Thursday, April 9

Easter Follies.

Here it is, Easter again.

I do not wish to offend any of my friends, who have other beliefs to myself. I will just say, I wish you all, no matter what your beliefs are, a Happy Easter, or Long Weekend, or call it what you will.

This is MY Rabbit! I have had him for some time now, but have not incorporated him into any quilt. I must admit he is from a pattern, & I am ashamed to say I do not remember who the original designer is. Appologies about that.

This next, is a steal from the internet. Google images in fact.

Our son is coming for the Easter weekend break, & of course, we are overjoyed at the prospect of seeing him. As we always are.

If you are a parent, you never tire of seeing your offspring. Never!

Though, there are times they cannot understand why.

Here is another shameless steal, with this wonderful cartoon rabbit tossing eggs.

I am not the chocolate devourer that my dear GOM is. He is a hopeless chocolate addict, & I do not begrudge him his harmless addiction. He never over indulges himself... well only occasionally, so I sneaked him some Easter eggs. I placed them on his pillow, & his cries of happy surprise were worth the effort.

He has been for new optical tests, needs new specs, which will give him better sight. Has been told, in no uncertain terms, he needs to accept he can no longer drive safely, & should leave the driving to me.

Seeing -no pun intended- I am a much better sighted person, it is logical. But! I am also a much less confident driver than he is, & I actually dislike driving. I am told there are 'confidence lessons' I could take! WTH??

Is there, seemingly, no end to useless services provided freely, for obscure purposes. Har har?
We are also to have our beloved Granddaughter to stay with us, bringing our Granddog! This will be fun!
I must remember to get photos!

Here is the lovely Camellia, which year after year, gives me much joy.

Complete with a set of ants, exploring the stamen.

We are plagued by black ants. They seem to invade our bathroom on a regular basis, who knows why. I really dislike them, & try every means to discourage them.

I have written another chapter for my 'story' which is available over here , if you would like to read Chapter 3.

I leave you with Gomez. I love this band. Enjoy!!


Pauline said...

A Happy Easter to you in return! (And thanks for chapter 3 for those of us addicts.)

Sarah Lulu said...

A blessed Easter to you too, no matter what that might mean. xxx

Teodo said...

Happy Easter Maggie.
ciao ciao

Teodo said...

Happy Easter Maggie.
ciao ciao

shara said...

Happy Easter! I love the camillia. And, as for the ants, a friend of mine has a similar problem. I have been told that it is the water they are after. I say, when they are willing to help out w/ the water bill, then they will be welcome, but not before then!

persiflage said...

A happy and good Easter to you and yours, Meggie. It is a time of great significance to our culture, and I like to see it celebrated. Tomorrow i will eat Hot Cross Buns - but not with chocolate flavourings.

Thimbleanna said...

Cute little bunny Meggie. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family -- isn't is so true that we never tire of seeing our children???

ancient one said...

Happy Easter to you as well... thanks for coming by to tell me of the new chapter... going over there now...:o)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Wishing you a very Happy Easter Meggie.

One of our girls is having brunch for the family, Easter Sunday. I won't be cooking this year. It will be so much fun to be together with all the kids and g'kids!

Sunnie said...

Yes, I wish you a Happy Easter, too!
That's what I celebrate at this time of year...and I am always happy to hear the good wishes of anyone's holy-day, given & received with love & joy.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Happy Easter, Meggie. I'll be seeing my son, too, and you're right - it's always wonderful!

Your rabbit with the yellow flower really needs to be in a quilt or wall-hanging.

Warty Mammal said...

Happy Easter! I hope you have a lovely visit with relatives and granddog.

Your bunny is very striking. I admire the blanket stitch you did around the edges.

Sheila said...

Happy "whatever you want to enjoy" too Megs.
We have no firm plans but I'm sure we'll see the family at some point.

Funny how certain insects seem to be attracted to certain plants, here it is earwigs to dahlias, and mums. I love dahlias but won't plant them because of that.
BTW..I enjoyed Chaper 3..

Kitty said...

I love your appliqu├ęd rabbit Meggie - so lovely. As for the other images ... what is the internet for if not shamelessly stealing pictures for our blogs?

I wish you and yours a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend.


New Yorker wannabes said...

I hope you have a wonderful time with your family this weekend Meggie lol

Off to read you story! Always a pleasure to read your words...

Take care
peace and love

Jellyhead said...

Have a very happy Easter Meggie - you, your son, and your chocolate-munching GOM!

Bec said...

Loved the Gomez clip, thank you!

And someone has probably said this already, but isn't the Mystery Vine a squash of some kind?

Anonymous said...

I love the bunny. I also love the chocolate, not so good. Have a safe weekend, and be well. xx