Monday, February 8


I hope it is not the "Last Roundup".

Life seems to continue to 'wrestle' me to the floor.

As I lie there, metaphorically speaking, in impotent rage, I feel as though my 'control' has, or is, being taken from me.

I have tried the idea others are adopting. Instead of 'resolutions' they are choosing 'words'. To worship, or live up to, or down to, or something...
I have tried to think CALM. In a very loud thought box.

I feel as though something has shifted, somewhere in the scheme of 'things'.

I have always thought I was one to "Go with the Flow". This has seemed true for much of my life.
Now I find myself wondering if I am perhaps a thwarted, or frustrated "Control Freak".

I am tired of not having the choices. I want more freedom. I say that with trepidation, being mindful of 'what could have been' just so recently.

"Careful what you wish for... you might get it"

Gom is definitely on the mend. He has begun meddling again, in the 'things' I have stored in various handy locations, ready for when I need them in a hurry.
It is driving me insane again. He gets hurt, and then offended when I try to explain to him, just why I find this so upsetting. The end result is neither pretty nor comfortable.

I just seem to gripe gripe gripe lately. I think Euthanasia Packages sound bloody appealing  quite a good idea, just recently, as avalanches of the brown stuff seems to overwhelm us.

Look at this little fellow, who is our Nice Neighbour's resident frog. He has been seranading us all in the night, as he calls for a mate! He is in the center, so if you click he should be visible.

See the little Goldfish in the pond. They survived a recent fright, & no doubt are happy to still be alive and swimming! Most of them have been bred & raised by Mr & Mrs NN.

Other news includes Honey's nose. She grew a small wart, which of course grew, to a large wart, as I knew it would. She had one similar removed from her ear, recently.
See the stitch there. We need to go & have that removed on 15th- someone I am fond of has a birthday this same day! Honey did not seem to care that her 'Beauty Spot' was removed. It had begun to annoy her, so it is well gone!

Meanwhile the newly slender~appearing hound, is also reluctant to be the photographic star. He is missing his walks, but Gom is still too weak to take him out.

We have been on several excursions one of which was to Woy Woy, which was the home of Spke Milligan's mother. Spike Milligan frequently visited her at her home, and he also frequently poked fun at Woy Woy. (I do believe he once referred to it as the ar*ehole of the world!) This offended quite a few of the locals of course, and so, when a new footbridge was built alongside the vehicular road at Brisbane Water, a great many locals became incensed when it was named "Spike Milligan Bridge".

If I remember correctly there was an outcry when the Library was mooted to be named after Spike Milligan.
I rather liked his humour, and enjoyed the Goon Show on radio when I was young. I show my age with that revelation.

Woy Woy was a very fashionable beachside resort during the '20s and '30s. It seems hard to believe now, as it is not exactly a wonderful expanse of wide, or sunny sands. It does have a quaint personality of it's own, though it is hard to picture the bathing beauties up from Sydney, revelling in the therapeutic seaside water and air.

There is a local Fish Cafe, called Fisherman's Wharf, where the fish and chips are locally 'famous', and I must agree, rather delicious. They also sell wonderful fresh fish. However, small bank loans are needed to purchase most varieties! Or the gifting of first born children.

Gom and I lunched there, and a Pelican strutted about, begging for scraps. Foolish Gom tried to hand feed the Pelican. He almost lost his hand, and blood was drawn. With no malicious intent, I hasten to add. Nor was Gom injured. The blood taker did far more damage, when she took his latest blood test.

Poor me, I have to be on a special diet for 3 days, prior to having a BSL (which I thought meant  B*ll Sh!t Level  - only kidding!) test. I have to have, among other foods, 3 serves of fruit a day. As you can see, I am suffering!! 

My goodness, the stone fruit is wonderfully sweet this year. Costly, but very tasty.

I should not finish on a grumpy note.... but what is it with hair??
In our society, it is just not fashionable to be seen with hair legs, or armpits, or chins for that matter!

I am sure there are societies out there in the world, where bodily hair, other than head hair, is perfectly acceptable. Sometimes I wish I lived in one of those Societies.

My problem is leg hairs. I swear, I have tried every method available. The simple shave was the best option, before I got knee~challenged!

I have tried the lotion, guaranteed to banish all hair, leaving a smooth silky finish. Well, Bosh! is all I can say. It leaves stubble! More stubble than shaving used to leave.

Then I decided to try the Wax option. Holy Moly! The very first time, caused red bumps & lumps. Residue needed a special slimey/sticky/greasy cloth to remove said offensive 'wax?'
"Be assured" the pamphlet* said, "no soap and water is going to remove this residue" What!?, are they proud of the fact???!!

* Well, words to that effect!

The result was not good. Stubble stubbornly remained.
I foolishly persevered, trying again to use the wax. No hair was removed this time, but most of the sticky wax was left gleaming on my still hairy legs!!
After Labour Intensive scrubbing with the 'remover', most of it came off.

All I can say, is, I am glad I do not have facial hair to deal with. Nor does it matter much about my leg hairs, but I would have expected something to work!
Of course, it goes without saying, no hair came off!
I can't afford clinics for expensive waxing. HELP!!
I won't insert hair pics to offend everyone. Now that I think about it, why is hair so offensive??

Rod Stewart, I don't want to talk about it.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh dear, it all seems to be going wrong for you, Well when DH is hanging around and shifting MY GEAR I make a point of putting back where I placed it, usually within his eye sight - he soon gets the message. Re hairy legs, wear pants. Since having surgery which has left me with an unsightly swollen leg I wear pants all the time. Yes I get peeved at not wearing the shorts or skirts that I used to, but hey, if I've got hairy legs - who knows but me.
cheer up sweet

Marigold Jam said...

Souns as if you could do with a couple of weeks at a spa on your own or with a good friend! What a pity that's not an option for verious reasons. It's odd isn't it how once one thing goes wrong everything else seems to be out of kilter too and things seem to go from bad to worse with even little annoyances seeming like major issues? I am sure that things will look better for you soon - remember you had an awful shock and at our age it does take time to recover from that. I have a card which I had many years ago when feeling somewhat as you do which says: Have patience with all things but most of all yourself"!!

Here's a cyber hug for you ()!!

Jane x

Rosie said...

At times I wonder whether I will murder my other half, he can be so irritating. My solution is to put distance between us and go do something in another room at least...
Sounds as though you have more self control than I have!

Ali Honey said...

Yes you do need to be careful what you wish for........the fruit looks yummy, so enjoy...I eat 3 pieces of fruit every day, anyway.

Cute little frog, but annoying at night.

I can't help with the hair thing. I seem to have far less than I used to on legs etc.

Jennifer said...

Nice long ankle length skirt like our grandmothers used to wear.....that's the trick! It doesn't matter what else you lose, Meg....keep that sense of humour.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

During winter I let the hair grow to have another layer of warmth!

Seems I spend an inordinate amount of time putting back the things that love of my life uses and simply leaves where ever he happens to be. So annoying!

Thimbleanna said...

LOL Meggie -- you're all over the place today -- very fun post! It appears that GOM is feeling much better -- which is a good thing, in spite of the repercusions. And sorry, I can't help you much with the hair problem -- I seem to have lucked out and don't really have much leg hair anymore.

The Sagittarian said...

Loved the frog photo. One visit to my in-laws, there was a huge downpour (they live in Tingoora) and I had to photgraph the frog on their water tank. When I 'embiggened' the photo, I noticed that there were actually 2 frogs. By the time I had finished showing others the photo we had found about 3 more! Yet, when I took the pic I was sure there was only one frog there.

Um, hairy theyr eally matter? if it's a yes, then it is worth the expense to have the professional wax, you only need to do it every 6 weeks or so and eventually you can drag it out to about 8 weeks. Or long skirts or pants. :-)

ancient one said...

Know the feeling of having no control... and I guess I tend to go along with the flow... When I'm really frustrated I play Mafia Wars.. Do you see how much I play now? Right now, I feel that my life is on hold, while I tend to other things. I wish I had your sense of humor.

My granddaughter-in-law is suppose to be induced tomorrow. I am looking forward to my first great-grandson.

Hope Honey's nose heals quickly. Hope GOM and GN keep improving.
Take care of yourself... XX00

Christine Thresh said...

I wear long pants all the time because I do not want to shave my legs or wax them. If I have to get dressed up and wear a skirt, I pull on pantyhose and walk fast so no one can see my legs.
My dear husband has started leaving all the cupboard doors open in the kitchen. He started doing this a couple of months ago and it drives me crazy. The contents of our cupboards are not pretty.
There are much worse things to worry about.
Keep up your humor and you will get through this bad patch.

Sheila said...

Glad to read that GOM is on the mend Meggie..xx
I remember Spike Milligan and the Goon show, I never missed it. Can't remember all the other cast members, except for (Sir) Harry Secombe, and Michael Bentine. Happy days.
I only do my legs in the summer, I have real issues with my chin however!
I wonder who is was that decided we should all be fragrant and hair free!
I have been told that the ancient Egyptians thought leg veins were a sign of beauty, so I would have been a real pin up.

Pam said...

Oh poor Meggie. I do hope life starts looking up soon. At least you can still laugh.. a bit.

Anonymous said...

I am slowly easing myself back into blogland. Look at what I have missed !

Hugs to you, I do hope things get better for you soon xxx

quiltmom anna said...

My dear Meggie,
I have a funny piece to send you - I just have to remember to send it to my home computer- Drop into my blog - I am having a small giveaway as part of OWOH blogging festival- especially if you like jewelry.

Pauline said...

It's Murphy's Law - if something can go wrong, it will. The one thing to look forward in all of this is that it will change... keep your hairless chin up ;)

persiflage said...

Meggie, hop on the train and come and have lunch with me one day. Then we can stare at all the strange unhairy creatures which so abound in this strange land, and probably in many others. And make each other laugh, too.
So many comments suggest wearing long pants, which I do most days - mainly because my feet cannot tolerate most shoes, and you know how bad skirts and dresses look with lace-up shoes. Nice stretchy black pants are very comfortable, and I try not to look at my reflection....especially sideways.
Tell that man TO LEAVE YOUR STUFF ALONE! I am glad he is on the mend. Good luck with your test.

Emma said...

Thanks for the Spike Milligan anecdotes! I certainly hope that Goon Show love does not show our age, because my entire family is Goon Show obsessed. We have had lovebirds called Henry and Min, and their offspring, Neddy (Seagoon). It was obvious that hubby was the right man for me when he started quoting Goon Show with my lunatic family ;) We even played the Ying Tong Song at Dad's funeral! We never claimed to be 'normal'!

Jerry said...

I suspect that fear and depression and that woe is me feeling all stem from that 'I have no control over what is happening to me' notion. Usually that feeling isn't entirely true -- but it sure seems that way at times.

I hope this is just a temporary bit of angst.

I enjoy reading you.