Sunday, March 2

An Award, a meme, & the weather grumble grumble.

First up, today, Lone Grey Squirrel has given me an Award.
Blogging Mentor. I was very surprised to get this. I do try to encourage others when I can. If there are tips I can pass along I am very happy to do so. I try to be polite. I do delight in reading LGS' posts. He travels about, & has the most interesting of blogs.
Thank you- taking a bow in humble thanks.

I am now supposed to pass this along to 5 other worthy recipients, so here goes.

Sherry at Q's Corner. Her photo graphic skills are wonderful & her words complements to the photos. Sherry is also very polite, & will answer your comments.

Mike, at Tongue in Check. Hilarious, light hearted, & also very polite at answering your comments. A true Gentleman, but don't tell him I said so!

Josie, at C'est la Vie OMG, I have just realised I spelt your blog name incorrectly on my last post Josie. Sorry! You have helped me & encouraged me. Love to visit your posts.

Pauline of Writing down the Words. Pauline has a way of saying things that are just at the back of your mind, unformulated. She does it for you, beautifully.

Ian, of Or so I thought. Ian is a writer... & it shows! He is wonderful to read, & has a nice turn of phrase with the irreverant touches I love.

Obviously there are others out there who are mentors too. I read a lot- some say too many -blogs every day, & can learn something new, ever day.


I have been nominated for a book meme by Leslie, from the Pedalogue .
I have done a slightly different version of this book meme, 2 posts ago.
As I am reading 6 books at present, it is no task to find another current read & do this version of the meme. For this version, you go to page 123, & write the first 5 sentences.

The book is Bill Bryson's "Down Under".

Page 123

'In Canberra you have the sense of being in a very large green space you cannot ever quite find your way out of; in Adelaide you are indubitably in a city, but with the pleasant option of stepping out of it from time to time to get a breath of air in a spacious green setting. Makes all the difference. The city was laid out as two distinct halves facing each other across the green plain of the Torrens River, with each half fully enclosed by parks. On a map, therefore, central Adelaide forms a large, plump, somewhat irregular figure of eight, with parks creating the figure and the two inner halves of the city filling the holes. It works awfully well.

I had no special destination in mind, but the next morning as I drove into the city from Tanunda I passed through North Adelaide, the handsome and prosperous zone inside the top half of the gigure eight, spotted an agreeable-looking hotel and impetuously threw the car at the kerb.'

I love his long sentences!

I am enjoying the book, but not quite as much as his 'Notes from a Small Island', which is about his travels around England. I have another of his books to read, waiting in the huge TBR pile!

If there is anyone out there who has still not done this, or who would like to, please feel free to share your current read.

Rhubarb rhubarb. This is the weather. With custard even! Plenty of custard, in the form of wet & more wet. Winds, bursts of little gales. Then the sun comes out. The blue flashes. Puffy innocent clouds scud overhead.

"Ah!", you think to yourself. "This is Autumn. Crisp, sunny, coolish."

"The Epitome of Pleasure!"

Then the clouds thicken up, just like custard. They turn black, like burnt custard. They weep just a little. Then comes another downpour.

Then it all repeats itself. It is like being stuck in a bowl of bloody rhubarb & custard! I never could stand rhubarb! Nor can I stand custard!

BUT... I am not really complaining, because at least it is cool! Which is the main thing for me.

Puffy innocent looking clouds. They can be rhubarb & custard, before you know it!

PS. Who has laughed, along with me, to see dear old Flo BjelkePetersen saying she can't understand anyone saying Joh was a rogue!! Hahaha.

Roy Orbison, Falling


Kitty said...

Congratulations on your award Meggie - very much deserved. I'm off to check out some of those blogs now - it's always good to 'find' new folks to read.


meggie said...

Hi Kitty, the hardest part about these awards is narrowing them down! You already know the magic of Mike! that is where I met you!

Anonymous said...

I love rhubarb and custard. Yum yum!

Pauline said...

Thank you Meggie! I am flattered, and pleased that my words have that effect!

I enjoy coming here to read - about your weather, your culture, your thoughts. It will be more than a month before we have rhubarb but you're making my mouth water...

Mike said...

Thank you for the award Meggie. I do truly appreciate it.

It's always a pleasure to come here and read your blog and look at your wonderful pictures.

Thanks for everything.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Thank you for thinking of me and Corner. Not only do I appreciate your stories and photos but I appreciate your comments on my posts. Getting to know you has been a gift!
I do not like custard or rhubarb either! I do like your pretty skies! Glad thing have cooled for you. I am warming up.
Looking forward to Autumn with you and Spring at my house.

Tanya Brown said...

Congratulations on your award!

Rhubarb and custard, eh? I've never tried rhubarb. Do you think it's something I can safely put off?

Granny J said...

Oh, Meggie -- I must come to the defense of rhubarb! As a sauce, it's lovely and as the filling for a pie, divine -- and rare. Unfortunately, too often it is used as a filler to stretch the strawberries in strawberry pie.

Ian Lidster said...

Meggie, my dear. Thank you for the award. I was touched by your kind and generous words. And I shall take the pains to pass it on, thus following the rules. And whatever you said about what my blog gives you, yours does likewise for me. Thank you again.

Jo said...

Meggie, I am playing blog catch-up today, and I just read your post about your son. What a handsome boy! And what a beautiful Mommy he has! Omigosh, you're gorgeous!

Thank you for the award. It is a real compliment, coming from you. I love coming over to visit your corner of the world. My brother spent a lot of time in your country, and he loved it.

Finn said...

Hi Meggie, and BRAVO.. a well deserved mentor award!! Congratulations my friend *VBS*
Lone Gray Squirrel has good taste!
Love your post about family...old pictures are such a treasure.Hugs, Finn

Digitalgran said...

Congratulations Meggie. I have been catching up and loved your previous posts too as usual. You give so many people pleasure!

Marja said...

Congrats with your Award meggie, you deserve it.
You are reading 6 books? wow you are pretty busy. We had pretty stormy weather as well and yes it was time for some cooling down here as well. In Europe they have had extreme storms. My brother told me whole truck were blown down
have a nice day Meggie

Mary said...

Hi Meggie - congratulations on that award which is perfect for you - your gentle words of encouragement and support have always meant a lot to me...

Leslie: said...

Congrats, deserve it. I love coming over and reading about GOM and other members of your family - and your little adventures. Glad you enjoyed the book meme.

fifi said...

oh, but aren't you liking this rhubarb weather?

I love both rhubarb AND thunderstorms. Except that my phone keeps blowing up.

Kris said...

Every morning there are clouds overhead but it never rains - I want it to so much. It's dry and parched and I want some custard. And rhubarb, any way it comes.

Anonymous said...

Meggie , My wondrous new found stainless steel bucket was used to collect cow dung from the paddocks and mix with other secret ingredients to brew up fertiliser for our Grandmother's wonderful big Rhubarb patch --- remember ?? I loved the rhubarb pies and indeed Rhubarb anyway she served it up --- perferrably with loads of cream !!

Ragged Roses said...

Congrats on your awards Meggie, I always reading your posts. It's cold crisp and bright here today with the promise of snow this afternoon

Sheila said...

Congratulations on the award Meggie. Well deserved.
As for rhubarb and custard, I adore it. Love it to bits. Cloudy skies and rain that's another thing altogether.More like eggplant and anchovies..!

Lucy said...

I don't know how you do it Meggie, reading all the blogs you do AND reading books AND having a family life AND quilting...etc etc

A well-deserved award!

david mcmahon said...

Congratulations on the award. Strewth, yes, I did wonder about Flo's bewilderment!

Teodo said...

Congratulations for your right !!!!!!
ciao ciao