Thursday, October 19


Today is Allsorts day. Ramblings of a confused mind...or something.
First of all here are BFJ's 2 most gorgeous granddaughters! Arent they adorable! They went on the Rainforest Railway- I confess I have no knowledge of it, but BFJ tells me it was a very enjoyable experience.

This is a photo of Nice Neighbour's gorgeous Orchid! It is really spectacular. She has the greenest of thumbs! I think a stick would grow if she put it in the ground.

This is a picture of Princess Astrid. She was standing naked under our stairs, festooned with cobwebs. I felt very sorry for her. Nice Neighbour had been very good to us & had given us lots of plants for our newly landscaped garden, so I gave her Astrid,. I knew she was going to a good home, & Nice Neighbour dressed her beautifully! & loves her. I can always visit her if I like, too.

And lastly, this is a pic of the other colourway for the Rocking Horse, which I like just as much as the Blue one.

I have started to work on another, as I really enjoy using this pattern, & it is nice for a girl or a boy. I dont know any new babies, but am sure one will come along for it.

Blogger has prevented me from posting 2 other pics I had in mind for today.

Yeterday's repairman says he is sure our DVD/Vid player is ok, so perhaps I should test drive it today. I get rather heated over these matters, & since GOM is a technopobe, it all falls to me! Haha.


Lois R. said...

Oh darn! I lost my long-winded comment. Here's a brief replay: Love the swim suit and the pic of you and the GOM! What a sweet couple. Thanks for sharing the dollies. they're beautiful, but my favorite is the teddy bear.

I loved the story about the hot water bottle. Couldn't live without one and now I'll always think of your wild story when I see one!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I'm sure he isn't a technopobe, but it's a good word!

meggie said...

Haha, well spotted Jenni!
As you can see, I dont always edit my entries.
Er.. neither is he a technoprobe- in case your'e wondering!

DVD seems to be ok, now, in spite of Nice Repairman- (you never know who is watchng)- saying there was no fault!

h&b said...

I *love* that rocking horse quilt !! Absolutely adorable !!!