Tuesday, November 7

Cup Frenzy

Well, it is the First Tuesday of November, & if you are a fair dinkum Aussie, or Kiwi, you will know it is Melbourne Cup Day! The Melbourne Cup is a horse race, & the whole of the nation/s -because NZ joins in- stop to watch this race.

I am not a gambler, nor do I like to watch horses racing. I am No Fun.

I dont mind others having the fun though. I do like to see the Fashions on the Field, & see the clowns who dress in bizarre costumes. And watch the antics of said Clowns as they proceed to get legless.

But I am happy to make my observations from the safety of my lounge room, on a TV Screen. In younger years I would happily host masses of people who came upstairs into my private lounge, to watch the Race, away from the crowds in the Bars, downstairs.

I have even joined in the Office Sweeps, run by almost every place I have ever worked. I have even occasionally won some money, on said Sweeps. But really, I just couldnt care less. And cant be bothered to watch the Race, lest I see some horse, or jockey come to grief.

Melbourne Cup Day always makes me think of my mother. She dreamt of going to a Melbourne Cup one day. She loved to go to race meetings, & watch the horses run. She loved to have a 'little flutter.'

When she lay in Hospital dying, I told her I imagined she would be free, & able to go to a Melbourne Cup, at last, if she chose.

And go to visit Ireland, which had been her lifelong dream. To visit the County where her father's family had originally come from. I like to think she did get to go to the places she had wanted to visit.

I still love you Mum, & I still miss you!
Melbourne Cup Day will always be yours, Mum.


molly said...

Which county was it Meggie? Here's hoping your mum's having another little flutter...

Nines said...

Happy Cup day! It is still November the 6th, here. Thanks for visiting my blog! Come again. Mine is mostly about quilting and life in the Midwest. (I am originally from West Virginia- and the coal mines, where everybody is also from Ireland.) The Postcards- what? no such thing in Australia? Or no Fabric postcards? 4x6" cards that take a first class stamp. So they are fairly small, I suppose, for a quilty thing! Have a great day! Nines

Joyce said...

I was in Australia for a couple of Melbourne Cup Days. I was astounded that the whole country closes down for a horserace. It was a lot of fun though , seeing everyone all dressed up. I guess it is the next best thing to Halloween over here. Lol.

Aunty Evil said...

Hi Meggie, my mum too always had a dream of actually going to the Melbourne Cup. When she was 70, she saved her money, and bought herself a ticket on the train, and off she went. She was miserable! She said it was hot, and expensive, and over crowded, and she never actually got to see the race because she is 5'0 tall and everyone around her were bigger and blocked her view. I guess that's why the people do get drunk there, to dull the pain of people stepping on their toes! :)

Here's hoping your mum gets to see the race by actually perching herself on the back of the horse!

meggie said...

Molly, I'm ashamed to say, I have forgottemn the County, but the name was Donnelly! A non blood aunt did a hike about Ireland & came home with info, but it was long ago. My Mum would be disgusted with me for forgetting!
I was never any good at Geography!

Aunty Evil, My Mum was in her 70's when she died, & I felt she would not have enjoyed it, she was just about 5 ft then, too, & she was very frail & small. We used to call her 'our little treasure' & though she was small, she still had quite an acid toungue!!

Thankyou for all your comments! I love to hear from you all.

Simonetta said...

Hi Meggie, very beautiful your dog and your blog :)))

Anonymous said...

Meggie ,
Our " Little Treasure " could ride very well herself in her young days -- I can easily imagine her ' Riding ' in the Cup . It is a lovely thought !

My float said...

Ok, I admit it, I am No Fun either. I can't stand the idea of so much money going into nothing. But I too like the fashions on the field (didn't the boys look spunky this year!)

I've always longed to go to Ireland. There's something magical about it. One day...

Jo in NZ said...

Only thing I bet on! My horse lead for a while. Those Japanese horses must eat too much sushi to run that well! lol

meggie said...

Love all your comments!
Yes, Little Mary, as we called our mother, could indeed ride well. She loved horses, & indeed all animals!
I loved the reaction of the Japanese jockey, to his win. A joy to see!
Son 2 said he backed it to win, so he was happy!

Anonymous said...
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