Friday, October 13

Friday 's Freaky Five.

This is from BFJ.

It is Friday the 13th. I am not superstitious, just thought this might be fun. Please join in, if you like.

I have just decided to list Five 'Freaky' things about my life or family.

1. Four sisters married four brothers- 2 of which, were my Great Great Grandparents. The sisters were from a Scottish family of 11 girls! They had emmigrated to New Zealand, where they met the family of brothers, who were of English origin, but NZ born. The father of the girls is rumoured to have said he wouldn't mind 'a few more of the wee M boys'. No wonder, with 11 daughters.

2. My English Grandmother's family emigrated to NZ because my Great Grandmother suffered dreadful arthritis, & the family Doctor advised they move to NZ for the Climate!! New Zealand is not exactly a good climate for arthritis!

3. My mother's brother married my father's sister... do we think there is a pattern here? I have one full brother, & my Uncle & Aunt have a daughter & son- we often joke that we should all look the same because of the genes- but none of us do!

4. We know of 5 'Gay' persons in our wider family- cant find one in GOM's family, which causes him mirth.

5. My dear Aunt of 85 has told me I "am a disgrace to the Family Name of 'M'" because I have PET dogs- (& even though I now use my married name). They have only ever had "working dogs", who were never allowed in the house! ( I still love my Aunt to bits!)

Number 5 is not really freaky, just funny.

Hope you all have a nice weekend & Sydney siders manage to survive this heatwave- also you lot down in Melbourne!


Stomper Girl said...

Goodness! All those jumbled up blood-lines! Any recessive chins starting to occur in your family?

meggie said...

I know it all sounds very odd, but I must hasten to add that our parents families were in no way related!- until they married of course!

And no, we dont have both our eyes on the same side of our noses.

And some of us even have degrees!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

My mother used to refer to some of the backwoods folk around Dorrigo as having 'two left thumbs and one set of grandparents'... but that's not what's been going on in your Kiwi ancestry now, is it?

And as for the GOM's straighter-than-straight family, I suspect he just has a better breed of actors!!

"Grandi" said...

I think "pet dogs" are just fine! Mine have always certainly seemed to love the benefits!! And pet dogs are good for cuddling and being friends!
And I think it is just grand that you have a blog - your cousin is just jealous because you have something she doesn't know about!! Hee-hee!!