Sunday, October 19

Under the Storm..

We had a spectacular thunderstorm roll over us, this evening. This is a pic of the storm overhead, & the window into the skies beyond the storms.

Here is the menace, closer, & slightly more defined. Leo is very afraid of thunderstorms, & he rushes to hide from them. He kept leaping up, trying to be hugged. Then, as the threat moved closer, he retreated behind the sofa, which is his cast-iron refuge for storms.
I see a fat pig, with wings, racing to beat the storm. What do you see? It was a very eerie light, but once the storm proper broke, we had no further visibility over those hills, & the lightning was spectacular, & loud!

I dont have a camera which could capture the lightning. I really didn't want to. I closed our curtains for Leo's sake.


We had SG to stay overnight on Friday. He is such a delight.

He knows the way to his Nan's heart. He sat up, & said "Nanna, you are something with B"
"What do you mean Sweetheart?"

"You know BEEEE you?"
"No, I cant guess"
"It is beeeyoootifuuuul! You are beautiful!!"
"Oh D, you are so lovely! What a nice thing to say!"

Complete "heart~stolen" moment!

Then SG pats my hair, & says, "Nanna, your hair is golden!"
I reply, "But SG it has lots of grey in there!"
"Yes" he says, "but I can still see most of the golden bits. And the grey bits are lovely!"

Who could not love a little boy who says such lovely things.
How we loved having him to stay! He is so precious!!

Love You, Small Grandson!

We took him garage saleing with us on Saturday morning. He quickly got over it. He couldn't find things he liked, & he wanted to go home to our house.

He cried when his parents came to collect him. I am so glad he feels happy at our house, & is so comfortable. We love the little man he is.

My Beloved Brother is coming to stay with us. I am so excited. I have got his visitation dates mixed up, & he will be here next weekend! How did I get the dates mixed?? Am I getting Dementia? Or, worse?

We are having a really hot spell. It has been 34 degrees today. It frys my brain. I cannot think!

This post was to be about the fact that it may be later than we think! So true! I have old boxes to check, old photos to look at, old memories to catalogue.

How are we to know when it is "Too Late". We will never know.

The Full Moon has brought more dreams of houses of many rooms. And re-onnections with the dead & gone. I feel sad, somehow.

It is only recently I have begun to dream of my departed mother, & my beloved Aunt.

Nancy Wilson, (You Don't Know)How Glad I Am.


Pearl said...

Your grandson is adorable, you can't help but melt at those words can you.
A lot of dogs are terrified of storms, the pictures look good, I never liked them much myself actually. :)
& you can always blame your medication for causing you to get you dates mixed up, some i've had at times have made me rather vague. lol.

Rosie said...
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Rosie said...

hope I will last out to see any grandchildren... lovely thought.

I like storms and aùm frightened of them at the same time....

Tanya Brown said...

I see the pig too!

SG is a treasure. I suspect that he finds you equally satisfactory.

Jellyhead said...

What a darling boy your SG is!

Strider said...

Nothing better than the grandkids!

Cathi said...

What a wonderful little boy! You are very fortunate!

We love thunderstorms -- thankfully, so do the cats! They'll sit on the windowsill and watch them, no matter how loud the thunder or bright the lightning.

Mike said...

When I was a small boy I used to cry when I had to leave my grandmother's too. I never wanted to leave. Those are still some of the best memories of my life.

Blossom said...

What a sweet boy.maybe we should bottle him??

thanks for your kind words about my failure at the art fest.


Kellie said...

What a beautiful boy in looks and in personality! What a lucky Nana you are and what a lucky Grandson he is to have you!

molly said...

What a sweet, beautiful face!

ancient one said...

Love the photos of your young grandson. He is a wonderful person and he loves his grandparents soooo much. I really like it when you post about him. It reminds me when my grandsons were that age...

I'm not too happy about thunderstorms either. I probably feel like your dog feels, but cannot get behind my sofa..LOL

Don't know anything about dreams, but I've had the one with the house of many rooms often.. my sister says she does too...