be there, but it did not make her death any easier to bear.

I have long had a love of cemetaries. They always seem so calm & peaceful to me. It does seem a shame, that they will become a thing of the past.

I have no desire to be buried. I want to be cremated, as my mother was.

A somewhat morbid post. I have tried to be more positive.


Connie Francis, My Heart Has a Mind of it's Own.

Monday, May 25

A Further Rat Story!

Tequila Sunrise. What a perfect rose. Every time I see it, I fall in love with it again.

An Award I was given by Catalyst, of Oddball Observations.

Thankyou kindly Cat.

There are rules to go with this,

The following rules came with this prize: These blogs are exceedingly charming.These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends.They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Do take it if you would like it, as I break rules & dont often pass these along. Not that I dont appreciate them, just that I know some folk don't want any tags.

But by the way, do go to visit Cat- he has posted a delicious recipe of his wife's for Chicken Piccata! It sounds so delicious & I intend making it tonight.


Today is my eldest son's birthday.

This was taken by a friend of his, who was a newpaper photographer. He was only about 22 then, I think.

This was taken last time I saw him. He had almost died & is a different person to who he was when he was young. His life has changed in so many ways.
I phoned him this morning to wish him Happy 47th birthday! Gulp!
Where have the years gone! He is so proud as he is a memeber of APRA (Australasian Performing Rights Association) because he has had one song published, & produced on a compilation album, & now has a further 4 songs he has written going on another album.
Well Done.

Now to the latest Rat Tale!
Last night our dog Leo, who sleeps in the lounge, began frantic barking. Hysterical barking one might say.
Gom got up, to let Leo out, since we dont have a doggy door, plus we tie him up at night, to stop him sneaking into our room. Leo continued to go nuts out in the yard, barking frantically, on & on.
Gom got him inside, & shut the door, but Leo continued to be frenzied, so Gom let him out again.
Then Gom put the outside light on.
Now please bear in mind, Gom sleeps bare!
Imagine a large naked pink Gom standing out in the night air, staring with astonishment at a rat, staggering round in circles, with Leo batting at it as it went.
Then the rat fell down, so Gom grabbed Leo, rushed him inside & shut the door again.
Grumpily got back into bed. Then had a stab of compassion. What if the rat was suffering? He couldnt leave it out there like that, so he got up once again, & went out to see what the rat was doing. It was not a large rat, in fact quite a small one, compared to our usual rodent visitors.
Leo was whining away because he was missing out on the action. Gom was gingerly loading the rat into a plastic bag, & disposing of it over the fence to our garbage bin area. He said he drew the line at racing down naked to bin the thing!
Gom said he had refreshed the baits downstairs & upstairs so I guess mr Junior Rat had come to dine. Thank goodness this one is safely in the bin, not the boot of our car, or a bucket of water, or the ceiling cavity!
I had wondered why Leo was making such a ruckus & this morning when I let him out, he raced about the garden in search of his 'playmate'.
I wonder if it is coincidence that Gom is a Rat in the Chinese horoscope? Rats seem to have featured in our lives, quite often, over the years.


Sunday, May 24

Judging Books by Covers

I remember my Grandmother saying "Never judge a book by it's cover!"

Meaning lots of other things, besides books, or course.

Crusty old men, spring to mind, who called to visit, wearing waistcoats, & slightly grubby clothes, with a food collection in the beard! -maybe snacks for later, we giggled, as children Their 'covers' hid formiddably learned minds, perhaps gone a little absent with aging.
Which was, of course, no excuse for disrespect.

Thin women, wearing fox furs with the pitiful little dangly paws, tail & head. I can still remember the horror I felt when I first encountered that little item of clothing! The heavily applied makeup- powdery layers, the impossibly shrieking red on the lips, with bright pink rouged patches on the cheeks. The raddle of the sheep shed sprang to mind!She would forever be thought of, in my mind, as a "raddled old hag", which was very disrespectful, & wrong, since she was really quite nice, & did seem genuinely fond of my Grandmother.

As I grew up, I realised that some of the best books I ever read, have very plain, uninspiring, covers. As some of the best people I ever met, have had plain covers, perhaps, but what treasures lay awaiting, inside the covers!

I grew up in a time before lurid book covers became the norm. The full art & power of the illustration had not yet gained market control. I am sure my Grandmother would squirm in her gentle way at the sight of near naked bodies, writhing in 'suggestive' poses. Splatterings of blood pouring over the covers. Grotesquely drawn faces, enough to drive any self respecting person to nightmares.

I do think often, how the exposure to so much violence must have a desensitising effect on our children.
As I am sure, the covers on books help to sell the book, regardless of the content or measure of the written words, within the covers.

Here is a book with a very plain cover. My Mother gave it to me, when I first married. It is the Collins Red Recipe Book. It has suffered through 43 years of use, & abuse.
I keep a rubber band around it now, to prevent the loose pages from being lost.

As you can see, it has been splattered & battered- almost literally battered, when Gom, as young husband, decided to use it to make cakes!

The spine is broken, & pages are apt to fall out. There are loose pieces of paper with hurriedly written recipes, from friends or a book or magazine- often never tried, but kept all the same. The information for weights, measures & a little first aid, have suffered the stains of time.

As they grew, my children used "Mum's book" to make scones, cakes, consult for how to, as they left home, & experimented with their own cooking disasters ~ & triumphs.
Over the years, I can trace the changing tastes of the times. The friends who came & went, are marked, with recipes I added their name to, so I never forgot them.
Some recipes are pristine, never having been used. I ponder them, wondering why I ever wrote them down in the first place! Spaghetti pizza?? Using tinned spaghetti?
There are recipes of my mother's that were favourites. It always seemed, that no matter how hard I tried, they never tasted as good as my mother's did.
It has sections for various types of recipe. Meats, Savoury, Entree, Cakes Desserts, etc. As I flip through I see I occasionally wrote a recipe in the wrong category! A chicken dish in the cakes! What was I thinking!
I can trace the ruination of my handwriting too. The very early entries are so neat, the latter ones, barely readable! 'Pride' never let me descend to printing, but it should have!
On looking at these photos, it looks rather disgusting doesn't it? I wonder what the germ count would be, from 43 years! haha. I am sure no one has ever been ill from using my Red Recipe Book.
Perhaps from the food, but not the book!
Here are two "Books" with very lovely 'covers'!
Charming M, with her beautiful son, O.

And here is Grandma, reading to little O. Grandma is a teacher, so he is getting a great head start!!

I thank my Cousin for sharing these pics with me. I never tire of seeing family photos.

Roy Orbison, Blue Bayou.

Wednesday, May 20


I have lately been thinking of hands.
I work with my hands to 'create'. However my hands' work, & creations, may be judged is really neither here nor there.

I just know that I am happy when I am creating, whether it be sewing, typing, knitting, crochet, cooking or caressing/soothing.

I am convinced our hands tell a great deal about us, & I often study hands, to get an indication of a person's personality.

This is a quilt I made for my brother. I have blogged about this long ago, I think. (Too tired & lazy to check it out!) I designed it myself, to represent my Beloved Brother's family.
It is outdated now, since his gorgeous Grandson has been born since I made it.
Partners for his sons have also been added.

It has many symbols of good luck which I had hopes may bring him luck. He is a very good natured man, with a 'lucky' personality. Most people gravitate towards him, with his wonderful sense of humour, & his easy going charm. In any family gathering, he is a great favourite.

I could explain about the 'lucky charm' blocks, the family represented in hearts, & stars, & flowers, the two "Island" lands that are our heritage, but I suspect I have done that before.
That is it, for the pics for this post!
I pondered using pics of hands, to illustrate my central topic, but I did not wish to use Googled images of hands, nor any I could crop from personal photos.
I tend to be very observant of any person's hands. I remember once having a Horoscope done. The Reader, who had never met me, made the observation that I often wondered why I "was so wide awake & alert, while everybody around me seemed half asleep". It is true, I will often observe things that no one else seems to see. I love it that my daughter is like me, & we often later compare mental 'notes'!
I look at a man's hands, always, to see if he is cruel, brutal, hardworking, vain, weak, practical, strong. Hands have often stirred quite unexpected emotions in me, when I have observed them.
The shape of the fingers, the length of the fingers. The broadness of a palm, the stiffness of a thumb. The state & shape of the nails, on thumbs & fingers.
When my second son was born, his fingers were so long & elegant, I felt he would do well in artistic pursuits. It proved to be the case. Not in perhaps the direction we wished, but he certainly has artistic ability.
My Granddaughter's fingers were so long & elegant at her birth, I am surprised she did not play a musical intstrument, but she always said she wished to play the violin. Perhaps it is a shame she never got the chance- yet!
My mother once shocked me, by telling me she was afraid I had a very loved Aunt's hands, as a baby. As it happened, my hands were not least like the Aunt's in the event, but I loved that Aunt, & greatly admired her hands, which were broad & long fingered & strong & capable, & so lovely to have around for solace, & broad comfort.
I look at my Son in Law's hands, & I dont see the skills of his father, but I see other strengths. I look at my Grandson's hands, & see a lot of his father's hands, but with other features- perhaps my daughters' influence in his genes.
Do you notice people's hands? What judgements do you make? Do you feel a sense of 'knowledge' from observation? I find it so fascinating.
I have been tagged by Selina Kingston for some questions. So here goes....

1. What are your current obsessions?
Reading reading & reading.
2.Who would you most like to have dinner with?
A "pompous person" who pretended to know all about food & wine!
3. Last dream you had?
My mother was present again.. disapproving again...but there were lots of lovely nieces & nephews, & fish & chips- NZ style!!
4. Last thing you bought?
A newspaper.
5. What are you listening to?
Television, far too loud, in the next room! grrrr!
6. If you were a god/goddess who would you be?
A bloody poor one!!
7. Favourite holiday spots?
Beaches with no other people!!
8. Reading right now?
The Book Theif.
9. Four words to describe yourself.
Loner, Loving, Friendly, Apart.
10 Guilty Pleasure?
Reading while the housework mounts!!
11. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak?
At this stage in my life, who can say? It catches me unawares!!
12. Favourite odd thing to do?* this is the one question I have changed.*
Weep over something too personal to tell.
13. Planning to travel to next?
Chance will be a fine thing!
14. Best thing you ate or drank lately?
My Chicken Ali Baba! Mmnn!!
15. When did you last get tipsy?
Well, really, a girl won't tell!
16. Favourite ever film?
This is a moving feast.
17. Care to share some wisdom?
"Make allowances for your friends' imperfections, as readily as you do for your own."
18. What item could you not live without?
A shower!
19. Thing you are looking forward to?
My next completed quilt!
20. What’s your favourite smell?
'Joy' perfume
21. What food makes you heave?
22. How many REAL regrets have you got in your life?
I have ONE.
So that’s it. Now, the rules. Respond and rework. Answer questions on your own blog. Replace one question.
Add one question.
Then tag 8 people.
I don't know that I can tag 8 people, I know a lot of people hate tags.
So, with the priviso you can refuse if you choose, I tag:
That seems to be 8.
If you dont care to do this, please, don't feel pressured.

Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb.

Sunday, May 17

Lolling about, dreaming...

I have spent a lot of time just lately sitting outside in the warm Autumn sun, reading, & dreaming.
I have recently read, & enjoyed A Thousand Splendid Suns, which I may have mentioned before. I gave it to my daughter to read, & she has enjoyed it too, though she was initially not so keen. I suppose it is because it is a culture so unlike our own. That is partially why I read it.
What a sad, & war torn country Afganistan is, & always seems to have been.

I have spent some time, looking over photos, too, & I love this golden one of my Grandson, at Lake Glenbawn. I think he was about 2 when this was taken.

Another book I have recently enjoyed was the Lovely Bones. I have written about this before, & my daughter & granddaughter have just enjoyed it too.

I do like my gory thriller mysteries too, & have just finished The Rosary Girls by Richard Montanari. Another book passed on to my daughter to read. It is a large book, but I raced through it, even retiring to bed early on a couple of nights, just so I could wallow in warmth, & enjoy reading.

Here are flowers my son gave me, for Mother's Day. I am so enjoying the beautiful scent of the perfumed Lillies, as they open.

Another book read, is Man and Boy, by Tony Parsons. I bought it at a garage sale, - as I did all the others!- & it was a lovely touching read.

Here is a little neighbour boy, who is very very fond of Mrs Nice Neighbour. He is sitting up at their computer, with their dear little dog Beau, who just adores it when this boy & his sister, come to visit.

I am still reading The Book Theif, have been reading it for some time. I am not sure why it has become a 'slow burner'. My brother gave it to me, when he had read it, while staying here. I know he was gripped by it, & raced through it very quickly.

A pretty moth, which was on our kitchen ceiling. I love the patterns on these moths, & have noticed a few of them around. I suppose they are the type to eat your woollies or something, but I dont have the heart to kill them.

The quilting/sewing is down to a slow simmer. It is a little chilly in the sewing room. I should get the machine out in the sun again, like I did before. What a nice day I had sewing in the sun, & I think it was last Autumn too.

This photo is of twin granddaughters of one of my best childhood friends.
Aren't they just adorable! They are identical, as you can see, & she has sent me some beautiful pics of them. This is an old one, so they will be different now, I suppose.

These cool mornings I wake in pain, & force myself out of bed, my back being the greatest source of the pain. Once I get moving, & 'thaw out', I dont feel so bad. I suspect Coffee helps too!
I am currently reading a Minette Walters book, Disordered Minds. I do enjoy her books, & like her psychological insights to people's minds.
It is another flawless looking day with blue skies, so more reading in the sun might be the order of the day. I have three other books on the 'simmer' as I say.
My daughter gave me a gift voucher which I can use to buy fabric. Perhaps I should take myself off to the shop!
Here is a quote from the On Friendship book
"You can always tell a true friend: when you make a fool of yourself, he doesn't think you've done a permanent job." Lawerence J Peter.

Tony Bennett & k d lang. La Vie en Rose.

Wednesday, May 13

A Perfect Day

If you look closely at this pic, the Kangaroos are all standing, apparently at attention, looking toward the Lake.
Like a guard of Sentinels.

Such a beautiful scene of Lake MacQuarie, which was so calm & serene, it was almost surreal. As we watched the fish jumped in silver flashes, for some invisible targets.
The shadows were getting long across the grass, by the time we visited, this wonderful Parkland.

Autumn in New South Wales, Australia, really can be, the most magical of all seasons.

The weather can be crisp, totally without humidity, with gorgeous sun, clear blue skies, & no wind.

We were invited to share a day out with Mr & Mrs Nice Neighbour.

What a beautiful day it proved to be.

We were driven, in total comfort & luxury, to meet up with Mr & Mrs Lovely Ex-Neighbours.

We lunched out, at a Country Club, which was lovely, relaxed, & with delicious food. To say nothing of the laughs, shared with friends!

Then we proceeded to a 'market', with lots to see, & some bargains to purchase- Leo got a new toy. I got some much loved Cashew nuts. Yum.

The highlight of the day was yet to come.

We went to visit a beautiful Reserve, with Parklands.

Wild colonies of Kangaroos. So friendly, & so natural.

The scenery was just beautiful.

I was in animal heaven. I fell in love with every Kangaroo I met!

"I am so safe here with my mother. She protects me, & shields me from all ills!"

Mrs NN taking some photographs of Kangaroos. That bulge in the closest mother, to Mrs NN, contains a baby, who has just ducked back inside the pouch!

"I am the Perfect Mother!"

Happiness is a crust of bread! I just love the way their front paws act like hands.

They were so tame, & seemingly trusting. It was lovely to see them so close.

This seems to be some accidental frame that was taken with this photo of the wider field of the Roos. I am still learning about my camera, & it's settings!

Look at this adorable mother & baby, the mother accepting bread from Gom.

"My sad eyes." The proffered bread was offered to some other Kanga.

This was a Buck I took great interest in- he had lost one eye, & his left ear was snagged quite deeply. He was a smaller Buck than the dominant male of the group, & it appeared he had suffered as a result. I wished a Vet could have checked him out, as his missing eye appeared to be weaping. He made himself very bold with our little group. This is Mr NN feeding him bread.

Here a cheeky Magpie, who came to strut & wait for morsels which might be missed.

It really was a lovely, golden day out. We love seeing the Kangaroos so relaxed, & friendly. They are not restricted to this Park, by any fences or gates, but they remain, as if they know this is a sanctuary, & they will not be harmed.
'Up Close & Personal', they are so appealing it is very hard not to fall in love with them. One tends to forget they are wild animals, & as such can fend for themselves, & live a quite different life from us, with our domestic animals.

David Gray, This Year's Love

Monday, May 11

Further Thank You.

I began this post with the photos, plus a headline. Then Blogger decided to post it! GRRRRR!

I had not done any of the text, & had only managed to upload the pics, with much fiddling about, to get them in the order I wanted them.

I must be slowing down, or the colder weather is befuddling my brain is messing with my reactions.

The big news of the day is, my lucky draw on Uberstitch's giveaway, arrived from Florida.
Woo hoo! How lucky am I?

Gom went out to walk Leo, & came racing up the stairs with this wonderful parcel. We had heard the dogs barking, but did not realise they were barking for anyone so close to home.

I was so excited, but I waited until Gom returned, as he was as curious as me, to see the contents. How perfect is that? Old patterns for wrapping. I used to work in a shop, where we used outdated patterns for wrapping!
Just look at this lovely little book- Pam must have known I love miniature books, & this is just darling.
I read out this quote to Gom-
"If you know a friend has had a bad day, take her out for coffee or maybe dinner."
Look at the lovely contents, of the parcel. Two dish towels by Orla Kiely, which Pam intended using to make a bag, but she ran out of time. Hmmmn perhaps I can manage.
And look at the lovely fabrics.
So different to anything I have in the sad old stash! I will have to get my thoughts together to decide how to use them.
The lovely wee card had a very nice message inside, & all in all, I am very thrilled with my wonderful "WIN". Thank you so much Pam!!
Just a little mention here for Geta's Quilting Studio. I urge you to go & visit her site, if you love quilting. She has the most wonderful quilts & projects.
Her work is just beautiful!
I hope all Mothers out there in Blogland had a wonderful Mother's Day.
I had a lovely weekend all round. We had family for our Granddaughter's 20th Birthday get together.
Our son who lives in OZ came to stay for the weekend, so that was extra family to love & have the pleasure of the company.

Crowded House, Distant Sun

Thursday, May 7

Some Thankyous.

I have been a little remiss here, giving Thanks for an Award, from Street Guru.

So, without further ado, I will say Thank You, for this Kreativ Blogger Award. Please go visit Street Guru, he has some interesting observations.

Then, I discovered I had been tagged by Sweet Connie W to do a Seven Random things about myself.

I have done this before but a long time ago now, so here goes again...

1. I do love quilting, but every now & then I lose the Mojo, & have dry patches.

2. Same as above, re writing. For those of you awaiting another chapter in my 'story' on my other blog... well, I do have several written in my head.

3. I really enjoy reading. The more grizzly the better. I hate to watch grizzly, & I dont like watching violence. Reading it seems to be another matter entirely. hmmmn, does this indicate the secret violence of the hidden me??

4. The older I get, the more I realise how much I will never, ever know.

5. I have very vivid dreams. Always have. Some of them are more like Nightmares. Some seem to have been recurring almost all my life, especially the locations, and settings.

6. As a girl who grew up without her father in her life, I am constantly angered by the fact that the coward, who is the father of my Granddaughter, declined to meet her when he had the choice. Also the fact that her paternal grandparents met her, pretended to be enthralled, & so loving.... then dropped her flat. For no reason that is apparent to any of us. How could they? I am almost tempted to hate them for this gross act.
I might add here, they have disappered back into the woodwork again, being careful not to have any public phone numbers or information which would locate them. They only surfaced last time because I had a public notice put in a newspaper, & some of their friends notified them- with some disbelief!

7. I am sure I could be capable of hideous acts to protect my family. Of course one never knows how one would react in any given situation, until faced with it, but my urge to protect 'my own' is very strong.

Some dark thoughts here among the 7. I usually go for lighter.

On the subject of humanity's darkness, I was reminded this morning, whilst reading Ian at I still think so, about Hitler was a man who is arguably the worst human ever .
It sparked a memory in my core, that I have the feeling every one of us, given the right opportunity or circumstance could probably be some kind of "Monster".
I dont necessarily mean a murderer, or a torturer, but some level of darkness we never think ourselves capable of, under normal circumstances.

On the other side of that equation, I also think any one of us, is capable of acts of superhuman kindness, decency and valour. The light & the dark. The good & the bad.

On to other small thoughts.
Someone asked for some close up shots of some of the Autumn Quilt.. I have still not thought of a name I could 'publish' for it! ha ha!

Here in the sunlight, filtered through leaves.
This, taken in the kitchen in the morning sun, through the window. It is fairly true to the real life colours.

Again the sun dappled look.

I did wonder about the Bamboo, but since bamboo stays green all year long, I decided it was perfectly acceptable.

They should all enlarge on clickage, if you wish to see tendrils from frog stitching. Or odd cottons, yet to be cleaned off.

For Sweet Connie W.

Wednesday, May 6

This is the almost final version of this Autumn Quilt. I decided to go with the floral, & leave the slime green for another day.
This is really not as dull in the 'flesh' as it looks.
I did a little frog stitching to swap a couple of blocks around, & then more frogging when I discovered I had put two of the setting triangles in incorrectly. That was because I insisted on sewing when I was too tired!

As you can see, the corners are brown, I ran out of other colour choices, but I quite like these. It will be a good quilt for letting go, & really relaxing. Spilled your coffee? never mind, no one will notice! Or your wine or beer....

My head is filled with new ideas for my next project already... dare I begin another top, before I have quilted this??

We lunched out yesterday, to celebrate our Granddaughter's Birthday.
Silly Nanna forgot her camera. It was lovely,& we all positively waddled out of the Restaurant, having indulged to the MAX.
It is an All You Can Eat Buffet, with all types of food from, Chinese, soups, steamed dishes, garlic bread, Salads, seafood, to Roasts, with 3 types of yummy gravy! Something for everyone.

SG had a ball with icecream,& three types of topping with sprinkles!! The desserts are great, because they have really small servings, so you get to try a variety, if sweets are your 'thing'.They also have rice pudding, & bread & butter pudding... not my thing at all, but they are really popular!

Daughter J & Sil took SG home, & we stayed on with our Granddaughter for a while. It was lovely to spend some time with her. Nice to think she still finds her old 'grandies' good company. I did some fun people watching but that is for another day.

Roy Orbison, In Dreams, for memories, recently revisited, & BFJ.

Monday, May 4

I think the Mojo is back~ Shh.

I think the drought in my quilting life might be over.
I don't want to mention it too loudly, in case I jinx it, or otherwise scare it away.

Who me? Superstitious? No no, I assure you I not in the least!

This is a picture of the 'droughtbreaker.'
For want of a better name.

Somehow the colours in this pic are not very true to life, not sure why the camera has recorded the green as a bluey green, because it isn't.

I am tempted to call it Green Slime. See that bottom fabric I am test driving for setting triangles.? It is a distinctly slime green colour.

Any suggestions would be very welcome. At the moment it is looking as if I need to visit the fabric shop.

I dont have enough of the floral to complete the settings. I would have to use a different fabric for the corners. I dont have enough of the brown to do all the settings either.

And, somehow after all my mad work getting the blocks all done, & hating them, I am very disappointed. I wanted this to be a gift for someone I love. I dont think I like it enough to give away. Bugger.

There are a couple blocks I might swap the placement of too. I hate things to be too 'odd'.

The reason I rediscovered my mojo is that I won a fabulous giveaway on a blog. I won't blog fully about it until I recieve my parcel, but I got so excited I rushed off to use the fabric in the Autumn tones. I have had them for awhile sitting waiting to be used. Now I can't help but feel a little disheartened at the result.

I was contacted by Connie Colten of Quilt Qua, to ask if I would like to post a picture of a quilt or quilts on her site. I decided I would, & actually uploaded 3 pics. It is lovely to see all the quilts. Do go & have a look, & post some of your own. I see Wanda of Exuberant Colour, has one of her fabulous quilts displayed.

There are prize draws at the end of it all, so have a look.

The weather is fabulously Autumn now, the blue of the sky is lovely. I am unable to sit in the sun at present due to an antibiotic that is photo sesitive. Never mind, I am sure there are many more days to enjoy.

I seem to have the feeling I have emerged from some type of tunnel, re my emotions etc. A loved cousin gave me a good stiff lecture, which probably helped, somewhat. Not a lecture that I haven't given myself before, but I suppose coming from someone else, it brings it all home.

We had our daughter & family for the afternoon yesterday, & that was nice. Her husband arrived later after having played golf at a fancy pancy new Golf course. SIL was very impressed with it, but says he could never afford it!

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