Monday, April 26

'Outraged Council Rates Payer'

Sorry, another whinging post. I do have English Ancestors, so perhaps I am genetically prone to whinge.

I apologise to all my English Ancestors and Friends, as I don't really believe they whinge any more than the rest of us.

We received a letter from our local council, informing us our address was to be changed. We live on a corner block and our ACTUAL address is not able to be accessed, because of the state of the road frontage. See above!

This photo is of the 4 foot ditch, plus crumbling road, which represents our REAL address.
It is a disgusting open ditch, which runs full of water when it rains.

Our entrance is on another street, which means we have to climb stairs to access the inside of our living are. The letter we received from Council informed us that the change of address would enable mail, deliveries, visitors and Emergency Services to locate our property quickly and accurately.

All I can say is B*ll Sh!t!! We have lived here for 12 years, with no lost visitors, deliveries,  or mail, etc.
My argument is, if they fixed our road, as they have been promising us for the past 12 years, we would have no problems at all.
Now that Gom is ill, he can no longer attend to the weeds growing in the Council's bl**dy deep ditch. Nor could an ambulance access our home, without difficulty, since our 'other' address involves the use of awkward stairs.

We are strenuously opposing a change of address. We pay our exorbitant rates, therefore we should be able to receive mail, and Emergency Services, without any drama.

Several of our neighbours in this street are hoping the proposed improvements eventuate. Some have been promised they will be able to install driveways--- at last, after 14 years of promises.
I do believe our local Council is one of the most complained about, in the whole of New South Wales. The peccadillos of various Council Members do nothing to inspire confidence!!

Infuriated letter writing has begun!

In other news, how gorgeous is this! My Loved Cousin's Ark. I think it is brilliant.

She is such a lovely friend, as well as a Rellie, & if I could have chosen, I could not have wished for a better Cousin, or Friend! Her quilts are Joyous! She has designed all these herself, and brought them to reality with her wonderful patches. What a fun quilt.

Our Son came to stay for five days. It was lovely to have him, and I know his father got a health benefit from the visit.

I have also spent a huge amount of time watching this Live Barn Owl nesting box.
I am so fascinated by Owls, I keep going back for updates. The whole website had provided me with wonderful windows into other birds nests, also. I loved the little Bluebird. Her five blue eggs, then hatched to her little babies, with open mouths, begging for food.

Gom really is not travelling well. He has better days, and some really, dismal,  less than good days. There are many health issues to be dealt with, but we do the best we can.
The wall climbing exercises are all mine! I should be extra fit now. But, who wants to climb walls??

Pearl Jam, Black


Linds said...

Good luck, Meggie - I am well acquainted with councils and the like. In fact an enforcement officer is coming this afternoon to see what my neighbour and I are performing about - a monstrous garage which has been built on our boundary which blocks out the light etc etc...long story. I am not holding my breath. When I called to complain and query heights, he told me there was nothing he could do. When my neighbour called him, (he is a man), he was all sweetness and light and could not have been more helpful. Says it all, really.

Thimbleanna said...

Roads. Ugh. We too live on a corner with ditches. We've contemplated just having the work done to close in our ditches, but it's a lot of money. A big pain when mowing though. I hope they soon get you sorted out. Cute little quilt too!

molly said...

Get down from that wall before you break your neck Meggie! Hope they fix your road soon and GOM feels better.........What fun that quilt will be for the child who gets it!

Granny J said...

That quilt is just wonderful!

Catalyst said...

Meggie - Go to the top. Write to your country's leader. Then write to the council and tell them you have written to the big man at the top. Then write to the local or network television stations. That sort of thing frequently works in my country. Maybe it will work in yours.

julieQ said...

I am sorry, Meggie...that is a huge pain, changing address on everything...I think they need to compensate you if they are forcing you to do this. On the other hand...I love that baby quilt! So darling!

Pauline said...

inform the council that you are changing their address and sincerely hope the checks you send reach them...

hope GOM feels as well as he can. you too - glad your son could visit!

Ali Honey said...

Meggie , I suggest you threaten the Council with the fact that their lack of sensible action is being spread all around the world via blogs. That we have all seen photos of their ditches and bad roadsides - really lay in on. They probably won't give a dam but you may feel better.
Cute quilt!
Now you know I too love owls - what a fabulous site - but oh what a time waster - I just have to keep looking. It was quite some time before I realised ther were 4 little ones. Glad we can't smell it though.
Thank you so much for sharing that.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

It is like butting your head against a wall, trying to deal with beaurocracy. We have discovered that the run-off water from the rest area on the interstate is running off on our property and creating erosion in our roads around the campground. Husband contacted the appropriate officials and they are all hemmin and hawing about what to do. I plan to give them a deadline to give me an answer, then call a local news station to do a human interest story. I find the threat of pending publicity works quite well.

Hope GOM is on the mend sooner than later and that you find some resolution with your council.

Mary said...

Wishing you the strength to deal with the council and the fortitude to continue to help your GOM..

Warty Mammal said...

Ah, bureaucracy. Where would we be without it, except perhaps a trifle more content and financially solvent?

The Sagittarian said...

Love that quilt! I have a good friend in Wellington who does quilting but I am still waiting for one for me!!
As for the council, don't they drive ya nuts? our Council needs to be put out to pasture, we have a clown for a Mayor as well but he seems to get his own way on everything. Grrr!
Good luck with yours, m'dear.

Stomper Girl said...

I'm very sorry to hear that GOM's health is not good, and gobsmacked by your useless council. Don't just write your letter to them, make sure you send a copy to your local newspaper too. Go Meggie.