Saturday, April 14

What can you say???

We have been to Sydney, for diagnosis.
There is actually none.

The Biopsy has been taken, and the results, are nondecisive. No one can determine what the tumour is, or whether it is benign or malignant.

We stayed at a Hotel which is supposedly 'friendly' for discounting Hospital visitors. I don't really regard a $2 a night discount as 'friendly'.
However, the room we were allocated had microwave and cooktop facilites.
The downside was, there were NO utensils for cooking anything, either on cooktops, nor in microwaves. No plates, no cutlery, no saucepans, containers.

 I used a teaspoon to eat my ghastly microwaved meal- from the plastic container.

The second room we were allocated, had none of the above facilities, and it also had a cracked handbasin, which I regard as highly dangerous re germs and infection.

Back to the reason for our stay. My son's foot is seemingly malignant. An overnight stay, with a biopsy, was performed. Full anaesthetic, and recovery stay in Hospital.

Specialist says his gut says it is malignant. Tests are inconclusive.

It seems my son's condition is so rare, noone can figure it out.

Now they are suggesting melanoma. A seconday cancer site, in the foot.
Preposterous, really, as the full body PET scan shows no evidence of any other tumours, or abnomal cells in the body. A Plus, for sure!

The Specialist doubts the melanoma theory, with good reason.

We have been adivised that, either way, my Son will lose his foot and leg.
To me, as his mother, it just seems such a drastic thing, especially when I dont think it is really cancer, I cannot begin to contemplate such a thing.

I seem to be wearing a psychic sign on my head, announcing to the Universe, "Sh!t on Me!!!"  Or, maybe it is a sign on my back that says "KICK ME!! I Am Down Already, so I cant get lower!"

Who knows what lies ahead. I just hope I can be there to support my Son.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, one would think that a definite diagnosis could be determined. I feel for you as you go through this ordeal. In friendship, xoc

Sheila said...

They must not do anything so drastic without just cause. Seek 2nd, 3rd and even 4th opinions if necessary.
If they are not sure what it is how can they even contemplate such drastic action.
"We are not sure what it is so we will remove it" is not a diagnosis!
It is their easy way out.
Bloody doctors!!
I'm glad you are able to be there for him, as he has and is there for you.
I hope he is not in pain, as the emotional anguish over this must he difficult enough.
Thinking of you both, and wishing I could do more than just comment here.
Much love....

Cathi said...

Sending prayers your way. You are one tough gal & I know you will get thru this shit you've been dealt.

molly said...

So sorry to hear of this, the latest of your trials Meggie. I hope they don't take such drastic measures without being absolutely certain it is necessary. Wishing you courage......

Cathi said...

What a nightmare for your family. Lots of hugs to you and your son as you all try to cope with this situation.

Catalyst said...

I'm with *Sheila*. Get a second opinion, at least.

VioletSky said...

That solution sounds rather drastic. I hope his doctor is not adverse to him seeing other specialists.

And I think you should take out your frustrations on that hotel manager...! The conditions sound appalling!

Marja said...

oh my goodness Meggie I can't believe it If they don't even know what it is it seems ridiculous. Try to find another doctor Wish you lots of strength

Ali Honey said...

Sending you strength, courage and hope.
I agree about getting more opinions.
You can do this have to for your son's sake.
Hugs from BOP.

ancient one said...

Please get another opionion. It just doesn't seem right somehow. A local minister in our area was diagnosed with a "rare" cancer.. she has had chemo and radiation too i think...and has been declared cancer free. She recently took out a half page ad telling about her experience. It was cancer in the soft tissues.. very rare. I have her suscribed to my facebook. Her name is Rosie O'Neal. I will pray that the doctors will not do anything unless they are sure. I will ask our Heavenly Father to watch over your son, Guide the doctors to do the right thing, and stay close to the both of you and give you the strength you need to face each day. I just want to send you lots of ((((hugs)))) and want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. GOD's Blessings to you Always!!!

Stomper Girl said...

How stressful and awful for you.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Dear Meggie! Something doesn't sound right. I do hope you can get a final diagnosis. Sending BIG hugs!

Finn said...

Dear Meggie, so terribly sorry that all the "dumb shit" seems to keep flying your way!! Please do get a second opinion or more before any cutting happens. Awful when all they are sure of is a 'guess'! I suppose such things happen, but to have to base a big decision on that, wow!! As wives and mothers we have to keep 'screwing our courage to the sticking point', and keep charging at those blasted windmills. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs, Finn

Pam said...

Indeed, get other opinions. So sorry for your terrible times.