Friday, July 30

The Fabric of Life

A friend, who reads here, remarked that I had not posted, lately.

It is not exactly from lack of desire.

I find excellent- well,.. in my headspace- posts suggest themselves, when I am preoccupied with other, mundane activities, such as showering, or chopping vegetables for Laksa, or chicken for Curry. My goodness, I do loath chopping chicken for dishes! I suspect I should be a vegetarian, but I cannot deny my enjoyment of chicken dishes- mostly when they are prepared by someone other than myself.

And much as I adore small piglets, and even full grown pigs, I cannot deny, I do enjoy a nice roast of pork, or a nice piece of bacon.

Here is the arrogant Morty, declaring "We Seez things Differently". I feel he should be available for cuddles, but he feels he can dish out minor purrings, and smooches, as he sees fit!

He is convinced I am tricking him! He is sure there is someone, or something, hidden- by me!!
"I know you are joking!!"

"Oh well, if you won't tell me the secret, I will just pretend you are not there!"

Dear little Beau, the sweet, gorgeous, model, dog, of Mr & Mrs NN, has disgraced himself, when he got over excited with a bone, in the rain, in the garden!

"Aww, Mum! Dont take my pic, when I look so dishevelled!!"

Lastly, but not really Leastly, OK I know there is no such word, but it is a sad predicament , our loved Leo is in disgrace.

It is true, his little 'habits' are not always the most polite. Since our Son has come to live with us, he has waged a war of sorts over our spoilt canine 'son'.

Leo is a very intelligent dog, as opposed to dear little Honey, who is the love of my life, but a little dim, about her role in the 'Obedient Dog Stakes'. She is small, cute, and slightly crippled, so we forgive her many things.

Leo on the other hand, is bright, intelligent, healthy,  and very domineering, and very smart. He has been Top Dog, with Gom.
Our Son sees this as a very bad situation, so he is trying to change the balance of power.

It is causing me sleepless nights, and Gom is even more depressed over his life in general.

The Fabric of our lives is fraught with snags, and slubs, misplaced threads, and tears in the very cloth of it all.

Tuesday, July 20

Winter Thoughts.

How the time flies, when you are not having fun! haha.

We endured celebrated our 44th Wedding Anniversary on 13th July. It was not wet, nor particularly cold.  It was both, the day we actually got married.

It would have been my Beloved Mother's 90th Birthday on 17th July. I am glad she did not live so long, as I know she was ready to go, when she did. Her small body was worn out, and she was very tired.

Among her favourite flowers were Daphne, which always flowered on her birthday. I am lucky enough to have a shrub, and it is flowering now, with it's wonderful sweet, slightly citrusy, spicy, perfume filling the air. I cut some to bring indoors and always reminisce about Sweet Little Mary.

The garden is looking sad and cold at the moment, and it feels as if there will be more rain. We seem to have had quite a wet winter this year.                                                                                                                   

Gom is an increasing worry. A visit to our GP left me with a rather sour taste in my mind. I do not like to be dismissed with "Don't be so negative."
I am trying so desperately not to be negative about anything, but it is really hard, in the face of severe and prolonged depression in one's husband. Depression to which he would not admit, but finally is admitting.
It is hard to be positive in the face of extreme outbursts of rage and irrational thinking. Unkind remarks. Savage behaviour of a mental kind. Not all of this behaviour is due to his disease.

Our son is living with us for a spell, and he is a rock to me. His father's behaviour has shocked him, with it's extreme mood swings and seeming irrationality. He has been on the receiving end of some of the savagery, which of course, breaks my heart.

My sense of humour has seen me through some ugly and difficult times. I seem to find it hard to find the humour in much these days.

I have a problem of my own to deal with, which may be really minor, but an inconvenience, nonetheless. Investigations thus far are not exactly comforting, though they would not seem to indicate anything too dire-hopefully. I am a coward, so I am trying to ignore the next step of investigation, for the time being.

A visit to the Dentist revealed more unsettling news. Teeth are nothing but trouble from the moment we are born, it would seem. Why couldn't our gums have been sufficient to live by?? That thought makes me laugh... a whole lot of gummy people. We could have gummed our way through our lives!

I tried a new recipe, Eggplant Parmigiana. Sounded nice. Turned out crap. Never mind, I will eat the pieces. You wouldn't catch Gom eating any such thing as Eggplant, so I will have to eat it alone. Beloved Son B is making himself a Lentil Salad, which he loves, and is determined to eat for a few days to 'de-stress' his body.

We had Small Granson here for some days during the holidays. He was such fun, and he astounds us with the breadth of his knowledge and his reading skills are amazing. When he heard me inviting his sister to come for tea one night, he told me he wants to come too, bless him. He adores Morty & they have fun together playing with toys. He has not really known any cats, so he is very intrigued by Morty, and even though he has had a scratch or two, he is still delighted with him.

"If I close my eyes, she might go away with the camera!"

We took SG to visit a large Black Cockatoo, and there was also a large Macaw. The shop also had fish, and Axlotyls. Along with puppies and some rabbits, and lots of noisy small, and not so small parrots. I am kicking myself for forgetting to take any photographs. We will have to go back!

We have a new leather lounge suite, not purchased from the Slimy One with Bling! and it is proving very comfortable. Of course Morty and the dogs have been given dire warnings about NOT damaging ANY part of the suite.

It is nice to have good friends to call upon for some light relief. Thankyou H, for being there for meXX

"It's All In The Game". Phoebe Snow.

Tuesday, July 6

Such is Life..

The pressure, the sadness, the worrisome news. The minor, (I hope) health scares.

The joyous news of a Grandson's wonderful School Report.
A visit from Family, with all members present. A rare treat.

A Beloved Son, coming to live with us, for a spell.

Wonderful Neighbours, sharing news and photographs. These gorgeous Maple Leaves, on their tree.
I missed the pics of ours.

Cooking something new, with great success, and much enjoyment.
The simple joy, of having someone who enjoys the same taste as myself.

A batch of impromptu scones~ which were, surprisingly, very nice! I can't remember the last time I attempted to bake scones!
Sorry, no pics, they were all gobbled up!

A fruit pie. Gom having two slices, so I know it is a winner!

Morty, a gorgeous boy. But a very odd-natured boy. One minute, purrs, smooches. The next, bites! scratches! A very vicious display of hostility!
Oh, my bleeding arms!

What mysteries lie in his past, to cause such violent turns in personality?!

Despair for various reasons.

A wonderful day of 'Respite'.
I watched as Gom departed, so full of happiness, eager aniticipation of seeing old friends.

I sat, with happy anticipation, a full day ahead, to please myself.
A respite for both of us!

Joy for myself. So different to Joys for Himself.

The ebb and flow of daily life.
Now, so different, to days past.

Gom has come to a type of Peace, at the presence of Morty.
Though he can be heard shouting "You little Sh!t" if he is displeased.
Luckily Morty does not understand swearing, and he just dances away, ignoring the shouted 'insults'.

Neil Diamond, Song Sung Blue.