Wednesday, June 27

Grammar, plus Etiquette..

My mother was a stickler for 'correct Grammar'.
As kids, I think we thought she was being weird, and over controlling.
Secretly, we used to say,"Who cares?"

However, as life has moved along, I now give her much repsect, for her teaching, and her wisdom.

She purely did abhor, "I seen" "I done" "you was" and "we was".

One of her pet dislikes was a man, ignorantly, in her eyes,  wearing a hat, indoors.
Ultimate disrespect in her eyes.

Now, I am inclined to agree.
 It seems so 'rude. to my eyes, to see a man wearing a hat indoors, and in company. An old fashioned notion I know, but still valid to my observation. (what is he hiding... his baldness, his ugliness, his lack of confidence??) He is allowed all of these feelings, but he must feel inadequate in some way? Or not?

Then there is the 'man with hands in pockets'- trouser pockets to be exact. I have no idea why my mother found this to be so offensive, but she was rather horrified to see Prince Charles with his hands in his pockets, on public occaions.
She felt is to be an utter insult. The insult was directed to whom, I have no idea. But nonetheless that is what she felt, and believed.

Societies acceptances, and beliefs alter constantly, and I feel this is a good thing.
But occasionally my mother channels through me, and I feel insult at certain behaviours.
I do laugh about it, all the same.
After all, who will care in 100 years??

Sorry Mum. It wont be anyone we know.

Monday, June 25

Do you ever...

Do you ever get up in the morning, and womder,... 'what the hell am I doing here?'

Have I died, and gone to some parallel universe?

Is this my real life, or some hideous parody?

Surely, nothing could jest about such sadness? Or speak of hope and gladness to be alive, when faced with the reality.

Our ongoing journey seems to be an overwhelming battle, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

We try to think of our distant ancestors, who had nothing, compared to our modern life.
We wonder how they coped. We just cannot imagine. Somehow, the thoughts of their struggles, does little to ease our current pain.

I have recurrant dreams of 'normalcy' when my son still had two legs. I see him walking and pursuing activities involving both of his legs. I see him, as I know him, whole and perfect.
He is still perfect, of course, but he is now diminished in his perfection. Not, in my perception, He will always remian Perfect to me.

We try to turn our faces away, from our own imperfections, and are shocked to see a reflection, of some imperfection society might see in ourselves, or our offspring.

My eldest son has turned 50, and I find it so sad. I wish I had been with him, to mark this birthday, as  I was, at his initial birthday.. He does not, nor ever has, put credence to numbers. As he said, it is just another number, and not to be celebrated, or mourned. He feels he is lucky to be alive, and living his life.

I try not to be Sad Sack.

I no longer trust anyone, and I no longer expect that life will deliver, what we see, to be a fair balance.
It is not so much the lies, as the Sins of Omission that I find so disgusting.

Rufus Wainwright. Hallehujea.

Saturday, June 9

Lost.. One Ka-ching

I have definitely lost my Ka-ching.

You know the one, that says Ka-ching, when you are full, sated, satisfied, nay almost bloated, and need no further food ~ of any description. No matter how desirable a packet of Tim Tams might appear, the Ka-ching keeps you from gorging  eating more than you really need.

I have no idea where my Ka-ching has gone, but if you find it, don't be a selfish mule, and keep it to yourself. Return it to me, Post Haste, before I get to Ka-Boom! as I explode.

Admittedly, I have not been able to get to the pool for two weeks, but how did my Ka-ching vanish so completely in that short time frame??

I did briefly, have a change of medication, which I am told is notorious for weight gain... as in Ka-Blooey!.
I had no idea it would work in such a short time, or, with such explosive consequences.

I am in emminent danger of going Ka-Splat!!

I am so glad I did not cast aside my Fat Clothes. I have learnt from past expeiences, Fat Clothes can be banished to some corner of the wardrobe, or drawers, but they are never to be cast out, which I tend to feel only tempt fate..

Really, it is the speed at which the Ka-Boom has set in, that I find most disturbing.

I am gazing with sadness at my new Ka-Skinny clothes, and have a horrible feeling I may never wear them with comfort, ever again.

The Great "They" say you will feel so much better if you finish things you have started.

Ummm, no. The packet of Tim Tams, the slices of Pizza, the leftover chicken, the bottle of excellent Marlborough Sav Blanc... the list goes on.

And still, a part of me craves food, and more food. I must be Ka-Plooyed/Ruined ~totally minus my Ka-ching.

Perhaps it has become Ka-Chomp?

There is no good news on any other front either. All is black, and blacker.

Although, there was a bright spot today. I went to a local garage sale, & met lovely friends. I bought a shower chair for $4. It is for me, as I seem to be somewhat unsteady recently- put that down to the Ka-Boom, I guess!

I also bought a very nice coffee mug, for very little money.

My friends found a wonderful bargain and hopefully it will be all installed now, and ready to go.

Because I love their sound, Powderfinger, Drifting further Away

Tuesday, June 5

Just the Random...

This is a nonsensical post, about the randomness of my (or anyone's) life.

As many of you know, I have had a rotten previous fourteen, or eighteen, or,more  realistically, twentyfour months, in my life.

Life tends to be like that, with random swings to good fortune, and the alternate swing into hell. With no bells, cushions or creature comforts.

I suppose it could be said, that our 'upswings' have no fanfare, either. Other than what we might afford it/them.

We tend not to notice the upswings, and almost choose to register only the downturns.

I have been watching 'Her Maj ' conduct herself with diginity and grace, & we are all aware that her life has not been plain sailing, and she has had to endure some hideous events.
I am stunned, and a little envious, that Her Maj can still wear high heels at her age.
I am lucky to crawl some days, let alone prance about, ~well maybe she is not prancing, exactly~ in low down sneakers.

I had a recent Ultrasound perfomed and the man who was doing the sounding, got into conversation with me.
He told me had been a sheep farmer, and now lives in Sydney, and is learning to like fish on his menu. He also said he will never eat sheep meat again, whether it be lamb hoggart or mutton! Fair enough, neither will I.
I am left kicking myself, for not asking how he became an Ultrasound Technician, after being a sheep farmer!
The question haunts me every day, as I ponder the turn in his life that could have led him to become an Ultrasound technician.
And yes, he is a genuine Ultrasoundist, he did not fall off a passing sheep truck. As he is an older man, I am assuming he took some 'mature age' training. He works for a reputable Medical Center, and did send the results to the requesting Dr.
(Results OK as it happens~ Just in case you are left wondering about the outcome.)

Son came home today, to go through some paces, with various Occ Therapy and Physio persons.
He will be 'let out'  to return home to live, on Thurs, all being well.
Morty was quite happy to see him, and Honey was positively overjoyed.

We asked could he stay home for lunch and he was happy to be able to drive us/himself back to the dreaded hospital, with it's grim room, and boring bland food.

The City Hospital, where his surgery was performed, has an almost restaurant quality food menu, and even some mulitple choices. The horror of the local food has to be sampled to be believed, and yes, I have sampled it, in my recent stay.
Who would have guessed that Lentils could be stuffed up and ruined?

I know my driving slightly 'disturbs' Son, and lately, it downright terrifies me!
I seem to have become 'spatially challenged' as it were, and parking the car has become a task/chore/challenge to be laughed at! Or cried at depending on one's mood.
(Mine is always the diagonally parked vehicle, in the straight parking bay, in case you are looking.)

I am waiting for the opportunity, should someone toot their bloody horn at me, such as the cow who almost reversed into the front of my vehicle, ~ to leap out and offer to toot their horn, while they check my car for dents and damages! Grrrr

It is raining, and has become very cold. We are advised that the weather will be very ugly this evening, with much rain, and high winds. Nothing new there, then. Very inclement.

I have always loved Autumn the most out of all the Seasons, but now, I am finding it tinged with much sadness, and find I regard the dead and fallen leaves with quite a changed perception, and somehow feel it will never be the same for me.
I loved the spectacular Autums in Christchurch, and know now I will never see another Autumn in that ruined city.

Just one more random. Why am I craving nothing but seafood of late?? haha, my childbearing days are well over, and as far as I am aware I have no deficiencies as per diet. My body must be craving something in the seafood and fish, that no other food has to offer.

I have posted this before. I still love it!
Porcupine Pie. Neil Diamond.