Tuesday, July 6

Such is Life..

The pressure, the sadness, the worrisome news. The minor, (I hope) health scares.

The joyous news of a Grandson's wonderful School Report.
A visit from Family, with all members present. A rare treat.

A Beloved Son, coming to live with us, for a spell.

Wonderful Neighbours, sharing news and photographs. These gorgeous Maple Leaves, on their tree.
I missed the pics of ours.

Cooking something new, with great success, and much enjoyment.
The simple joy, of having someone who enjoys the same taste as myself.

A batch of impromptu scones~ which were, surprisingly, very nice! I can't remember the last time I attempted to bake scones!
Sorry, no pics, they were all gobbled up!

A fruit pie. Gom having two slices, so I know it is a winner!

Morty, a gorgeous boy. But a very odd-natured boy. One minute, purrs, smooches. The next, bites! scratches! A very vicious display of hostility!
Oh, my bleeding arms!

What mysteries lie in his past, to cause such violent turns in personality?!

Despair for various reasons.

A wonderful day of 'Respite'.
I watched as Gom departed, so full of happiness, eager aniticipation of seeing old friends.

I sat, with happy anticipation, a full day ahead, to please myself.
A respite for both of us!

Joy for myself. So different to Joys for Himself.

The ebb and flow of daily life.
Now, so different, to days past.

Gom has come to a type of Peace, at the presence of Morty.
Though he can be heard shouting "You little Sh!t" if he is displeased.
Luckily Morty does not understand swearing, and he just dances away, ignoring the shouted 'insults'.

Neil Diamond, Song Sung Blue.


ancient one said...

So true... the little things make up life...glad you are having success and joy...

Linds said...

Life, in essence. Big hug, Meggie. And you make the most of your "respite" times.

Thimbleanna said...

I laughed out loud at GOM's love-phrase for Morty. ;-) Our fat cat has always been a lover AND a biter -- I never viewed it as hostility though -- rather his way of playing and loving us. All our visitors are always warned -- he'll love for them to pet him for a minute or two, but then he'll bite. The kids mentioned that he wasn't biting as much when they came home this weekend -- maybe now that he's 5 he's growing up.

quiltmom anna said...

I am with my friend Anna of Thimbleanna- perhaps Morty is acting like a two year old with his mercurical temperament. When he grows up maybe he will stop giving love bites when he plays ...
Life does have so many ebbs and flows about it
Summer is here and I am trying to gear down and relax as well as keep moving and get some things done. Tomorrow will be the end of my first week of holiday and so far I am only thinking about quilting - need to get moving in a more productive manner before I have gone and wasted half the summer away. I guess we all need a little respite to recharge and rejuvenate.
Have a great week Meggie.
I always enjoy our visits and your emails. Thanks for dropping by my blog too.
Warmest regards,

VioletSky said...

Life is full of twists and turns and unpleasant surprises.
I'm hoping this health issue stays minor and diminishes to miniscule.

molly said...

It does seem that when things get really low, something good happens. Then, before we become too self satisfied, something bad jars us out of our cocoon! I guess the best thing to do is to accept what each moment brings, knowing that the next moment will be different!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Love the song you chose.....kinda captures the mood you describe. Life is like that, up one minute, down the next. Simple things seem to make me most content lately.

Mary said...

Those days of respite are so incredibly important. I hope yours was suitably self indulgent!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful maple leaves! Enjoy your respite, and make sure it happens when you need it. It will be good to share time with your son.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you well. Have a very enjoyable "respite".

Laurie said...

respite is so important for all.Even if you use it sitting looking at the garden and drinking tea all day...it was your day enjoy them .............my cat is just like youre same colour and he has a nasty side as well and also acts like a kitten at times, we believe he is 4 yrs old but it's not how he acts.
Hugs Laurie

julieQ said...

Good and not so good, all blended together as life flows on...I loved this post!

Bren said...

I too loved this post!
Sassy is a lover and a fighter also. She use to sleep with me but I was tired of waking up to her grabbing my arm and biting and clawing at me. I think it truly is "play" for them. She always does it when she is in a playful mood. I found that a cloth bag of cat nip is wonderful for those times. Calms her right down!!!

Ali Honey said...

Hugs meg. Enjoy your brief respite.
What lovely bright leaves.

Cathi said...

Life in a very eloquent post! I hope your respite was everything you needed it to be.
Our Smudge sometimes will bite, although not hard enough to break skin, when a split second before he has been purring at being stroked. There's no rhyme or reason to it that I can figure out.

Pauline said...

My favorite type of post where you lay out your daily joys and despairs and in the end, joy wins :) Hope the trials you face are always overcome this way. And lucky you to have a son home!

Warty Mammal said...

Cats. They aren't big on enduring that which they dislike, are they?

I am glad GOM finds Morty annoying at times. I have a feeling it provides a much-needed distraction.

Pam said...

That's a very varied post!

persiflage said...

I am glad you are getting some respite and will be interested to know how it goes. We are about to embark on a limited respite - once I get enough time to sign the forms.
The ups and downs are such great contrasts, and the adjustments seem very gradual, and suddenly you notice how much has changed.
I think of you a lot. Love your photos of Morty!

The Sagittarian said...

Sounds like you had an enjoyable period of time to yourself, oddly I only get time to myself when I am travelling away for work - which isn't quite the same as having time alone in my own house! :-)

Selina Kingston said...

Whatever life throws at us, it is the respite that is so important to catch and make best use of.
Look after you.
Hugs x

Tanya said...

Hi Meggie. I'm missing you. Hope you are busy doing good things...