Tuesday, May 8

Do The Eyes Have It?

What do eyes tell you about people! Do the "Eyes Have It"? I tend to think they do, and eyes are one of the first things I notice about anyone.

I mistrust a person who does not meet my eyes.

I know that in some cultures it is considered rude to look directly into the eyes of another. But in our open & friendly world, in New Zealand & Australia, it is customary to meet the eyes of people you meet & greet, & during conversation.

Do the eyes show the emotions of the person you are talking to.

Do eyes show the batterings & beatings that life sometimes dishes out?

Are the eyes of the young so innocent & trusting? Time has not stamped the disappointmets, or hurts, into their eyes. Life's 'tumble dryer' has not yet worked on the young life reflected in those eyes.

I wanted to have a wider variety of eyes to put here, but people get a bit cagey if you try to photograph them up close in the street- a stranger!
So, I have stuck to people I know, & love, & of course, thrown in some of my eyes.
And another feature which is intriguing, are the eyebrows.

Son B works in the field of retouching photographs. He says the eyebrows can make or break a face. They put a tremendous change on a face.

I always regret having plucked my eyebrows a little too vigorously when young, because now they look thin, & no longer grow.
Life caught me up over the last couple of days.
I am a little unwell, but have been to the Dr, & should soon be as good as new- haha, I wish!


Joyce said...

You've caught some interesting expressions with all those eyes.
I hope you are feeling well again really soon.

Birdydownunder said...

Missed you, hope you feel better soon. I am definitely an Eyes person, especially if he is tall and fair and blue eyed..... aubirdwoman

Anonymous said...

The eyes 3rd down on the left look slightly alien?? are you sure they are from this world??

Bert Reeto

His Office, My Studio said...

Feel better soon. I always look someone in the eyes and most times they look away.

Jellyhead said...

Eyes are fascinating, for sure. Windows to the soul!

Meggie, I'm sorry you're not too well. Hope you recover quickly.

Lee said...

Hope you are better soon. Are you planning to move through any other body parts? Knees? Ears?

meggie said...

Ah this souds chords on various levels.
I actually know Bert Reeto! & am intimately acquainted with his comment.
I always note the colour of eyes, find them fascinating.
And I havent really thought about knees... in fact they are rarely seen?
On the other hand, or should I say, ear, I had a friend who judged people by their ears! She swore she could pick an abuser by the sight of his ears... she was uncannily accurate!!
I know there is a diagonal crease that can denote heart disease..my mother had it.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Fascinating post. I have often wondered since my zealous overplucking folly of my own youth if that changed the predestined course where the 'eyes' have it, for me forever! Now, I can only hope that on a good day, they don't glow too red behind the glasses to give me the alien, perhaps even vampire appearance we all dread! Thank goodness for Adobe editing capabilities!!!

Jeanette said...

Great post, the eyes have it the tell a lot about a person.

riseoutofme said...

Hope you feel better soon Meggie.

Interesting sets of eyes .... they could nearly tell their own stories!

I remember hearing that "the eyes are the mirror of the soul" as a child.

It comes regularly to mind on meeting strangers!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Windows of the soul. Feel better dear one, I want to see your lovely smiling eyes!!

Tracey Petersen said...

Hope that you're feeling better. (Bit flu-ey here too) There are some very cheeky eyes amongst those pics - would they be yours?

meggie said...

Still feeling blah.
Most of the black & white eyes were mine. Now they are bespectacled!

Alice said...

I hope you will soon be feeling on top of the world again, Meggie.

Yes, I find eyes one of the most interesting human features. Are they the window to the soul, I wonder? I get frustrated with people who won't make eye contact.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Meggie , a good cross section . I spy Bert Reeto's eyes in there too ! --
A shame you hadn't got a shot of uncle G 's eyes -They always looked to me as if he could see forever and were the bluest I have ever seen . truly ' piercing blue eyes . , but also kind .
I agree about the eyebrows lending character and ' shape '

smilnsigh said...

Of course people should look you in the eye. And visa versa. No two ways about it, 'in my book.' :-)

Sorry you are 'unwell.' Bahhh humbug. Or Oh-bother and Winnie the Pooh says.


Sheila said...

Hope when you read this you are feeling better...xx
I too had a fondness for over tweezing in my youth...what were we thinking..LOL
If people can't look me in the eye, I really have my doubts as to whether they can be trusted..?

My float said...

Great post! Love all the eyes. I must admit I don't always look at people in the eyes, I feel like my soul is falling out! It makes me feel too vulnerable. But I have a great handshake!!